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14-1 Closing the Sale and Confirming the Partnership Selling Today 10 th Edition CHAPTER Manning and Reece 14.

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1 14-1 Closing the Sale and Confirming the Partnership Selling Today 10 th Edition CHAPTER Manning and Reece 14

2 14-2 Six-Step Presentation Plan 1.Approach (Chapter 10) 2.Presentation (Chapter 11) 3.Demonstration (Chapter 12) 4.Negotiation (Chapter 13) 5.Close 6.Servicing the Sale

3 14-3 Strategic Planning for Close Review barriers to closing sale Review closing guidelines Prepare several closing methods Plan to ask for order more than once Practice the closing

4 14-4 Actions During Close Recognize closing clues Focus on customer’s greatest interest Handle tough points _____ Avoid surprises Keep prospect _____ Display confidence Accommodate buyer’s communication style Ask for order more than once

5 14-5 Buyer Anxieties Review the value proposition from the prospect’s view Reluctance can be due to: Loss of ____ Fear of making a mistake Social or peer _________

6 14-6 Guidelines for Closing Sales Focus on dominant buying motives Longer selling cycles require multiple commitments Negotiate tough ______ before close Avoid surprises at close Display ________ at close Ask for order more than once Recognize closing clues

7 14-7 Closing Clues Verbal clues Questions Recognitions Requirements Nonverbal clues Facial expression changes Prospect nods agreement Leans toward you Examines product literature intently

8 14-8 Specific Closing Methods Trial close Summary-of- benefits Assumptive Special concession Multiple options Balance sheet Management Direct appeal Combination

9 14-9 Closing Worksheet FIGURE 14.3

10 14-10 Trial Close Made at opportune time “Can we ship in May?” “Would you like to start on the first of the month?” “Will a $500 down payment be possible?”

11 14-11 Trial Close Opportunities FIGURE 14.4

12 14-12 Summary-of-Benefits Close Reemphasize value-added buyer benefits “That’s $25 for each lunch, four conference rooms, and audio/visual support, plus our special meeting package. Can I make this reservation for you?”

13 14-13 Assumptive Close Subtle way to ______________, assuming customer will buy Comes near the end of the presentation “Because this shipment can meet your timetable, let’s go ahead and place your order.”

14 14-14 Special Concession Close Extra incentive for acting now Sample inducements Sale price Quantity discount Liberal credit plan Use with care

15 14-15 Multiple Options Close Present several options to customer Steps: Configure more than one product solution Stop when ample selection presented Remove less-appealing options or products

16 14-16 Balance Sheet Close Outlines reasons to buy and not to buy Engage customer in this process Reasons to buy Reasons not to buy

17 14-17 Management Close Involve senior executives or sales manager Upper-level managers add value Makes prospect feel ___________

18 14-18 Direct Appeal Close Ask for the order in a straightforward manner Should not come too early Gain prospect’s respect first After asking, remain quiet

19 14-19 Combination Closes Sales person simply combines two or more close methods for effectiveness

20 14-20 Practice the Close Make these closing methods work better via practice: Try sample “script” on sales manager Use a video camera, tape yourself Use closing worksheet to prepare

21 14-21 Create Your Own Closing Worksheet Include the following: Several customer closing clues (verbal and nonverbal) An appropriate closing method for each A subsequent closing statement for you to use

22 14-22 Confirmation Step Reassure customer Confirm sale and partnership Reduce buyer’s remorse— forms of regret, fear, anxiety about sale Compliment buyer on wise decision Thank customer for order

23 14-23 When Buyer Says No Learn to manage disappointment When a sale is lost: Make sure the deal is really dead, otherwise reopen the presentation Review chain of events, identify weaknesses Obtain customer feedback to improve

24 14-24 Facing Competition Some buyers want to look at competing products/services Do all possible to help customer make an intelligent comparison Stress areas where your product is superior

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