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Extrapolations 1) Guesses about population size in ancient times 2) Assumptions of a steady rate of growth.

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1 Extrapolations 1) Guesses about population size in ancient times 2) Assumptions of a steady rate of growth

2 Ancient Times Baron Montesquieu (1689-1755) in Spirit of the Law (1748) had estimated that back in Caesar’s Day, Gaul alone had a population of two hundred million, built off of the work of ancient historians Appian and Diodorus Siculus.

3 Kenya 30% polled refused to answer the 1990 U.S. census Local Heads thought census was for taxation so they said there were 30 people in that area. Were told it was if they met the 35,000 population eligibility to get new hospital.

4 Population Growth by 2150

5 Nigeria Nigeria, allegedly the world’s tenth populous country, calls into question the accuracy of today’s population alarmists.

6 Nigeria On March 20 th, Nigeria released its November 1991 census total: 88.5 million! Those Nigerians are pretty swift. Maybe they move around so fast the people- haters counted ‘em twice? (Wall Street Journal, May 12, 1992.)

7 Nigeria’s Population

8 Nicaragua 1987 World Almanac estimated its 1985 population at 2,232,000 1988 World Almanac estimated its 1986 population at 3,342,000 (49.7% increase) 1990 World Almanac estimated its mid-1989 population at 3,500,000 (avg. annual 3.5% increase)

9 Black Death In 1345, for a hundred yrs., the Black Death ravaged Europe and in other areas, claimed as much as 90% of the population.

10 Plagues & AIDS The late internationally renowned climatologist Dr. Iben Browning noted that about every 400 years some plague roughly halves human population worldwide. Also estimated that by 2040 half the world’s population will have died from AIDS

11 Population Decrease Fertility rates in Asia, Latin America, and especially Africa, now appear to be slowing. The so-called “demographic transition” has occurred in every developed nation: as living conditions improve, birth rates decline sharply, in some cases to negative levels. Even Paul Ehrlich admits the populations in Denmark, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Hungary are actually shrinking.

12 “Fertility in the United States has been steadily declining for two centuries. And it has been below replacement level since 1972. In Western Europe, the figures are even more frightening: the Netherlands saw its fertility rate plunge 53% in just 20 years. The French rate has dropped 32% in just 11 years. Only Finland has been able to avoid the suicidal bent of the rest of the continent, prompting France’s [former] Prime Minister Jacques Chirac to exclaim, ‘Europe is vanishing…soon our countries will be empty.’ In the Third World regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, fertility rates are now declining almost as rapidly. As a result, the worldwide birth rate is now falling faster than the mortality rate for the first time in recorded history. And the trend appears to be accelerating.” (Grant, op. cit., p. 35)

13 Population Drop Demographers warn that by the year 2000, twenty-four countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia will see a relative drop in their 15 to 24 population group. As a result of the drop: Labor shortages Graying populations trying to finance pension and medical expenses through a shrinking labor-force base New immigration pressures Declining economic growth

14 Population Explosion? In Japan, especially, concern about population replacement has led the government to call for “more children.” Undeniable, unavoidable bottom line for anyone willing to examine the facts: There is no population explosion.

15 The Lobbying Industry Zero Population Growth National Abortion Rights Action League The Population Council Population Crisis Committee Population Institute United Nations Fund for Population Activities Planned Parenthood Federation

16 Depopulation Groups In 1989, Planned Parenthood with its branches, offices, and tentacles all over the world had a budget of $299,000,000 Population Council, who has research funds worldwide, had assets of $89,924,283 in 1989 Included in the Population Council, John D. Rockefeller III Memorial Fund had $38,774,521 alone

17 The Population Control Myth Example of what was served to our kids 15 years ago: “[T]here are too many people in the world. We are running out of space. We are running out of energy. We are running out of food. And although too few people seem to realize it, we are running out of time.” Also warned that, “driven by starvation, people have been known to eat dogs, cats, bird droppings, and even their own children.” Overpopulation, it threatened, would lead not only to starvation and cannibalism, but to civil violence and nuclear war. (Kasun, op. cit., p. 21.)

18 Paul Ehrlich This “expert” not a demographer at all but a specialist in butterflies. 1968, 1 st hysterical bombast, The Population Bomb, the peak of the U.S. birth rate had already been passed by 10 years. By the third edition in 1978, the U.S. birth rate had dropped through the replacement rate (reached zero population growth and gone negative) five years before.

19 The Population Bomb In The Population Bomb, Ehrlich states that “The battle to feed humanity is over. In the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.”

20 The Population Bomb (cont’d) Ehrlich projects that at then-current rates of population doubling, in 900 years there will be 60 million billion people on earth. He concentrates on doubling rather than growth rates. As it turns out, the growth rates are minuscule.

21 Growth rate % Annual rates of increase: o U.S.A. - 1% o Austria - 0.4% o Denmark - 0.8% o Norway - 0.9% o UK - 0.5% o Poland - 0.9% o Russia - 1% o Italy - 0.8% o Spain - 1% o Japan - 1.12%

22 The Population Bomb (cont’d) Ehrlich states that at a 3.3% growth rate the doubling time for Kenya is a little over 20 years when really it is 23 years. Also, he states that India’s food production is deteriorating in 1965 when in fact from 1950 to 1983, the production increased 3.5 times, twice the population increase in the same period.

23 The Population Bomb (cont’d) He incites that the rich are the greedy millions of America who are snorting up all of the earth’s resources. We give only 0.2% of our GNP, a mere $10 billion, and only $197.9 million to “population assistance.” (p. 218-219)

24 The Population Bomb (concluded) The Red Chinese population program o Forced sterilizations and arrest of late-term pregnant women for forced abortions Ehrlich wrote, “We should have sent doctors to aid in the [Indian] program [of forced sterilization] by setting up centers for training paramedical personnel to do vasectomies. Coercion? Perhaps, but coercion in a good cause.” (p.151.)

25 Population Shrinkage. A Good Thing? Ehrlich, the misleading people-hater, is not satisfied with zero population growth. “population shrinkage below today’s size eventually will be necessary.” (p. 238.) Some of us have to go. Who decides?

26 The People Haters Population control the people haters envision is not the unselfishness they tout, but the ultimate selfishness. They purchase smug comfort, convenience, and illusory safety at the price of the lives of the despised never-to-be born. Sad truth is, they hate man because they hate themselves: they hate themselves because they hate the God who made them.

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