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Honking your brand Blow Horn Media. About us: Blow Horn Media is a unique one-stop shop for all your branding needs. Whether this is your first step or.

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1 Honking your brand Blow Horn Media

2 About us: Blow Horn Media is a unique one-stop shop for all your branding needs. Whether this is your first step or your next step in Digital Marketing, it is crucial to partner with a proven company that will get you results Blow Horn Media will work with you to assess your branding needs and goals, and create, launch and manage a strategic Digital Marketing plan Helping you connect with your target consumers online, we develop digital marketing programs that define your charisma in the e-market. The plethora of services on our platter that includes Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and Email marketing results in generating leads and online sales.

3 What you can expect from us? The best, most attentive, personalized service Unparalleled, proven expertise and professionalism Customized, personalized, results-driven strategic plans Return on investment (ROI)

4 What we offers? SEO Services SMO Services PPC Services Creative Designing Web Development Email Marketing Lead Generation Event Promotions ORM OOH Advertising

5 Why you should spend on digital marketing? Not only reach but interact with your target audience Low cost and high ROI Interactive and real-time engagement Measurability: Digital media allows targeting messages to customers at the right time, in the right place, through the appropriate channel Targeting: The ability to understand why, when and where customers need a product or service is very compelling Agility: Ability to adapt to market needs and changes almost instantly Longevity: Once visible you are there to stay. The key is keeping visitors coming back for more Flip the Funnel Find Convert Keep and Again Find using WORD OF MOUTH

6 Online Media Vs Other Media The last decade or so has witnessed the irresistible rise of online media and it is becoming increasingly obvious that it is steadily encroaching into the area held by the traditional media Earned media begets owned media As the fields of public relations, social media, and marketing become more integrated Tracking tactics With the advent of Google Analytics, tracking the results of an integrated social media and PR campaign has become easier It’s a numbers game A large majority of online outlets have higher circulations then traditional print publications. In fact, many magazines and newspapers are outdone by their own online counterparts; for example, the Sunday print edition of the New York Times has a circulation of a little over two million, while the online-only version has over 15 million unique visitors per month (numbers pulled via Cision)

7 Online Media Vs Other Media contd…

8 Online Media Vs Other Media Contd.. Content. It lives! While that mention of your client in yesterday’s newspaper is probably now in the recycling bin, a mention in a media site continues to live on well past the date it was posted. SEO-tastic Online media takes out that middle man, placing hyperlinks directly to a client’s home page, product page, or blog right in the body of the article. With the simple click of a button, readers can be exposed to the latest news and offerings by your clients Integration of assets Articles in a print publication are limited in the type of assets they can incorporate. For example, print media can only include a photo (and the inclusion of a photo is usually dependent on space) and occasionally QR codes, aside from text. With online features, you have ability to share other assets you have created, such as slideshows and videos, making your client and their product or service that much more attractive to potential consumers. Constant content magazines that tend to be released monthly and newspapers that come out daily or weekly, online outlets are constantly looking to generate and update content

9 Leadership Team Ankit Brahmbhatt (AB) : Co Founder &Big Boss Be it enhancing the presence online, raising brand awareness, generating leads or driving revenues, AB with his zestful approach gets it all using the various communication channels, creative strategies and most importantly, 'the aura'. If you want to make your things famous,Talk to him once and you know he is THE ONE. Prakash (Pex) : Founder & Man of Ideas A Man with full of ideas which brings creativity and customer satisfaction on the table. His result oriented approach always brings ROI for clients. Pex with his out of box thought process defines him Jaques Kalis of Blow Horn Media. Don’t get bored with his geeky talks

10 Contact Us: Blow Horn Media Ahmadabad - (HQ) 3,Rainbow complex, Stadium cross road, Navaranpur, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India Navi Mumbai – Branch 1, Sai Amrut, Belpada, Sector 3 Kharghar West, Navi Mumbai Maharashtra, India Voice: +91 7567896725, +91 9769676185

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