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1. 2 Institiúid na gComhairleoirí Treorach Comhdháil Bliantúil 2014 Dun Laoghaire Institiúid na gComhairleoirí Treorach Comhdháil Bliantúil 2014 Dun Laoghaire.

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2 2 Institiúid na gComhairleoirí Treorach Comhdháil Bliantúil 2014 Dun Laoghaire Institiúid na gComhairleoirí Treorach Comhdháil Bliantúil 2014 Dun Laoghaire 22Márta 2014 The Guidance Plan Colum Layton Cigire Iarbhunoideachais Treorach An Roinn Oideachais agus Scileanna

3 3 This workshop aims to Outline the current context Explore good practice Outline the planning process Enable some sharing of ideas Reassure you

4 4 Structure of the workshop Introduction The current context Recognising good practice On plans and planning

5 5 Introduction Who is this Colum Layton? What is this workshop all about? Am I perfect (as a guidance counsellor)? What should I know?

6 6 The School Plan A board shall … make arrangements for the preparation of a plan … and shall ensure that the plan is regularly reviewed and updated. The Education Act 1998 Section 21

7 7 Education Act 1998 Pastoral - No mention Care - No relevant mention Support - 24 instances Guidance - 3 instances (To indicate care and support. Two other instances refer to NEPS and general guidance)

8 8 Guidelines sent to all second-level schools September 2005

9 9 Guidelines for Second – Level Schools on the Implications of Section 9(c) This document is intended for use as a reference point for a school in identifying the minimum standards necessary to provide appropriate guidance for its students

10 10 Evaluation of Guidance  Subject Inspection  Whole School Evaluation  Incidental Inspection  Follow Through Inspection

11 11 The Guidance Inspection Report Format Findings Recommendations Learning and teaching Subject provision and whole-school support Planning and preparation

12 12 School Self-Evaluation Looking at Our School Issued to schools in 2003

13 13 Looking at Our School States that: Ireland, along with other European countries is adopting a model of quality assurance that emphasises school development planning through internal school review and self-evaluation, with support of external evaluation carried out by the Inspectorate

14 14 Looking at Our School Themes for Self-Evaluation An appropriate Guidance plan as part of the whole school plan Whole school support for Guidance Balance and effective provision of Guidance throughout the school Full and appropriate use of available resources Access to appropriate professional development

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20 The current context Morgan, M., and Hayes, C. (2011) The practice of counselling by guidance counsellors in post-primary schools. Dublin: NCGE

21 The current context The withdrawal of the ex- quota allocation for Guidance

22 The current context Anti bullying Wellbeing Student support team Junior cycle reform

23 23

24 24 Good practice in Guidance Fully accounted use is made of the allocated hours (See PPT12/05) There is an awareness of trends in population, opportunities, challenges Planning is value driven Guidance is perceived to be a continuous process of support and care There is a strong commitment to school planning There is an awareness of the Guidance and care implications of policies and procedures There is a curricular framework for Guidance in the school plan There are guidance inputs into curricular planning Subject provision is equitable (timetabling etc.)

25 25 Good practice in Guidance The guidance counsellor is qualified Staff guidance functions are in keeping with experience and qualifications All staff have Guidance functions Guidance roles and responsibilities are clear and written Proactive approach to Guidance Au fait with career national policy and opportunities

26 26 Good practice in Guidance There is a counselling room, which doubles as an office with computer, broadband, phone and appropriate storage. Individual students have access to ICT for information gathering and decision making ICT is used for class work and for guidance planning The school has a library with a guidance information section.

27 27 Good practice in Guidance There is a balance of personal/social, educational, vocational guidance There is a balance of individual, small-group and class work There is a balance of junior cycle and senior cycle work The guidance counsellor provides regular inputs into junior cycle Guidance Overlapping elements (mainly social and personal) of the junior cycle guidance programme are delivered in collaboration with the SPHE team

28 28 Good practice in Guidance Guidance planning is in progress and is an essential part of whole-school planning The school’s guidance needs have been identified by students, parents, staff, community The principal and guidance counsellor are involved in the NCGE guidance planning course Regular meetings are held between the guidance counsellor and the co-ordinators of LCA, TY, DEIS

29 29 Good practice in Guidance The student support/care team includes guidance counsellor, special education co-ordinator, chaplain, management and HSCL and other relevant members of staff e.g. tutors, year heads as appropriate The student support team has strong links to SPHE, LCA and LCVP The guidance counsellor is a member of the student support/care team The guidance counsellor is a member of the middle- management team (whether post holder or not) Close links have been established with coordinators, staff & students

30 30 Good practice in Guidance There are regular, minuted meetings, of the student support/care team Referral systems in and from the school are structured School records and sensitive materials (including guidance) are well managed and secure Transitions are well managed There is close and regular communication with staff, students, parents Links have been established with outside social, educational, community and business institutions

31 31 Good practice in Guidance The guidance team engages with CPD and counselling supervision provided by the Institute of Guidance Counsellors Tests, where used, are used by those qualified to use them The purpose of testing is clear Results are interpreted ethically and in confidence Students are tracked having left school

32 32 School Guidance Plan The BOM is responsible for the whole school plan Provision for a regular review of the Guidance plan should be built into the planning process The guidance counsellor should be central to the drafting of the school Guidance plan

33 33 School Guidance Plan Based on an evaluation of students’ needs Specifies how the needs are to be addressed Integral part of school’s overall plan Is developmental and sequential Organised and implemented as a collaborative effort. (NCGE, 2004) Planning the School Guidance Programme NCGE (2004). Designed to assist schools with school Guidance planning

34 34 Tail chasing DESIGNREVIEW IMPLEMENT The planning process?

35 35 School philosophy (Mission vision) DESIGNREVIEW IMPLEMENT EVALUATE The school development planning process

36 36

37 37 Elements of School Guidance Plan What does the school aim to provide? (Aims) Who benefits? (Targets) What outcomes are intended? (Objectives) How can these be achieved? (Activities) With what resources? (Resources) How will it be known whether or not the objectives have been achieved? (Monitoring and review) (NCGE, 2004)

38 Elements of School Guidance Plan Description V SMART action planning

39 39 By now, you should Know why we should plan Know what a plan might look like Be comfortable with your good practice Be reasonably reassured

40 40 Colum Layton, Cigire Iarbhunoideachais Treorach, An Roinn Oideachais agus Eolaíochta, 1A An Meal Theas, Corcaigh. Fón: 076110 8512 Fón póca: 087 9054910 r-phost: Colum Layton, Post-Primary Inspector of Guidance, Department of Education and Science, 1A South Mall, Cork. Phone: 076110 8512 Mobile: 087 9054910 e-mail:

41 41 Go raibh maith agaibh

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