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By: Rashard Cortez, & Moises Leon 11-4-14 Period 2.

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1 By: Rashard Cortez, & Moises Leon 11-4-14 Period 2

2  Cost to make it >23 million  Time it took to design >3 Years  Time it took to build>4 years  Was it completed on time>No there was a lot of things that interrupted the process such as 21 deaths during bridge process it was about 8 months behind, when it was suppose to be done  Bridge Dimensions(size)>

3  Purpose of bridge>Before the bridge opened in 1937, the only practical route between what is now Marin County and San Francisco was by ferry across San Francisco Bay. At the time, San Francisco was the largest U.S. city reached primarily by ferry. So this Is why they made the bridge to get people across from place to place.  Unique features>it has a beautiful high arch.

4  Who Designed it>There was a total of 3 designers first up wa, Joseph Strauss, Charles Alton Ellis, Irving Morrow Who Built it > McClintic-Marshall Corporation. My opinion on bridge>I really think this bridge is amazing has amazing capacity and a very big bridge that helped California move on Is there anything I would change>I really wouldn’t change anything it really has a great capacity and the people seem happy.

5  Earnings >High school students interested in pursuing a career in civil engineering should take courses in math, science, computer science, and English. Civil engineers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a closely related field, such as structural engineering. However, a master’s degree or PHD can improve your chances of advancement. Those who want to teach civil engineering at college will need a PHD. One last thing they need is to be in college about four years then work up to get to a higher spot.

6  Earnings>Starting salaries for civil engineers vary according to their level of education. For example, those with bachelor’s degrees receive an average starting salary of about $52,000 a year. Those with master’s degrees and PhDs tend to receive higher starting offers. The median annual income for all civil engineers is around $79,000, with most earning somewhere between $51,000 and $122,000 a year. However, some experienced engineers with management responsibilities make more than $122,000 a year. Generally speaking, salary increases steadily with experience and expertise.

7  Wage$32.71$Hour$68,040Year Entry  Wage$39.52$Hour 82,210Year Median Wage$47.58$Hour 98,960Year Experienced  Job Description>Historically, engineers were divided into military and civil engineers. Military engineers built fortifications, trenches, roads, and bridges for military purposes. Civil engineers concentrated on building permanent structures for peacetime, or civilian, activities. Today civil engineers are responsible for planning, designing, and constructing a wide variety of structures, including buildings, bridges, dams, highways, railways, and sewers.

8  My opinion on being a civil engineer > I really think its cool being a civil engineer an building bridges and houses, I really respect this job.  Is this something I'm interested in this I really something I like building bridges and helping people and also pays a lot and who doesn’t like that.

9  Cargo Bridge is a game where you test a bridge that you’ve created. The tallest you can make one wood piece is 75m.  This is my design and as you can see, I used four wood pieces, including a two piece wood base.

10 These are other successful bridge the first part I used the base to hold the weight. Sense the other didn’t have a base I put it on the land to push in the middle and not break or snap.

11  Levels three and four required a more complex bridge. That could support the weight of an elephant.

12 Level five was a hard level, because of the longer gaps. And more weight needing to be supported.

13  Cost Ratio>14.70$  Height>4 1/2Inches  Length>14 1/2Inches  Weight>130.7g  Sticks>98

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