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DEVELOPMENT & HEALTH Where are the highest incidents of heart disease?

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1 DEVELOPMENT & HEALTH Where are the highest incidents of heart disease?

2 DEVELOPMENT & HEALTH Why is heart disease an MEDC problem? The countries worst affected by heart disease are all MEDCs. Not every MEDC suffers equally. Some MEDCs have higher rates of heart disease then others. Scotland has one of the worst heart disease rates in the world but, even here. Some areas are much worse than others. Glasgow, in particular, has high rates of heart disease.  Lifestyle  Diet  Affluence  Medical care Main reasons why heart disease varies from one region to another

3 In developed countries and in cities throughout the world, the pace of life is faster. In addition, a lot of people work in offices and take little exercise. Some countries have healthier diets than others. For instance, the traditional Asian diet contains very little meat and dairy produce and Japanese people have a much lower heart disease rate than British people. People in richer countries can afford to eat too much and can afford to buy cigarettes and alcohol and so are more likely to have heart disease. Within richer countries, the cheapest foods are often fatty foods and so poorer people are more likely to develop heart disease. In MEDCs, countries such as Australia have run campaigns to educate people on how to reduce heart disease. As a result, the disease has dropped dramatically in recent years. Within any country, the number of people with heart disease depends upon the treatment available locally. For example, how well the local health authorities try to prevent and diagnose heart disease and the equipment and the drugs available to treat the disease. lifestyle Diet affluence Medical care

4 This advice has been successful with evidence that the amount of butter sold has dropped by 76% and the amount of full milk by 74% while fresh fruit has risen by 43% People are encouraged to take more exercise and facilities have increased. Eg. Jogging tracks, cycle lanes, gyms and sports centres. There is little evidence, however, that people take more exercise There are extensive campaigns to stop people smoking and there is help available, eg. Nicotine patches, helpline and electronic cigarettes. Advertising tobacco is illegal and the number of smokers is reducing. People are increasingly aware that stress is harmful and know ways to reduce stress, eg. Relaxing by taking exercise or listening to music. There is evidence, however, that stress levels are increasing. Eat a better diet Take more exercise Stop smoking Reduce stress levels Medical check ups Advanced treatment More people have regular cholesterol and blood pressure check-ups. This allows them to see if they are at risk and then take action. More equipment is developed and used such as pacemakers, artificial heart valves and defibrillators. By-pass surgery is steadily improving and more drugs are developed, eg. Aspirin to reduce blood clotting.

5 DEVELOPMENT & HEALTH Design an information leaflet that persuades people to control heart disease. use pages 143 and 144 of the Intermediate textbook to help Include Problem of heart disease Who is the most susceptible to heart disease Methods to control heart disease Success of each control method Impact upon the nation and individuals if heart disease is reduced Also Include Details of the sponsor. Eg NHS or british Heart Foundation

6 DEVELOPMENT & HEALTH PPQ 2010 For AIDS or heart disease, describe the attempts made to control the spread of the disease. 4 marks Have these efforts been effective? Explain your answer. 3 marks PPQ 2009 For AIDS or heart disease, what are the consequences of the disease for the population in an affected area. 4 marks For the disease chosen, how successful are the methods used to control it? Explain your answer. 3 marks PPQ 2011 Describe the main cause of either AIDS or heart disease. 4 marks

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