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What’s Ahead in 2nd grade Keeping your child on track to be Future Ready!

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1 What’s Ahead in 2nd grade Keeping your child on track to be Future Ready!

2 Reading 3rd Nine Weeks Reading Main idea with supporting details Author’s purpose Order of important events Questioning Research Reading level K-L Fluency 78-106 Grammar Types of sentences subject/verb agreement

3 Reading 4th Nine Weeks Reading Grammar InferenceAdjectives Context CluesAdverbs Figurative Language (Idioms) Prepositions Media Literacy Reading Level L-M Reading Fluency 94 w.p.m-124 w.p.m.

4 Money ●Determine the value of a collection of coins up to one dollar ●Use the cent sign symbol, dollar sign, and the decimal point to name the value of a collection of coins Math 3rd Nine Weeks

5 Plane Figures ●Classify and sort polygons with 12 or fewer sides according to attributes, including identify the number of sides and number of vertices ●Create 2-dimensional shapes based on given attributes, including number of sides and vertices

6 Math 3rd Nine Weeks Plane Figures ●Compose 2-dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional solids with given properties or attributes ●Decompose 3-dimensional shapes such as cutting out a square from a rectangle, dividing a shape in half, or partitioning a rectangle into identical triangles and identify the resulting geometric part

7 Math 3rd Nine Weeks Solid Figures ●classify and sort 3-dimensional solids, including spheres, cones, cylinders, rectangular prisms(including cubes as special rectangular prisms), and triangular prisms, based on attributes using formal geometric language ●Compose 2-dimensional shapes and 3-dimensional solids with given properties or attributes

8 Math 4th Nine Weeks ●Model, create, and describe contextual multiplication and division situations in which sets are equivalent. ●Find the length of objects using concrete models for standard units of length ●Find area of a rectangle using square units ●Concepts in finance - distinguish between a deposit and a withdrawal - calculate how money saved can accumulate into a large amount over time - differentiate between producers and consumers

9 End of the Year Expectations ●EOY reading levels ●Students should be at a level M by the end of second grade. They should be reading 94-124 words per minute, with 94 being the minimum amount of words necessary to be on level. ●Dates of upcoming Benchmark Assessments: Science Campus Common Assessment Week 26 March 16th-20th Math Campus Common Assessment Week 27 March 23rd-27th DRA2/ TPRI Reading levels Week 33-35 May 4th-May 22nd Math Benchmark Assessment Week 34 May 11th-15th Science Benchmark Assessment Week 35 May 18th-22nd

10 How Can We Help At Home? The best preparation is to steadily build skills. Children who master math and reading fundamentals, such as; phonics, reading comprehension strategies, and facts, will be prepared for more complex questions and concepts, and will ultimately perform better on tests. ●Practice math facts daily for 15 minutes- Reflex Math ●Children should be reading daily to themselves and aloud to parents for best results. Reading fluency and comprehension are gained through consistent exposure to literature. ●Ask your child questions about the books they are reading.

11 This presentation is available on my teacher website.

12 Thank you for joining Brill in preparing your child to be Future Ready!

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