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MultiCAT Intro Purpose built Job and Business Administration

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1 MultiCAT Intro Purpose built Job and Business Administration
for Australian and New Zealand Main Contractors By Construction People for Construction People .

MultiCAT is purpose built for mid tier Main Contractors. CAT Software have been supporting the construction industry with leading edge construction systems for 13 years and we continuously seek ways to make our software better and keep up to date with technology. We provide the balance between traditionally good record keeping and the electronic age we now operate in. MultiCAT incorporates all aspects of project and business administration from documents to dollars and inception to completion. MultiCAT will streamline your organisation and provide systems and structure for your staff at all levels so they are better equipped to do their day to day job. Construction companies using MultiCAT find they can reduce staff, make significant savings and take major steps in increasing efficiency. This presentation will walk you through the core functions of MultiCAT and give you an excellent overview of MultiCAT and what it can do for your company. .

3 MultiCAT MultiCAT MODULES MultiCAT MODULES Consolidated, Affordable &
Contact Information Incoming Communication Project Documentation Subcontractor Administration Daily Site Diary MultiCAT System Management Consultant Administration Time Keeping and Productivity Committed Costs Cash Flow Forecast Risk and Opportunity Combined Committed Costs Written Communication Variations Progress Claims Written Communication RFI Management Lead Management Tender Documents Estimating Tender Invitations Trade Letting Confirmed Jobs Project Budget Time Entry Productivity Overview Summary Export for Payroll Asset Management Plant Compliance Vehicle Register Transfers to Jobs Plant Recharge Plant Register Purchase Orders Standing Orders Petty Cash Creditor Processing Accounting Interface Electronic Approvals Written Communication Variations Claim Set Up Progress Claims EOT Claims Weather Inspections Visitors Delays Subcontractors on Site Internal Plant Transfers Consolidated, Affordable & Purpose Built For Main Contractors Drawing Revision and Distribution Completion Compliance Concrete Register Hire Equipment Non contractual communication File Notes Meeting Minutes Manage Company and Staff Information Manage System Securities and Access Levels Manage Purchasing Lists and Look Ups Add To or Edit Pick Lists Add To or Edit Letter Templates Response Management Hyperlink to original Contact Data Base Job Specific Contacts Staff Contact Outlook Synchronise Accounting Synchronise Purchasing and Creditors Client Administration Plant and Equipment Project Establishment Project Reporting .

The main menu is logically laid out and easy to follow, the module graphic is present throughout the module making it easier to navigate. Timing


6 Lead Management LEAD MANAGEMENT
Lead management is really good and allows you to manage leads, create a forecast, add file notes for all stages of the sales process, it also gives you follow up prompts, conversion statistics and a lead schedule for your sales meetings. Never let a lead fall through the cracks or be forgotten. All pre project information flows through if the job is successful. Timing

7 Tender Invitations TENDER INVITATIONS
Set up the trade letting master Select the Trade Tick to Invite “Y” indicates the trade has had invites Click to Print Full Individual Invite Click to Print Cover Letter Only Click to Invitees Create Templates for Trade Specific Scopes and Append to an Invitation The tender invitation module offers you the flexibility of organising your tender invitations individually, by trade or by job as a whole if you are using an online document distribution system. The interface is excellent and overall your administration of this process is vastly reduced. All invitations have three schedules. 1 = Conditions of Subcontract 2 = Trade Specific Scope 3 = Form of Tender. Include a scope of works where relevant. Timing

8 Notice To Tenderers NOTICE TO TENDERERS
Issue NTT quickly and efficiently. Simply type the information and select the individual or trade that the NTT is to go to then bulk the document or you can print and send if you do things traditionally. Timing

9 Type in an item or add it from your price book. Price book is optional
Estimating ESTIMATING Select a code group Select a cost code Type in an item or add it from your price book. Price book is optional Shows the tender price and any associated tags from tender pricing submission screen The estimate is organised by group codes and cost codes. Select the group and all associated codes will appear. If you use a price book the item selected will populate with rate and unit of measure, all you have to add is quantity. The bulk of your items will be auto populated from subcontractor and supplier prices that have been ticked as preferred. Timing

10 Tender Pricing TENDER PRICING
When the subcontractor price comes in, add the value including any tags. Tick the preferred price for use with your estimate and this value and associated tags will be added to the estimate. Timing

11 Project Confirmation PROJECT CONFIRMATION
When the project is confirmed change the job status from pending to successful to make it a live project then turn your estimate into a budget, assign project staff (until they are assigned they have no authorisation to access a project) and complete contractual details such as contract dates, retention dates and the retention calculation to be used for your progress claim. At this stage you can synchronise projects with accounting so that you have two levels of job cost reporting – both committed and actual. Timing

12 Budget Setup BUDGET SETUP
Append your estimate to the budget, notice that all items with a unit of measure of hour is showing in labour hours. You are able to transfer money between codes as relevant and keep a good audit trail of transfers and the reasons for. The budget can be locked, but only unlocked by authorised personnel. Timing

13 Trade Letting Schedule
The trade letting schedule works out award, close, invite and final design date to ensure the tenders are let with sufficient time to meet the start on site date. This is generally driven by the Site Manager or person who drives the program. This schedule is also great for PCG meetings for keeping the team informed and keeping focus on final design requirements. Timing

14 Trade Letting TRADE LETTING
Generate a subcontractor recommendation form for approval. On confirmation of subcontractor acceptance the subcontractor is added to the project team, the set up for payment claim is done and a letter of acceptance with a customisable subcontract agreement is generated (optional). Timing


The client communication module is excellent, it’s fast well presented (your branding) and schedules are automated. On click the communication goes directly to outlook with the correct title and address. Timing

17 Client Variations CLIENT VARIATIONS
Client variations are auto added to your progress claim and also added to the committed cost schedule regardless of status unless they are “not proceeding”. Presentation is excellent and the schedules are automatically generated. Timing

18 Our Progress Claim Setup
The claim breakdown can be appended from the budget with margin either back spread or added as a line item. Alternatively you can manually enter it to suit the project. Timing

19 Our Progress Claim PROGRESS CLAIM
Client Claims are efficient and speedy to generate and they are compliant. You can either work on percentage complete or on dollar values that back calculate the percentage. Retentions are calculated based on the retention calculation method selected for the project. You can keep notes against each claim for reference. Timing

CONSULTANT COMMUNICATION (ATC) Time implication identified Update responses on the fly, this adds to incoming Add a suggested solution, only prints if populated The consultant communication module is excellent, it’s fast well presented (your branding) and schedules are automated. By clicking as pdf the communication goes directly to outlook with the correct title and address. RFI management has never been easier. The schedules are great for Design and PCG meetings as they really highlight any consultant who is dragging their feet. Timing


22 Subcontractor Setup SUBCONTRACTOR SET UP
Base information including values, head contract retention calculation, contacts and coding is auto added on contract acceptance. Other information to be added includes insurance, contract sent and received dates and documentation requirements. Timing

23 Subcontractor Communication
Generate Subcontractor communication, It is quick and efficient and all communication can be sent as a pdf attachment by clicking “ ” on the ribbon, this automatically turns your document into a pdf and takes you through to outlook with the correct address. All documentation is well presented with your branding and signatures are all electronic. Timing

24 Subcontractor Variations
ATS Variations have excellent tracking and are automatically added to subcontractor payment schedules and the project committed cost schedule proving you with forecasts that are up to date daily. Variations can be linked to Client Variations and all schedules are automated. Timing

25 SUBCONTRACTOR CLAIMS Subcontractor Claims
Subcontractor Claims are efficient and compliant whether you are using a recipient generated invoice method or accepting invoices. You can either work on percentage complete or on dollar values that back calculate the percentage. Retentions are calculated based on the calculation method selected in contract set up and you can add reasons for variance. Retention tracking is excellent. Timing

26 Subcontractor Claim Approval
All progress claims need to be approved by both the project manager and the contract administrator before they are released to accounts for processing for payment. Electronic approvals are a big step forward in efficiency. Timing

Incoming communication can be added on the fly from client and consultant communication or can be added directly. All documents logged can be hyperlinked to the document. As most incoming communication from consultants needs to be distributed to subcontractors we have made it easy to do this and create an auto ATS. Timing

The contact database contains all contact information, this module feeds all other modules and synchronises with Microsoft Outlook and Accounting. Enter it once and never again. From this screen you can assign a performance rating, add or update insurance information, synchronise with accounts and add or update annual contract information. Timing

29 Contacts Reports CONTACT DATABASE
Managing your reports is great, put a report into print preview and then if you would like to filter or group, click report view and filter the information you want to print. You have real power over your own data. Timing

30 Project Specific Contacts
The project specific contacts pulls information from the contacts database so you have a project specific list that limits project lists to the project team. Synchronise your contacts with Outlook. Timing

31 Staff Contact Info STAFF CONTACT INFORMATION The address panel on all external communication picks up its information from here, so the letterhead is author specific and has individual phone, fax, mobile and address. Timing


33 Click to append documents from Tender module
Add New Documents ADD NEW DOCUMENTS Click to append documents from Tender module The drawing / document register can be appended for the tender register, manually added or added from excel. You can add a hyperlink to documents if required. Timing

34 Document Revision and Distribution
Select the document for transfer Click to print preview then post or Select the recipient from the project team Track and register document revisions as they are revised. If you are still using a traditional method of document distribution you can manage and track distributions and generate document transmittals. Alternatively just manage revisions and use an on line solution for distribution. Timing Timing

35 Concrete Register CONCRETE REGISTER
Add pour test information Add or update pour dockets The concrete register allows site staff to keep a record of all concrete pours including quantities, design mix, locations, concrete dockets and test information. Timing

36 Project Completion Compliance
PROJECT COMPETION COMPLIANCE Completion compliance is flexible and is designed to track the actions on resource consents, building consents and any other requirements associated with building completion. Timing

37 Action Plan \ Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes are progressive which is great as it allows you to get consolidated meeting minutes for a project for each meeting type which is invaluable when you have a time claim and are having to research history. Timing

38 General Communication
General communication is for any written communication that is not to a contract party. You would also use this for any pre contact communication as it can still be linked to a job. This module can also be used for all non job specific (Job No 1) communication. Timing

39 File Notes FILE NOTES File notes are great whether it’s a record of conversation, an action note or just a record of an event. Use file notes instead of a personal diary as then the information is available to the team. Timing

Daily site diaries on computer add a lot of value because its quicker for the site staff and it allows good reporting and site management information. This is great for management and office based staff to keep up with what is happening on site. Timing

Time entry is simple and is charged to the project at the recovery rate nominated for each person or you can use a composite position rate. There is a period report for summary entry to payroll or export depending on which software you are using. Hours can be linked to client variations where relevant and there is a budget versus actual report. Timing

42 Monthly Salary Allocation
Monthly salary allocation is for salaried staff so that recovery costs are allocated to projects or overhead as the case maybe. A simple percentage allocation which are recharged as hours. Timing

The Operations Team The Accounts Team Timing

44 Purchase Orders PURCHASE ORDERS
Link a purchase order to an item of plant or a vehicle Select site and the delivery address will look up job address Type in an item or add it from your price book. Price book is optional Link a purchase order to a client variation Select a paragraph to be added as auto text Raising a purchase order is simple, you can select items from your price book or use free form entry. You can set up your own auto text for items like safety notes and you can customise the conditions of order. There is also a field for adding a note such as back order. Click to print preview then to the supplier with the document and the subject line appropriately titled. Timing

45 Standing Orders STANDING ORDERS
Identify the validity period Record the quote reference Default text is customisable Create a budget by identifying estimated qty Set up standing orders for the project for items such as concrete, toilets, waste bins, building supplies, hire equipment and anything else that you have an agreed set of rates. Your foremen can now phone order against the standing order so they can spend more time on the site. Track your expenditure against a standing order. Timing

46 Place a Standing Order PLACE A STANDING ORDER
Site staff can phone order against standing orders set up by the contract administrator. Select a standing order, pick an item and add a quantity so that there is a running tally against phone orders. Site staff can get on with the job and not get tied up in administration whilst still maintaining integrity of expenditure. Timing

47 Process Creditor Invoices
Invoices can be processed by creditor, it is quick, simply enter the invoice no and invoice date. Orders can be adjusted if there is a minor discrepancy like a delivery charge. They are added as unmatched items that do not affect original order value and require approval before processing for payment. See a list of all invoices awaiting approval by operations staff. Timing

48 Process Standing Orders
PROCESS STANDING ORDER INVOICES Running totals against budget Click to view agreed rates Processing standing orders is also simple, select the relevant order and only items that are part of the standing order show on the list and then enter quantities. Similarly, unmatched items require approval before processed for payment. Timing

49 Approve Creditor Invoices
Click to return incorrect invoice to supplier for correction and credit. Click to approve and MultiCAT captures your name and the date. View the details from the invoice. Project Managers and Contract Administrators can electronically approve orders, invoices don’t need to leave the accounts office. Great schedules to assist with forecasting. Approval schedule for accounting records. Unmatched invoices are highlighted for review, can be corrected and approved or returned to supplier for credit. Timing

50 Load Creditors To Accounts
APPROVED INVOICES NOW LOAD TO ACCOUNTS Click to export to accounting Once creditor invoices are approved for payment they appear on this screen ready for upload to accounting. The payment of the invoice will then go through the usual process within accounting. No double entry and no concerns for accounting staff about unapproved transactions. This process really streamlines administration. Unapproved invoices are scheduled so they know which operations staff to chase up. The export matches company name so there can be no errors. Timing


52 Add New and Manage Existing Plant
MANAGE PLANT AND EQUIPMENT Update the status for stolen or retired items Add a daily recharge rate Add and edit plant and equipment and set initial compliance dates (these will be updated by the operations team). Set recharge rates for projects, once an item is transferred to a project (from yard or through daily site diaries) the site will be charged at the day rate until it is transferred back to the yard or another project. Timing

53 Transfer Plant From Yard
TRANSFER FROM YARD An item can be transferred to a project from yard or through daily site diaries, the site will be charged at the day rate until it is transferred back to the yard or another project. Timing

Plant Register PLANT AND EQUIPMENT REGISTER Update certification Know where any item of plant is at any time. Operations staff can update compliance dates here and there is colour coding to highlight items that have expired or are coming due for action. Timing

Project reporting is live and provides the best possible information on where the job is financially at any time. Timing

56 Committed Cost Schedule
Code from budget POs regardless of status Forecast final costs Code Description Original Budget Revised contract value Subcontracts Awarded Subcontractor variations Labour hours & dollars summary Internal plant recharge Cost to Complete Client variations regardless of status SOs regardless of status Total Commitments The committed cost schedule gives you a real time view of committed costs for a project at any point in time. This schedule is exceptionally good and allows management to quickly overview and drill down where necessary. Timing

57 Risk and Opportunity RISK AND OPPORTUNITY
The objective is to keep the committed cost schedule clean and actual. The risk and opportunity process is where you can factor in provisions and contingencies and any slush buckets so they are declared. A very powerful process for the Project Team to review each month. The assessed RO factors into the committed cost schedule forecast margin. Timing

58 Cash Flow Forecast CASH FLOW FORECAST
This schedule shows all creditor and subcontract values for a nominated period regardless of status so that you have an on going view of payments due in the following month. The chances are if you ordered it this month you will have to pay for it next month. Receipts show also so that any over or under claims are very apparent. Timing

59 Consolidated Projects
If you have set up a master job you can associate any amount of projects to get a consolidated committed financial position. This is useful where you have a project with several different buildings, or you want to track a department or a particular project manager. Timing

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION System Administration is secure and this is the area where standard information is set up such as company information, logos, departments, staff information, cost codes, price books, pick lists, address panel information, default text and a lot more. Set up common library information to maximise pick-lists and minimise typing. Timing

JOB COST VERSUS ACCOUNTING JOB COST V’s ACCOUNTING Every construction business needs two types of management tools so there are effective tools for staff to perform their day to day job efficiently, A Main Contractor needs tools for: - the people who make the money and the people who count the money The MultiCAT and MoneyWorks team provides tools for both parties that are both independent yet integrated saving a significant amount of administration time. Core Accounting functions continue to be done in the accounting system by Accounting Staff in a summarised form of the traditional way. All transactions approved by operations staff are pushed through from MultiCAT so there is no duplication of data entry. Job costing and other administrative functions that were traditionally done in the accounting system can now be done, on site and off site in your CAT system. The split up of which things are done in the accounting system and which things are done in CAT is defined, almost exactly, by where the people sit. Duplication is minimal and the demarcation points are clear. This structure keeps operations people out of the accounting system and visa versa. Timing

62 MoneyWorks ACCOUNTING
After an extensive evaluation of the main accounting systems available in Australia and New Zealand, we came to the conclusion that MoneyWorks was the best for our industry. The added benefit is that MoneyWorks is locally owned and supported and has 16 years history with 24,000 sites in Australasia which is steadily increasing. The reasons we recommend MoneyWorks are fairly simple: from a user perspective, MoneyWorks is exceptionally easy to use, is very flexible and powerful, and has great reports. Because it is efficient, we find that it is faster to enter data, with a big saving in staff time. And because of the design of MoneyWorks, we can integrate it with CAT and push transactions into it, so you don't have to enter information twice. From an accountant's point of view, MoneyWorks has a very powerful general ledger, audit trails, excellent reports and the best handling of GST we have seen. So it comes down as always to a simple cost-benefit analysis. MoneyWorks is faster and easier to use than most accounting systems, plus the direct integration with CAT saves a lot of time and duplication of effort. You can use CAT and stick with your current accounting system and pay your staff to enter things twice. To maximise the time, cost and efficiency benefits that are gained with an integrated system we recommend using CAT with MoneyWorks. Timing

63 We are Construction People!!
SUPPORT CAT SUPPORT CAT Support is awesome, our people are knowledgeable and skilled with both how best to use CAT Software and Services but also in their understanding of the construction industry and how the project administration flow works.    We are Construction People!! Timing

If you are interested in purchasing MultiCAT or finding out more information please contact us by phone, fax or . New Zealand: Victoria: Queensland: Web: Thank you for your time in viewing this presentation Please note that data used in this presentation is test data. Any reference to a job or individual is coincidental Timing

65 Press the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard to exit
WORK FLOW CHART Press the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard to exit Timing

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