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Petrouchka First Part The Shrovetide Fair A group of tipsy merrymakers passes by.

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2 Petrouchka

3 First Part

4 The Shrovetide Fair

5 A group of tipsy merrymakers passes by.

6 The old showman of the fair entertains the crowd.

7 In the crowd appears an organ-grinder with a street dancer.

8 The organ grinder begins to play.

9 The street dancer dances, beating time on the triangle.

10 The organ-grinder turns the crank with one hand and plays the cornet with the other.

11 At the other end of the stage, a music box plays, around which another street dancer dances.

12 The first dancer again beats the triangle.

13 The barrel organ and music box stop. The showman again attracts the crowd’s attention.

14 The merrymakers return.


16 An old magician appears…

17 …and grumbles.

18 He shows his three puppets to the crowd: Petrouchka, the Ballerina, and the Moor.

19 He claims that he can bring them to life.

20 He plays his magical flute…

21 …and waves his arms over them.

22 Finally, he touches each with his magic wand.

23 Russian Dance: Petrouchka, the Ballerina, and the Moor spring to life in a wild dance.


25 A police whistle disperses the crowd.

26 Second Part

27 Petrouchka is violently kicked into his cell by the old magician.

28 More than the others, Petrouchka has been endowed with human feelings and passions.

29 He resents bitterly the cruelty of the magician…

30 ...his bondage, his exclusion from ordinary life, and his ridiculous appearance.

31 He curses his fate.


33 He thinks of the beautiful Ballerina, whom he adores...

34 …and of the brutish Moor, whom he despises.

35 The Ballerina appears at Petrouchka’s door.

36 Petrouchka confesses his love for her…

37 …but the Ballerina rejects him and leaves abruptly.

38 Petrouchka is depressed by the rejection…

39 …and starts pacing frantically around the room.

40 Once again, he curses his fate.


42 In anger he punches a hole in his wall.


44 Third Part

45 The Moor’s Cell

46 The Moor is luxuriously dressed, lounging on his sofa and eating a coconut.

47 Through the new hole in his wall, Petrouchka spies on the Moor.

48 The Moor admires his splendid appearance in a mirror.

49 Petrouchka loathes his vulgar rival.


51 Impressed by what he sees in the mirror, the Moor dances.

52 The Ballerina appears in the Moor’s doorway.

53 Fascinated by his rich appearance, the Ballerina dances for the Moor.

54 The brute expresses interest in the lovely Ballerina…

55 She invites him to dance.

56 The Ballerina and the Moor waltz together.

57 Her delicate steps contrast harshly with his vulgar lurching.

58 Petrouchka, burning with jealousy, screams from the next room.

59 The Ballerina and the Moor stop dancing, alarmed by the shriek.

60 Convinced that it was nothing, they resume their dance.

61 (Petrouchka curses both of them under his breath.)

62 From afar, Petrouchka’s cry is heard…

63 He bursts into the room, hurling curses at the Ballerina and the Moor.

64 The Moor chases Petrouchka around the room, then out the door.


66 Fourth Part

67 Shrovetide Fair


69 Dance of the Wet-Nurses


71 A bear-tamer appears with his beast.


73 A merchant enters, throwing bank notes to the crowd.

74 He is accompanied by a band of gypsies.


76 Dance of the Coachmen


78 Masqueraders appear…

79 They whip the crowd into a frenzy.


81 Petrouchka comes scurrying into the midst of the festivities, hotly pursued by the Moor.

82 There is a violent scuffle between them.

83 Petrouchka tries to flee…

84 …but is stabbed by the Moor’s saber.

85 Petrouchka falls, cracking his head on the ground.


87 The dying Petrouchka curses his fate once more.

88 The police arrive, bringing the old magician.

89 The magician tries to reassure everyone, and in his hands, Petrouchka becomes a puppet again.

90 He shakes the puppet, to prove that his head is wooden and his body is filled with sawdust.

91 Satisfied with the magician’s demonstration, the crowd disperses.

92 The ghost of Petrouchka now appears on a rooftop…

93 He leers mockingly at the old magician and all whom he has fooled!


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