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Canadian War Memorial, Ottawa Causes of the Second World War.

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1 Canadian War Memorial, Ottawa Causes of the Second World War

2 Let’s think about: Consequences How was the world changed by the First World War?


4 The Roots of WWII Q UESTIONS FOR THE ABOVE VIDEO 1.How did the German soldiers feel when they returned from WWI? 2.To understand Hitler, we must first understand this. 3.What did Hitler do when he first took power in 1933?

5 C AUSE AND C ONSEQUENCE Handout: The Treaty of Versailles and the Rise of Hitler

6 Japan In 1931, Japan takes Manchuria, a Chinese region, for its carbon and iron resources. Japan felt justified in expanding its colonial empire, just as other European empires have done historically. (Britain, France)

7 The League of Nations did not come to China’s aid. In 1937, Japan began a strong attack on China, eventually further conquering Korea and French-Indo China (Vietnam)

8 The Violation of the Treaty of Versailles Hitler assumes control on January 30, 1933. His political ideologies appeal to the much of the German public. –High level of unemployment and frustration –A weak Weimar government –Impressive Nazi propaganda => Hitler immediately begins to violate the Treaty of Versailles by rearming Germany.

9 Violation of the Treaty of Versailles Creation of the Luftwaffe Germany’s army doubles with conscription.

10 Violation of the Treaty of Versailles June 1935 Anglo-German Naval Accord England acknowledges the end of the Treaty and allows Germany to have a naval force 1/3 the size of their own to avoid an arms race similar to prior WWI.

11 Rearmament Great Britain and France begin to increase their own militaries in fear of the German threat. Russia too, under Stalin, begins to increase their military strength to protect their Communist regime.

12 October 1935 Fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini invades Abyssinia (Ethiopia) to extend their empire and establish an African presence. Italian Imperialism

13 New BFF… The Fascist dictators Mussolini (left) and Hitler (right) become friends (photo prise par Eva Braun, 1940)

14 The Violation of the Treaty of Versailles continues... March 1936 German forces establish their presence in the Rhineland, between France and Belgium.

15 March 1938 – Anschluss German-Austrian Union The Violation of the Treaty of Versailles….

16 June 1938 Germany takes the Sudetenland, A region belonging to Czechoslovakia.

17 A Sudeten Woman crying tears of joy at the German annexation.

18 Prior to signing the Munich Agreement. Left to Right: Chamberlain, Daladier, Hitler, Mussolini, CianoMunich AgreementChamberlain DaladierHitlerMussoliniCiano « Peace in our time » - Chamberlain September 1938 – At the Munich Conference, Hitler invites the leaders of the world to reassure them he does not want any more territory… (Would you trust Hitler at this point?)

19 * Britain and France ceded to Germany’s word, hoping to avoid another war. This political move is now known as Appeasement Soviet Poster of the 1930s by Kukryniksy on the Munich AgreementKukryniksy


21 In March 1939, Germany invades the rest of Czechoslovakia


23 Stalin andHitler August 1939 Hitler and Stalin make an agreement to not attack one another, known as the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact.


25 Furthermore, Stalin and Hitler agree to divide eastern Poland and Eastern Europe amongst themselves.

26 September 1 st, 1939 Germany invades Poland without fear of Soviet response. September 3 rd, 1939 Great Britain and France declare war against Germany. September 10th, 1939 Canada declares war against Germany.

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