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Give yourself the Accreditation Advantage You, APR Presenter Organization Date.

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1 Give yourself the Accreditation Advantage You, APR Presenter Organization Date

2 Give the Accreditation advantage… …to yourself: “Accreditation made a positive impact on how I do my job and how I view the practice of public relations….earning the APR was a challenge; the sense of accomplishment earned is something that will last throughout my career.” Edward M. Bury, APR Director of Public Relations CCIM Institute

3 Give the Accreditation advantage… …to your employers: “Anyone can walk off the street and start ‘practicing public relations.’ Accreditation is what sets apart those who are providing counsel that is strategic, managing relationships with constituents through good and bad times, and contributing to the success of the business. It's sorely needed in our industry, more than ever.” Kelly Groehler, APR Account Supervisor Padilla Speer Beardsley

4 Give the Accreditation advantage… …to the profession: “I wanted to take the APR exam to reassure myself that I had what it takes to operate professionally in this industry...[Accreditation] gives them more confidence in the results that public relations efforts can produce. The APR program is a great support for an often misunderstood industry.” Sonya Ruffin, APR Public Information Officer Nevada State Contractors Board

5 What are we going to talk about?  Accreditation sets industry standards  Making Accreditation personal  Resources  Accreditation and our changing profession 96% of Accredited professionals find the APR credential valuable

6 Accreditation sets professional standards  Knowledge, Skills & Abilities  Research, planning, implementing and evaluating programs  Ethics and law  Communication models and theories  Business literacy  Management skills and issues  Crisis communication management  Media relations  Using information technology efficiently  History of and current issues in public relations  Advanced communication skills 93% of Accredited professionals agree the Examination covers the KSAs needed to succeed.

7 Accreditation defines the profession  Sets standards  “science” of public relations  Legitimizes profession  standards  uniformity  Builds accountable  ethics  legal knowledge Accredited professionals find the process establishes the practice as strategic (93%) and ethical (91%).

8 Accreditation serves changing profession  Continued high standards  Brand equity through unified program across many industries, specialties, geographies  Meeting human resource recruiting criteria  Increased visibility among business and human resource communities

9 Taking Accreditation personally  Professionals find Accreditation to  be a source of pride (91%)  develop professional skills (78%)  provide personal benefit (75%)  help resolve ethical dilemmas (58%) 94% of those Accredited would become Accredited again. 96% would recommend it to a colleague.

10 Use Accreditation resources  Coaching and mentoring  Extensive bookshelf of suggested texts  Online study, prep resources  Feedback through Readiness Review  User-friendly Examination  Improved feedback to candidates  Candidate-focused scheduling

11 There is no try. There is only do. -Yoda  Apply for eligibility at  Seek coaching support from Accreditation chair  Integrate online and in-print study materials  Form local study groups  Readiness Review  Computer-based Examination  Start signing your name: You, APR!

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