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Text A I am home. 1. Introduction 2. Warming-up exercise 3. Text comprehension 4. Words and expressions 5. Review 6. Homework Teaching Plan.

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1 Text A I am home

2 1. Introduction 2. Warming-up exercise 3. Text comprehension 4. Words and expressions 5. Review 6. Homework Teaching Plan

3 Family tree Here are some family trees. Which picture is the most beautiful?

4 Who are in the family tree?

5 Family members (Both on father’s side & mother’s side) First generation grandmother, grandfather, father-in-law, mother-in-law Second generation father, mother, uncle, aunt Third generation sister, brother, me brother-in-law, sister-in-law Forth generation son, daughter, nephew, niece son-in-law, daughter-in-law Fifth generation grandson, grand daughter Notes: The in-laws are relatives by marriage..

6 Come and create your own family tree! Some of family members have pictures while other don ’ t. Fill in the blanks with the help of the pictures and the words given in the above page. Some of the blanks have been done for you.

7 Me F F G G G G M M A A S S D D B B B B B B S S husband /wife husband /wife G G N N G G G G S S C C F F A A M M U U G G N N

8 Brother- in-law Brother- in-law Grand- daughter Grand- daughter Mother Grandson Me Father Grandma-in-law Grandpa-in-law Mother Aunt Son Daughter- in-law Daughter- in-law Brother- in-law Brother- in-law Brother Sister- in-law Sister- in-law husband /wife husband /wife Niece Grandma Grandpa Sister Cousin Father Uncle Aunt Nephew

9 Text Analysis Read the text and answer the following questions: What are the places they have lived? How does the whole family feel about each place? How does the author feel about each place?

10 Life in the Different Places For my family: dry air good for my father For me: adjusting to a new way of living. different & strange, exciting and fun. For my family like an adventure For me: love my job treated like a queen but a dark void For my family: a perfect home, happy For me: dark void was disappearing; a sense of balance back to my soul. For my family: lots of space, lots to do For me: lots of love, close to the family Arizona Farm Los Angeles California

11 Conclusion 1.Why do they move from place to place? Farm Arizona Los Angeles California (Home) (Father ’ s Health) (Actress) (Home again) 2. What can we conclude from their moving process? East, west, home is the best. It ’ s a process of looking for one ’ s purpose of life.

12 Words, Expressions and Grammar Paragraph 1 chase n. [C] v. run after  My dog likes to chase the cats around in the garden.  The lady-killer is chasing (after) the girls of the company.  an exciting car chase in the film

13 labor n. 1) [U] effort or work, esp. tiring physical work  labor-intensive products labor force 2) [U] workers, esp. those who use their hands, considered as a group or class  manual labor; bored adj. tired and uninterested  a boring trip  be bored to death by sth  be bored with housework   ’ 

14 Paragraph 2 sleep n. & v. (slept slept); asleep adj. ( 表语性形容词 ) sound/fast asleep; fall asleep ; sleeping Fill in the blanks with the above words, change the form if necessary. 1.Is the baby still ______ ? 2. She fell into a deep______. 3. He was ______. 4.The boring lecture makes people _______ easily. 5. Have you heard the fairy tale of “ ______ beauty ” ? 6. He ____ in the sofa during his stay at his aunt ’ s home. Similar examples: (afraid, scared); (alive, living); (alone, only, lonely a.,ad.) 1.The wounded soldier is still _____after the high fever. 2. I have bought some ____ goldfishes for my son ’ s birthday. 3. The ____ child dare not go to the room_____. 4. I am all ____ because my parents are on holiday in California this week. 5. I am the ____ child of the family. I felt very ___ in the strange city.

15 Grammar: 1. the word “though” is an adverb, equal to “however”, both in meaning and in function. It appears in the mid or final position.  “It is not useful. It‘s pretty, though, isn’t it?”  “He said he would help me; he didn‘t, though.” 2. modifiers of something, anything or nothing  Is there anything wrong?  She always does something good.  I can do nothing helpful so far. Compare: Though I was sitting there, they didn’t see. Paragraph 3 When I was 12, though 1, something 2 terrible happened (that would change my life forever).

16 Paragraph 4 diagnose v. diagnosis n.  The doctor diagnosed my illness as a rare bone disease.  The teacher diagnosed the boy's reading difficulties.  My father suffered a serious heart attack and was diagnosed with heart disease. (suffering from)  A mechanic is busy diagnosing the fault in the engine.

17 Paragraph 4-6 resume v. begin again after a pause  We resumed our discussion after a short rest.  Let us resume where we left off. as luck/fate would have it (fortunately/unfortunately) As luck/fate would have it, I passed the CET-4! cross one's mind  It suddenly crossed my mind that he would get lost in the dark. give/have a shot (at) : try After graduation, I’d like to give it a shot at a join venture.

18 in a big way: greatly Shanghai has changed in a big way in the recent 5 years. replace vt.  George replaced Edward as captain.  The small village 20 years ago has been replaced with a modern city.  Replace the magazines after reading them.

19 fun fun n. fun adj. funny adj.  Skiing is fun.  My uncle is a funny person. He always makes us laugh.  She is a fun person to be with. come up He came up to me and asked me to give him some money.

20 Paragraph 7-10 Translate the following sentences into Chinese. 1. A sense of worry began to eat away at my peace of mind. 2. I lost /kept in touch with my classmates since last year. 3. I was about to lock the door when the phone rang. 4. The workers assured me that there was nothing to worry about. 5. Are you out of your mind? 6. Don ’ t lost heart, you will make it! 7. Hearing the news, my heart sank. 8. I can hardly keep my body and soul together at that salary. 9. He r reassure assure (assurance) Note: assure ---- assurance; reassure----reassurance

21 Father And Mother I I Love You Game Time What is hidden in the word “family” ?

22 Father and mother I love you!

23 Group Discussion  Watch the MTV Animal Instinct.  Discuss with your group members about the theme or the plot of the video, using the words we have learnt in this unit.

24 After-class Assignments 1. Make sentences with the expressions on pages 6-7. 2. Finish the exercises in Part A by next class. 3. Finish Unit one, Workbook.

25 Thank you!

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