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Dr. Qudsia Huda EHA WHO EMRO. WHO and the H1N1 pandemic.

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1 Dr. Qudsia Huda EHA WHO EMRO


3 WHO and the H1N1 pandemic

4 Main message


6 Get a SOCO Single Overarching Communication Objective

7 1. Focus on your area of concern 2. Identify one specific problem to address NOW 3. What is the change you want to see?

8 Active Resisters Blockers Active Supporters Champions Passive Resisters Avoiders Passive Supporters Silent Boosters Energy invested Common interest

9 Communicating risk is risky!

10 We don't all understand risk the same way Experts: Decide what is risky based on analysis of the hazard Public: Decides what is risky based on their values, emotions.

11 Opportunity for control Risk Communication for PHEs CRISIS Preparation Start of emergency Response and ControlRecovery Evaluation  Assess  Coordinate: committee  Crisis and media plan  Listening mechanisms  Message development  Training  Activate crisis plan  Social mobilization  Don’t forget: decision-makers & health professionals  Message Development  Evaluate strategy & plan  Document & share lessons learned  Identify actions/plan better  Use documents developed as templates for future

12 Risks that KILL people and risks that ALARM them are often completely different.

13 Risk = Hazard + Outrage Concept from Vicent Covello and Peter Sandman

14 Outrage can mean fear, anger, concern

15 1. Precaution Advocacy 2. Outrage Management 3. Crises Communication 4. Health Education and Stakeholder Relations

16 Outrage management Precaution Advocacy Crises Communication Health Education; Stakeholder Relations Outrage & Fear Hazard

17 Precaution Advocacy Outrage & Fear Hazard Outrage them to your levels of concern so that they take action Arouse emotions Required to prevent secondary crisis WATCH OUT!


19 Outrage management Outrage & Fear Hazard Listen, acknowledge truth Apologise for errors Share control and credit "CALM DOWN…..respectfully"

20 Health Education; Stakeholder relations Outrage & Fear Hazard Communications surveillance Identify and address outrage early on

21 Crises Communication Outrage & Fear Hazard Explain what is happening, but do not over-reassure Deal with emotions Give something to do WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

22 World Health Day


24 National Security

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