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Target Testing 101 Parent Informational Power Point 2009-2010.

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1 Target Testing 101 Parent Informational Power Point 2009-2010

2 What is Target? An academic program Meets once a week Varied and differentiated units and activities Focuses on higher level thinking and problem solving

3 Why is my child being considered? System wide testing reviewed by Target teachers and administration Students with scores in the higher ranges of standardized testing are identified for further evaluation Classroom performance goes beyond grade level average

4 What is the process? The testing for Target is an involved evaluation process. It takes multiple testing sessions and a variety of evaluation procedures. Letters of notification for gifted eligibility or non eligibility will come home right before winter break. All letters will be sent home at the same time. We need this time to effectively evaluate each of the students.

5 What can I do to prepare my child? Be sure during the testing window your child gets enough rest. Be sure your child has a good breakfast. Be honest with your child to do his/her best. There is no study guide to work from. Reassure your child when he/she says it was hard, or that he/she did his/her best. Let your child tell you about the process

6 My child was pulled one day and not the next… We have 4 Target teachers that are evaluating students. Depending on the particular test, your child may or may not be pulled each day depending on the test being given and the teachers availability. If your child isn’t being tested each session, it is not an indication of qualifying or not.

7 What will my child be evaluated on? The Target teachers are looking at 4 main areas… Mental ability (CogAT from system wide testing in addition to additional tests that the Target teachers will evaluate if needed) Achievement testing (grade level assessment through system wide testing) Creativity (based on a standardized test and classroom performance evaluation) Motivation (taken from a multitude of areas including but not limited to: teacher observation, classroom performance, and work ethic) In order to qualify for Target, students must have qualifying scores in 3 out of the 4 above areas.

8 How can I get a status update? The Target teachers are evaluating many students. It is very difficult for us to give status updates during this time. Classroom teachers do not have information on testing progress. Target testing is a confidential process as with any other special discipline (ie speech). Target teachers will not share information with any parties not involved directly with your child. This is a very involved process and we will do our best to inform parents when our testing is complete with ALL students. Please be patient. We know it is hard! Emails and phone calls for updates are not able to be handled in a timely manner due to the testing and teaching schedules, as well as the number of students being evaluated.

9 My child did not qualify, what can I do? Reassure your child that you know he/she did his/her best. Students are evaluated each year in grades 1, 3, and 5. If your child does not qualify in first, we will review standardized testing for reconsideration in 3 rd grade and possibly 5 th. The Target teachers take this evaluation seriously and look at all 4 areas and strictly follow State guidelines and rules when qualifying students.

10 My child qualified, what does this mean? Your child will begin to attend Target in January with grade level classmates. Target teachers will hold an open house to go over the program and answer questions

11 Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to view this power point and understand our procedures. The Target teachers are working hard to fully evaluate each student and help the regular classroom teacher in identifying each child’s strengths Finally, thank you for respecting this time for evaluation and supporting your children! For more information on the Target program, scroll down on this blog for our open house power point.

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