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Exploringthe IMYM Model. There are two presentations in this overview of the IMYM model. In the first presentation, you can learn about the Manitoba Education.

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1 Exploringthe IMYM Model

2 There are two presentations in this overview of the IMYM model. In the first presentation, you can learn about the Manitoba Education and Youth document, Technology as a Foundation Skill (TFS). TFS forms the foundation of the IMYM model. In this second presentation, you will visualize the IMYM model by watching a video that provides the perspectives of teachers, parents, students, and administrators. You will also analyze the essential elements of an IMYM classroom and examine conditions for success. Note: The IMYM Model video can be dubbed in VHS format by the Library at 1181 Portage It is also available in CD-ROM or DVD formats from Cheryl Prokopanko at Introduction Technology as a Foundation Skill TFS IMYM Model Presentation #1 Presentation #2

3 Introduction IMYM Model Presentation #2

4 IMYM stands for Interdisciplinary Middle Years Multimedia. While IMYM started as a research and development project of Manitoba Education and Youth, it has evolved into a model for the integration of ICT with curriculum. It is now called the IMYM Model. Manitoba Education and Youth developed the IMYM model to demonstrate how integrating technology with interdisciplinary collaborative learning can support the unique needs of the middle years student. IMYM is a demonstration of Technology as a Foundation Skill (TFS). Transition Interdisciplinary Middle Years Multimedia

5 improving student learning best practice curriculum concepts ICT What are the components of the IMYM model? What is the goal of the IMYM model? The goal of the IMYM model is to improve student learning. The components of the IMYM model are curriculum concepts information & communication technology promising teaching practice IMYM Model

6 because “Emotion drives attention and attention drives learning…” Dr. Pat Wolfe brain researcher and educational theorist Why use an interdisciplinary ICT-integrated approach? IMYM Model

7 When the IMYM Project began, most Manitoba schools did not have reliable Internet access and most classrooms did not have computers (computers were mostly in labs). Often, teachers were teaching under conditions that did not allow them to expand their teaching models to include constructivist interdisciplinary strategies. Middle years was just becoming established and for the most part, junior high timetables fractured the school day (especially in grades 7 and 8), while subject specialists taught individual subjects. In addition, students are expected to acquire most information and communication technology (ICT) skills and competencies during their middle years. All these conditions made it challenging for Manitoba middle years teachers to enhance learning while integrating technology as a foundation skill (TFS) in their classrooms. "There are fewer teachers per class with the IMYM middle years model than there would be in a traditional junior high program with lots of specialists. Since it takes a while for most students to get used to each teacher and a teacher to each student, it is easier for the IMYM teacher to know every student as a whole person. This relationship is very important at the middle years.” Anne Perner - IMYM parent. IMYM Model Why design the IMYM model?

8 In the IMYM model, ICT is NOT the focus of study, but rather a tool used in teaching, learning, and assessment. IMYM Model What the IMYM model isn’t

9 Think about some of the instructional strategies that you know work well in your classroom. The following word splash lists strategies that are used in the IMYM model... IMYM Model So, what is the IMYM model?


11 Watch the IMYM Model video. (You can order this video in VHS format from the dubbing services of Manitoba Education and Youth) Think about the instructional strategies or classroom setup and management ideas you see in the video. You probably are already using some of these strategies but if you are not, think about what changes you might want to make in your classroom to allow that to occur. You should also think about what supports you might need in order to make those changes. IMYM Model How can I visualize the IMYM model?

12 What are the conditions for success in the IMYM model? The research from the four IMYM pilots, grades 5, 6, 7, and 8, recommended three conditions for success: computers IN the classroom teachers with average technological expertise/interest teachers oriented towards construction rather than transmission (student centered, active, collaborative) IMYM Model

13 Consider the following two very different teaching and learning models : –Constructivist –Transmission Teachers tend to teach as they were taught and there are teaching situations where it may be more efficient to teach using the transmission model. However, research has shown that students learn more, and learn more deeply, in a classroom with a hands-on constructivist model of teaching. IMYM Model Why does the IMYM model suggest a constructivist classroom?

14 Activate prior knowledge Actively acquire new knowledge (and skills and attitudes) and develop meaningful connections Apply new knowledge structure in real world contexts Assess and communicate new abilities authentically model “Coverage” of a broad curriculum of discrete skills and facts Direct presentation to students Frequent assignment of written exercises Evaluation of student mastery by written tests

15 The availability of ICT in the classroom, through the IMYM model, empowers teachers to shift from the transmission model to the constructivist model of teaching. This happens when students and teachers learn collaboratively in a real-world context, using ICT as a tool. Listen to what John Loochuk of Woodlands school has to say about how IMYM changed his professional practice: IMYM Model How does the IMYM model enable constructivism?

16 Foundations Problem Solving Human Relations Literacy & Communications Core Curriculum Math Social Studies Science Language Arts Integrateables Aboriginal perspectives DI Sustainable development Gender fairness RBL Anti- racist Human diversity Age portrayals Technology What is included in the IMYM model?

17 IMYM Interdisciplinary Units Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8

18 Math English Language Arts * builds on TFS skills & comp for teaching/learning * makes interdisciplinary real world connections * employs best practice for middle years Social Studies Science

19 Math Social Studies Science Language Arts Data Management Canadian Geography Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Viewing, Representing Francais Weather

20 Math Social Studies Science Language Arts Data Management Canada in the 20th Century Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Viewing, Representing Francais Electricity

21 Resources available to implement the IMYM model interdisciplinary units Curriculum Navigator (CN)

22 Oct-DecemberICT integration with curriculum: ICTs January-MarchInterdisciplinary unit: Prairie Tour April-June ICT integration with curriculum: (CN) IMYM Model Timelines September - JuneOngoing Learning Experiences: OLEs

23 4teacher computer/laptop 4student multimedia computers 4large screen TV and VCR 4digital camera; video camera 4printer 4CD-Recordable drive 4classroom networked to school network The following hardware was used in IMYM pilot classrooms, however many different configurations are possible in a classroom interested in implementing the IMYM model: IMYM Model What hardware can I use in the IMYM model?

24 Production (word processor, spreadsheet) Presentation (PowerPoint, Inspiration, Netscape Composer) Communication & Research (Netscape/Explorer) Reference (Canadian Encyclopedia, Cartopedia, Encarta, World Book) Content (Prairie Tour,...) Electronic Portfolio (concept-mapping, presentation, web page creation) The following software was used in IMYM pilot classrooms however many different configurations are possible in a classroom interested in implementing the IMYM model: IMYM Model What software can I use in the IMYM model?

25 4collaborative learning 4concept mapping 4assessment 4resource-based learning 4multimedia authoring 4electronic portfolio 4web page authoring 4STAPLE online courses 4IMYM workshop website The professional learning experiences that you might require to implement the IMYM Model will differ according to your own expertise. Watch for opportunities to learn more about: IMYM Model What professional learning might I need?

26 Entry - efforts to replicate traditional instructional and learning activities can lead to frustration and anxiety Adoption - using technology to support established teacher-directed instructional format begins to change teaching style Adaptation - of teaching style leads to active student involvement, responsibility and knowledge creation Appropriation - of new instructional patterns built on interdisciplinary project- based approach are developed Invention - entirely new learning environment is created As you implement the IMYM model you may find yourself “travelling” through these stages. It is typical that teachers experimenting with new technologies and teaching practices will experience these stages. How long you stay in each stage is up to you! How can I ease my way into the IMYM model?

27 The Principal’s Role encourage teachers to experiment reassure parents facilitate classroom re-organization accept a productive level of collaborative ‘confusion/noise’ provide common preparation time for teaching teams support flexible opportunities for professional learning If you are a principal, your role in supporting your teachers as they experiment with changes to their instructional practice is crucial. You will notice an increase in the level of ‘noise’ in an IMYM classroom employing active and collaborative learning. You will have to reassure parents that students studying in an interdisciplinary manner will continue to achieve the same curricular outcomes as they would if they were studying each subject separately. Teachers will need extra preparation time initially and will continue to need common preparation time scheduled with their teaching partner(s).

28 Issues I see related to implementing the IMYM model in my classroom... Opportunities related to implementing the IMYM model in my classroom... Other thoughts... Parking Lot Questions Finally, think about...

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