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Kindergarten Orientation © Masonia Busby

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1 Kindergarten Orientation © Masonia Busby
In collaboration with Mt. View Kindergarten Team

2 Your Teachers Mrs. Ketsdever Mrs. Birdwell Mrs. Brake Ms. Maddox
Ms. Marshall Mrs. Busby Mrs. Claussen Mrs. O’Neal

3 What is Expected at this Time
Able to state name and age Manage own bathroom needs Recite or sing alphabet Cooperation/sharing Count to 10 orally Excited about school

4 What do we do all day in kindergarten?
Reading Alphabet/sounds Phonemic awareness Sight words Simple sentences Simple books Writing Name Words Sentences stories Math Number sense Graphs Calendar skills Measurement Time Money Addition/Subtraction Variety of other skills Science/Social Studies *This is a general list of the skills we will be learning this year.

5 What else is there? Centers Recess Computer Lab Specialists Lunch
Music Art P.E. Lunch Snack Varies by teacher Rest Time

6 Arrival/Dismissal Our school day begins at 8:00, students may enter classrooms at 7:45. Too early Tardiness Dismissal Procedures Car Riders Bus Riders Daycare * Remember to let your child’s teacher know if there is a change in dismissal by note or phone call.

7 Absences Excused Absences 5 or more unexcused absences
Fever free for 24 hours

8 Standard School Attire
Shirts Collars or turtle necks Emblems must be smaller than 2 inches Any color shirt Jackets Can be fleece, sports jacket, or cardigan. Solid Color No hoods worn inside, otherwise jackets must be kept in lockers. Pants Black, Navy, Khaki Skirts/Jumpers Shorts underneath recommended No cargo style No jeans or jean material Belts are not required for Kindergarten students *More information available at

9 Breakfast/Lunch Cost of lunch ~$2.00 Cost of breakfast ~$1.25
How do I pay? Cost of breakfast ~$1.25 No charges Pin Number

10 Daily Binder/Folder Calendar Behavior Snack Reading at Home Daily Work

11 Supply List Your child’s teacher may have additional items.
Backpack (no wheels) Beach Towel for quiet time Pencil box (no handles/approx. 7 1/2”by 3”) A change of clothes to be kept in locker 2 pair of Fiskar blunt scissors 4 Elmer’s School glue 4 glue sticks 4 boxes of Crayola Crayons 1 package of Dry erase markers (No Fluorescent please) 1 pack of thick magic markers (Crayola preferred) 1 water color paint 1 spiral notebook (70 count) 2 plain pocket folders Your child’s teacher may have additional items.

12 How Can I Help? PTA- We Need You Classroom Volunteer Field Trips
Room Parent

13 The First Day Reassure your child. Build up excitement.
Send a backpack. Brunch. Send money or a lunch from home. Bring school supplies if you have them. Things that will help the day go smoothly: Help your child find his locker and table. Drop off supplies if you have them. Remind your child and the teacher how your child is going home. Reassure your child and say a pleasant goodbye. This will help your child transition more easily.

14 Any Questions. Thanks for coming and please push in your chairs. www
Any Questions? Thanks for coming and please push in your chairs.

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