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Quality & Standards at BUE: The British Approach.

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1 Quality & Standards at BUE: The British Approach

2 BUE is almost unique in Egyptian private universities in having a quality department Quality and Validation Office: Head is Geraldine Eland Quality in the Egyptian system and the British – they have similarities This presentation relates to British quality system since our academic programme is British

3 Purpose To consider what we mean by “quality” and “standards” To consider how these contribute to the goal of quality enhancement To consider the mechanisms in place to support this process

4 Definition of Standards A way of describing the level of achievement a student has to reach to gain an academic award (UK QAA). Expected levels of attainment that are used to describe and measure students’ performance. They relate to outputs.

5 How do we describe and measure? Benchmark statements Programme & Module Specifications Assessment criteria Regulations Intended Learning Outcomes Assessment Methods

6 Definition of Quality Conformance to a specification Fitness for purpose Effectiveness in achieving goals

7 QAA Definition of Quality A way of describing how well the learning opportunities available to students help them achieve their award. It’s about making sure that appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment and learning opportunities are provided, It’s about what you do and the way that you do it.

8 Measuring Quality & Standards Qualitative:  Peer review (internal and external)  Stakeholder feedback Quantitative:  Performance data  Surveys

9 Implementing Quality & Standards Trust: collective ownership of processes in an environment of trust and openness. Accountability: demonstrate to all our stakeholders that we are managing the quality of our academic provision soundly BUE Quality framework seeks to balance accountability & trust at personal, departmental and institutional levels

10 Quality framework: Main features General Academic Regulations Examination & Assessment Regulations Academic Quality & Standards Manual  Programme approval and review  Student feedback  Procedures

11 Basic principles The quality framework allows us to:  Treat all students fairly and consistently  Support students in becoming autonomous learners – taking responsibility for their own learning  Take decisions within well-defined parameters  Create an environment of trust and accountability  Focus on enhancing the student experience

12 Common procedures: staff Approving amendments to module and programme specifications Scrutiny of set work and samples of student work by external examiners Coursework submission and feedback Double marking Proofing of examination papers Invigilating examinations

13 Common procedures: students Impaired Performance – if a student is temporarily unable to perform to his/her usual standard Authorised absence – where a student requests permission to be absent to attend a sports or similar commitment Academic Appeals – within well-defined circumstances, where a student feels they have been wronged in some way Academic Misconduct – where a student is caught cheating, plagiarising or misbehaving in an exam

14 Absence: Case study#1 A student on your module has missed a class test and is one week late handing in a coursework assignment. He says he had the flu. What do you advise? Absence: Case study#2 One of your personal tutees has missed 5 weeks of the semester as she has been abroad at a training camp for international athletes, and has just won 2 gold medals in the Olympics. What is your advice?

15 Appeals: Case study#3 A student has got a mark of 39% in your module. He has failed too many credits to be allowed to re-sit and will have to repeat Year 1. If he passes your module, he will be able to re-sit and maybe progress to Year Two. How do you advise him? Appeals: Case study#4 A student’s name was not listed on the exams seating plan and the invigilator refused her entry, so she failed the exam and the module. Does she have a case for appeal?

16 Something more esoteric: Case study#5 The parent of one of your personal tutees comes to see you. He says he has no confidence in BUE – the staff are not British, the system is not British, no-one has ever heard of Loughborough, his son has failed almost every module and no other university in Egypt will take him as a transfer student. No-one told him his son was not attending and had not handed in any homework. How will you reassure the father and advise the son?

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