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Community hwb connects.... Health and wellbeing in the county is undergoing rapid, continuous change highlighting.

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2 Community hwb connects.... Health and wellbeing in the county is undergoing rapid, continuous change highlighting the need for regular, credible communication, engagement and representation. Throughout 2013 a lot of work took place to encourage collaborations, foster opportunities to work together and to start ‘joining the dots’. Community hwb seeks to position itself as a ‘one stop shop’ for matters relating to Worcestershire VCS and health and wellbeing services. We aim to communicate with key partners, VCS health and wellbeing organisations, Worcestershire Voices, statutory bodies and other stakeholders. And to encourage regular exchange of information, ideas and views on health and wellbeing to assist charities and community groups to deliver timely, vital services.

3 Community hwb also: Encourages and supports collaborative activities, Connects community groups, charities, social enterprises and not for profit organisations with each other. Focuses on strengthening links with statutory partners Communicates with VCS organisations and stakeholders by: Informing Engaging Representing Works closely with Worcestershire Voices, (We co-ordinate the specialist Health and Wellbeing theme group for the Sector)_. Works alongside the county’s 3 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and signpost organisations to the VCS Associate Scheme. (Membership of these schemes enables on-going engagement so that health and wellbeing organisations can be involved and have their say in local activities with NHS commissioners). VCS Associate Scheme

4 Why Community hwb in Worcestershire? The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) responds daily to the health and wellbeing needs of the people of this county. Each organisation and community group can work independently to achieve its objectives, but there are also opportunities to work collaboratively particularly when funding gets tight and/or when pooling experience and expertise makes good sense. It helps to have an overview of who’s in the health and wellbeing environment and their contact details. Whether you want to act collaboratively, simply find an answer to a question or the right people to contact, this section looks at the key players: Worcestershire Voices The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) The CCG Associate Membership Schemes The Health and Wellbeing Board

5 News & Sector Support News Community First’s news feed - latest news - carries news in brief about health and wellbeing issues affecting the county’s VCS organisations. latest news Major stories are covered in this News section. Watch out for tweets directing you to these pages. Sector Support Issues that perhaps need explanation or sharing are displayed here, eg Personalisation and Future Lives. Personalisation Future Lives. We will link to reports from our representatives. reports from our representatives Events Events for publicising, appropriate to the interests of the VCS can be displayed here. Whilst we know about some of these events it’s up to you to let us know about your event, in time: email with brief details please. (We reserve the right to select appropriate submissions)

6 Mental Health & Wellbeing Worcestershire is working hard to enable people with mental health challenges to keep well and enjoy their lives. The following initiatives and resources are in place and aim to educate, reassure and support. The Community hwb pages link to Community First pages offering more detail for those who need it. Take a look at: Wellness Works Mindful Employer Worcestershire Works Well Worcestershire Mental Health Link Network Worcestershire Recovery College

7 Contact Us: John Taylor Business Consultant Health, Wellbeing & Social Care Tel: 01684 312730 Mob: 07813 139008 email: Amanda Wright Mental Health Development Officer Tel: 01684 312754 email: Lizzie Smith Interim Development Manager Tel: 01684 312754 email: Follow us on Twitter: @comfirst

8 Our Thanks go to: Breda O’Hare, Web Development student at The University of Worcester for working with us on our website project, as part of the Student Placement Partnership agreement. Student Placement Partnership agreement Oli Smith, Graphic Design student at De Montfort University, for volunteering his design skills for Community hwb branding.

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