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Conflict Resolution. Conflict resolution How to lead and bring about change as a middle leader.

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1 Conflict Resolution

2 Conflict resolution How to lead and bring about change as a middle leader

3 Conflict Resolution What motivates teachers? 1.Make a list of those factors which motivate you in your job. 2.Place your list in rank order from the most powerful motivator to the weakest.

4 Conflict Resolution Motivators: achievement, advancement, recognition, responsibility, the work itself.

5 Conflict Resolution Hertzberg’s Motivators and Hygiene Factors 403020100 203040 Achievement Work content Responsibility Recognition Advancement Company Policy Supervision Working conditions Relationships Salary DissatisfactionSatisfaction

6 Conflict Resolution Why Conflict arises in school Beliefs and attitudes; “This won't work it is not right” Habits and behaviours; “You can't teach an old dog new tricks” “What I say is not what I do”. Systems; “I'm too busy. It's not part of my job. X told me to do this.”

7 Conflict Resolution Behaviours of difficult colleagues; Hostiles, Complainer, Silent types, Super agreeable, Negativists, Know it alls, Indecisives.

8 Conflict Resolution Areas of Conflict People. Resources Other. What professional conflicts are you experiencing at the present time?


10 Conflict Resolution Generic aids to finding a solution Accept you will come across conflict sooner rather than later. Do not go looking for it but meet it on your terms-professionally. Recognise the problem. Face up to it early.

11 Conflict Resolution No solution is perfect, carry out a cost benefit analysis. Involve others “all of us are smarter than one of us”. Find the compelling reason that is irresistible and essential. Have “right” on your side (professional conduct and expectation). Plan your campaign well with a time line.

12 Conflict Resolution Fight fair but hard, remember you do not have to win all the battles in the war, just the right ones. Be generous in victory, it will bode well for the next campaign.

13 Conflict Resolution Using Emotional Intelligence Complainers: Adopt a problem solving approach; Listen attentively; Acknowledge the complaint and then seek to reformulate it into a problem that can be solved. Hostiles: Be assertive; Do not show intimidation; Be ready to be friendly at the first opportunity.

14 Conflict Resolution Silent and unresponsive: Listen attentively (even to silence); Ask helpful questions to try and get to the cause; Adopt a “quizzical expectant “expression; Super-agreeable: Try to get them to be honest; Don't allow them to make unrealistic commitments; Reassure; Consider compromise; Listen for hidden messages;

15 Conflict Resolution Know-it-all experts: Prepare your arguments in advance when dealing with bulldozers; Counter those who seek admiration by presenting alternative points of view; Remember you are knowledgeable. Indecisives: Concentrate on the benefits of solutions to problems Follow up support to a decision; Fix deadlines; Don’t allow postponement. NCSL

16 Conflict Resolution

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