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Secular Versus Islamic Interplay of Various Parameters A.S. Hashim.

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1 Secular Versus Islamic Interplay of Various Parameters A.S. Hashim

2 Secular Versus Islamic What kind of World? 1. Physical: a.Limited b.Temporary 2. Spiritual: a.Unlimited b.Permanent 3. Mixed as Physical and Spiritual

3 Secular Versus Islamic Development of the Self Within a few months of birth Grows in family Grows further in school and community Sees differences in: Being Religious or Secular Behavior and Customs Family Status

4 Secular Versus Islamic To Pursue Depending on: 1.his genetics and 2.environmental Influence a person can Pursue: 1.Secular Course 2.Spiritual Course 3.A Mixture of Partly Secular and Partly Spiritual of Variable Proportion

5 Secular Versus Islamic As a Consequence 1. The Path Taken Can be an Incentive: flourish and b.innovate 2. But the Path Can be Negative: a.Harmful and Damaging, and b.Lead to Tyranny and Abuse of Power

6 Secular Versus Islamic Secular Identity 1. Built on Self-Interest a.Motivation is Selfish b.Greedy Demands c.Can Lead to Power Overindulgence d.May Lead to Corruption 2. Deals Indifferently with Various Faiths: a.Religion is a Dilemma, Treated Lightly b.Nationality Supersedes Other Identities c.Appointing People of Dubious Character

7 Secular Versus Islamic Islamic Identity 1. Deals with Psychological Framework 2. Very Basic and Fundamental 3. If it is Islamic: a.Belief Mandating Good Behavior b.Less Corruption c.Motivation is for Personal Integrity (العدل) 4. Deals Tolerantly with Various Faiths: a.Secularism is a Dilemma, Discouraged b.Nationality Accepted c.Appointing People of Good Character

8 Secular Versus Islamic Before the Seventies 1. Islamicly: a.Marginalized b.Moving Toward Secularism 2. Secular Powers: a.Superceding Other Identities b.Alliances with Other Powers to Rule 3. People: a.Murmuring in Discontent b.Scared to Express their Islamic Alienation

9 Secular Versus Islamic By the Seventies 1. A Man of Remarkable Courage Spoke out a.Awakened the Dormant Islamic Identity b.Persisted in his Call for the Magnificent Change c.Suffered Personally and in his Family 2. The Call Awakened the Religious Spirit in: a.His Country b.Regionally c.World-Wide

10 Secular Versus Islamic Focused on Islamic Identity 1. Know your Islamic Affiliation: Shi’a or Sunni 2. Educate yourself about your Conviction 3. Focus on the Upcoming Generation 4. Express yourself with Conviction and Vigor 5. Talk with Confidence and with Pride

11 Secular Versus Islamic The Effect: Like a Volcano: a.The Call Triumphed Over Secularism b.Established a Proud and Stable Administration c.Induced High Religious and National Pride Like a mountain: 1.Resisted Local Attacks: The Press or Otherwise 2.Undid War Against Islam 3.Withstood World Press Attacks 4.Moved Forward to Enhance the Country

12 Secular Versus Islamic Spillover Influence Locally: The Country of Origin Regionally: Middle East World-Wide: Mainly the West Washington Area: Potomac Maryland

13 Secular Versus Islamic Statistics as of 1996: SHI’A ……………………………………… …..…….. 282 Millions SUNNI Hanafi …………….……………………...…………. 380 Millions Maaliki ………………………………………………. 305 Millions Shafi’i ……………………………………………….. 190 Millions Hanbali …………………………………….......…….. 52 Millions

14 Secular Versus Islamic 1. Local Influence Pride in Islam and Islamic Doctrine Systematically Improving the Lot of Citizens Tolerated the Complaining Shi’a: Explosion of Islamic Information Shi’a are a Complaining People by Nature Shi’a are Crying-Happy People Shi’a are Self-Hitting and Chest Beating People

15 Secular Versus Islamic 2. Middle-East Influence Coming back to Islam Attempts to better understand Islam Polarization of the Islamic versus the secular powers The Media of regional Areas bundle up Against him

16 Secular Versus Islamic 3. Global Influence The World Responded Gradually Awakening of the Deep Religious Feelings Extremes Could Show up, Understandable World Denies him his Due Worth The World Refuses to Acknowledge his Influence Politically: He Stood Unmovable Religiously: Steadfast and Resolute

17 Secular Versus Islamic 4. Washington Area: Potomac The IEC is initiated, registered, and incorporated IEC Bought the Property Mostazafan Foundation buys the IEC IEC grows steadily, nourished by the new Islamic Fervor Despite the Ups and Downs, IEC Continues to Grow Steadily

18 Secular Versus Islamic IEC holds on Heritage Ghadeer Khum Ashuraa Ramadhan Du’aas (Supplications) Celebration of Birthdays of the Prophet and the 12 Imams Haj Services and Visitations of the Shrines Reading special Du’aas (Supplications) at different occasions.

19 Secular Versus Islamic IEC Remembers Al-Baaqir "By Allah our Shi'a is: he who obeys Allah, is pious, and upright. He obeys Allah, is pious, and upright. Our Shi'a are recognized for their modesty, humility, excessive worship, frequent offering of Salat, observance of fast, and they honor their parents. Our Shi'a care for neighbors, the disadvantaged, the needy, the indebted, and the orphans, Our Shi'a always speak the truth, recite the Holy Quran, hold their tongue against speaking ill of others, and Our Shi'a are trustworthy in all matters of social and spiritual relationship. والله ما شيعتنا إلاّ من إتقى الله وأطاعه وما كانوا يُعرَفون إلاّ بالتواضع والتخشع وأداء ألأمانة وكثرةِ ذِكر الله والصوم والصلاة والبرِّ بالوالدين وتعهُّد الجيران منَ الفقراء وذوي المَسْكنةِ والغارمين والأيتام وصِدق الحديث وتلاوة القرآن وكفِّ الألسن عن الناس إلا من خير

20 Secular Versus Islamic IEC and Cultural Identity Hold to your ways but be discerning Make effort to befriend people of your nationality Be friendly to Americans Explain your ways with pride to Americans Frequent and consistent visits to Islamic Centers

21 Secular Versus Islamic IEC and Nationalistic Identity Speak your language with parents Teach children Arabic as well as your own language Celebrate your usual national holidays Attend meetings catering to your national aspirations

22 Secular Versus Islamic IEC Recognizes opportunity in America The US is your host country that gives you freedom of expression and work opportunity As its guest you ought to: respect the ways fit for the Americans, but keep your ways intact and sound Be innovative and aggressive in pursuit of your goals and aims

23 Secular Versus Islamic The Explosion of Influence Because of His: Vision Courage Tenacity Obstinacy Splendid Dedication Who is This Man?

24 Secular Versus Islamic Who is This Man? Saddam Hussein Imam Ali Imam Al-Husain Khumaini The Shah Haroon Al-Rasheed Khoe Sistani

25 Secular Versus Islamic THANK YOU Be in Allah’s Care Dr. A.S. Hashim

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