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Leading People - Moses Style! ICP 2005 Cape Town.

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1 Leading People - Moses Style! ICP 2005 Cape Town

2 Purpose of the Session To use the story of Moses as a metaphor for leadership To reflect on the individual professional journey To build intra-personal skills To reassure by finding ‘Moses’ within us

3 Introduction There are many similarities with the Exodus story and leading a school: Operating in adversity Your direction can be dependant upon an externally imposed vision! Never reaching the promised land……

4 Serendipity Being in the right place at the right time plays a major part in mapping the future On a personal level In the development of your school In a much wider arena Conversely – being in the wrong place with the wrong people can spell disaster

5 Opportunity or Chaos? Opportunity Jumps on every bandwagonSees the main chance Never gets things completedFollows through Makes inappropriate choicesMakes reasoned decisions IncompetentCompetent Oh dear! Looks for opportunities Creates opportunities Casts a wide net Lack of Opportunity

6 The Calling ‘There an angel of the Lord appeared to him as a flame coming from the middle of a bush’ What was your ‘burning bush’ moment? (Discuss)

7 Being of the People Daniel Goleman defines three aspects of social awareness that are key to ‘resonance’ Empathy Organisational awareness Service

8 Being a Champion in Adversity People crave strong leadership Taking a stand against an external threat can be a strong bonding force Leaders who protect their ‘people’ from external threat earn loyalty Leaders perceived to fail to protect their ‘people’ from adversity will generate animosity……..

9 Keeping a Sense of Humour! We may not have a plague of frogs or locusts up our sleeves, but in healthy schools and relationships there is always a rich vein of humour that can brighten our days. (Discuss)

10 Negotiating Skills Knowing your ‘capital’ Handling conflict to avoid losers Collaboration

11 Following the Vision Having vision – either given or discovered Communicating vision Grounding vision What’s your vision? (Discuss)

12 Culture Two meanings…. Culture as in music, art, dance – or tambourine playing.. (well springs) Culture as in the culture of an organisation Cohesive Toxic

13 Manna from Heaven Just occasionally a windfall will make all the difference……. Unexpected funding Uncovering ‘a gem’ Unbidden and genuine praise (Discuss) Enjoy the moment!

14 Collaborative Leadership in a Cohesive organisation Resonant leaders know when to be collaborative and when to be visionary, when to listen and when to command. Collaboration can only thrive when there is a shared sense of purpose, positive relationships and strong teams.

15 Strong Teams Strong teams are built around people who…… Are open and honest; Listen to and learn from others; Are prepared to change their minds when they are wrong; Challenge the issue, not the person; Have optimism and enthusiasm; Have compassion and passion; Who will not tolerate and who will challenge- –Selfishness –Dishonesty –Playing games –Secretiveness –Negativity

16 Losing it! “Undisciplined squads of emotion” T.S. Eliot Creates a climate of distrust Risks losing it all Demonstrates humanity

17 The Dark Night of the Soul When we are beset by problems that would seem to sink us – it’s time to…. Acknowledge the difficulties Take time out Find a trusted companion Listen to ‘the chorus’ Prepare for battle Inspire the troops

18 Dealing with the Dissidents Altruistic Absent All of you!! Not supportiveSupportive Hostile High maintenance Self interest

19 Succession Planning Growing a sustainable culture in the school Creating leadership opportunities within the school Appointing a successor who has leadership characteristics

20 Characteristics of Leadership Courage Humility Honesty Empathy Optimism Adaptability Able to survive adversity

21 The Legacy of Leadership What will they say about you when you’ve gone? What could you have done differently? What was your proudest moment? (Discuss)

22 Acknowledgements ‘The New Leaders’ Daniel Goleman et al Published by – Little and Brown ‘Essential Motivation in the Classroom’ Ian Gilbert Published by Routledge Falmer ‘Inspirational Leadership (Shakespeare’s Henry V)’ Olivier Mythodrama The Bible……

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