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Targeted Sales and Marketing IONA Senior Services May 8, 2003 Art Stevens.

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1 Targeted Sales and Marketing IONA Senior Services May 8, 2003 Art Stevens

2 Service, Price, and Quality…Pick Two In a competitive environment successful services must constantly match three changing conditions to stay ahead. 1. The Product / Service Life Cycle 2. Customer Experience 3. Sales and Service Methodology

3 Product / Service Life Cycle Consultative Evolving Product -Technology Support -Service Support -Individualized Solutions Emphasizes Process Good Margins Relationship Standardized Product -Service Support -Standardized Solutions -”Going to Scale” Emphasizes Service Smaller Margins Closing New Product/Service -Emotion Emphasizes Prestige Huge Margins Display Commodity - Ease Emphasizes Price and Convenience Thin Margins High Tech   Low Tech

4 Different Routes- Same Destination Art- Garden Violet- Computer Violet- Financial Services Art- Financial Services Art – Cell PhoneViolet- Garden Art- Computer Violet- Cell Phone

5 The “Funnel” Does Person Have Need? Lead Does Person Accept Method? Prospect Does Person Accept Vendor? Hot Prospect Will Person Act Now? Client Fear and Greed SatisfactionTrustConfidence Educate or Scare ReassureEngageDelight

6 The Anatomy of a New Relationship Image Lead Generation Qualifying Presentations Resolving Objections Closing Customer Service Customer Relations Resale/ Referral

7 Image What does your prospect already think (positively and negatively) about your profession, your firm, and you? What are you doing to confirm or change those notions ? How do you differentiate yourself?

8 Lead Generation- Service Referrals Advertising Creating your own database Seminars Mailings Cold Calling

9 Qualifying What level of service is appropriate? Where is this person in the funnel? What amount of time is this activity worth?

10 Making Presentations Style: Conversational or Visual Yellow Pad or Computer Generated Automated yet Individual Skills: Small group Larger Group

11 Resolving Objections Relate concerns to objectives Reaffirm the funnel process Be prepared and confident when you talk about your compensation The best time to resolve objections is…

12 Closing Answers “Why Now” The “New Car Smell”

13 Customer Service Service is all about PROCESS How happy are your clients with their ability to get information, answers, solutions from you? How do you measure this? What can you be doing to improve the quality of your service team? What rewards are in place for service? How are compensation and recognition programs tied in?

14 Customer Relations-Service Business Your clients are getting information all the time, what are they getting from you? (Read: Your best clients used to belong to someone else.) How often should you mail, call, meet in person? Client appreciation events or campaigns? How do you differentiate?

15 Resale / Referrals - Service Circumstances for adding money are part of the original sale Do you have an effective professional referral network? What process is in place to give referrals?

16 Wrap Up Matching is a dynamic process Selling is a set of skills- Not inborn talent Technology and social capital can stem or reverse the tide of progress to preserve margins

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