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G ET W IRED O VERCOMING T ECH P HOBIA AND T ECH F ATIGUE Presented by: Adriane Berg CEO Generation Bold (908)236-8148.

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1 G ET W IRED O VERCOMING T ECH P HOBIA AND T ECH F ATIGUE Presented by: Adriane Berg CEO Generation Bold (908)236-8148


3 B OOMERS O WN M ORE T ECHNOLOGY T HAN A NY O THER D EMOGRAPHIC C OHORT Technology Computer Virtual Reality Apps Falls Detection Smart Phone Pedometer Tee Shirt Defib Digital Health ReaderGPSRobotWall SensorCameraPERSTV, Radio Social Media Medication Manager

4 T HE T ECHNICAL D IVIDE Internet Access Steadily Increasing Among Older Adults: 2004—22% of those over 65 have internet access 2007—33% of those over 65 have internet access 2012—53% of those over 65 have internet access Source:

5 T HE B IGGER THE W HY T HE E ASIER THE H OW 80% of the those over 65 live in their own home. The overwhelming majority want to stay there. Source: Met Life, Aging in Place

6 T ECHNOLOGY F ILLS THE I NDEPENDENCE G AP Care Gap Social Gap Health Gap Culture Gap Intergenerational Gap Financial Control Gap Driving Gap Mobility Gap Influential Citizen Gap

7 O VERCOMING O BJECTIONS P RACTICAL Lack of Access Lack of Training Convenience Expense Physical Cognitive

8 O VERCOMING O BJECTIONS E MOTIONAL “I don’t need to Overcome Deficiencies” Fear of Failure & Ridicule Past-based Experience Control Anxiety “Do it for me.”

9 O VERCOMING O BJECTIONS N ON -I NTUITIVE Cell Phone Social Media InternetCalendarMusicE Mail Small Numbers TextCamera

10 I F M Y B RAIN IS A C OMPUTER, W HY A M I S UCH A T ECH D UMMY ? Do better with lower levels of complexity. (Ziettle & Bag, 2005) Lower navigational skills (Milford & Kirsner, 2005) Directly Controlled User Interface Better with higher levels of complexity and complex thinking Higher navigational skills Multilayered Menu Controlled Devices OlderYounger

11 N O D ECLINE IN A BILITY TO L EARN, B UT IN D OING C OMPLEX T ASKS Differences in: Learning time Speed of Performance Error Rate Retention over Time Subjective Satisfaction

12 M AKE IT S IMPLE : F LUID I NTELLIGENCE Cognitive aging research has shown that a wide range of cognitive capabilities decline with age, including reasoning, processing speed, and working memory (Salthouse, 2004, 2010; Schaie, 1993). These capabilities are generally categorized as fluid intelligence, that is, they relate to the “ability to generate, transform and manipulate information” (Salthouse, 2010). Fluid intelligence seems critical for decision-making; yet, on average, individuals in their 60s will have lost more than one standard deviation in fluid intelligence since their 20s. In other words, the average 70-year-old will perform below the 20th percentile level of 20-year-olds across most measures of fluid intelligence (Salthouse, 2010).

13 M AKE IT I NCREMENTAL : I NHIBITORY C ONTROL One important correlate of fluid intelligence is inhibitory control, or the ability to inhibit prepotent responses. One of the three core executive functions—along with shifting and updating—inhibitory control is important when making a good decision requires overcoming a default, habitual, or salient first response (Friedman et al., 2006; Salthouse, Atkinson, & Berish, 2003).

14 B REAKTHROUGH IN O VERCOMING T ECHNOLOGY New Design—Universal Design Innovative Training The Bigger Why ? ?

15 D ESIGN Onemoro—Japanese Study—Touch Screen Colors—No Blue, Green, Violet; Yes Red, Orange, Yellow High Contrast Screen Magnifiers Speech Synthesizers Audio—No High Pitch Tones No Background Noise Adjustable Speed Settings Remote Monitoring & Consoles

16 T RAINING WIFI—What’s in it for me?—Goal Oriented University of Nigeria—Hands-On Learning Kinetic, Auditory, Visual Rote Learning with Check Lists Levels of Mastery—Incremental Learning No Jargon Repeat in Their Own Language 14 Pt. Type Email and Skype Buddies Peer to Peer Approval Confirmation of the Habit

17 T ECH T RAINING IN THE W ORKPLACE — R EVERSE M ENTORING Glimpse the Future New Skills Increased workplace visibility New connections Self esteem Influence Engagement Tools for the Future New Skills Increased workplace desirability New conversation Self esteem Retention increase Engagement Win

18 C REATING THE R EVERSE MENTORING P ROGRAM Match Ups Teach Techniques Teach Learning Styles Honesty & Clarity Confidentiality No Social Media Postings Hard Work Understanding Mutual Respect Code of Honor

19 T ECH F ATIGUE & C YBER S TRESS One in three Americans is Tech Stressed— Overwhelmed and Overrun. Rudeness Dangerous (driving) Obsessiveness Speed/Blame Oregon Center for Aging & Technology The Way you Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything!

20 W HY S O A DDICTIVE ? Dopamine: The Wells Fargo Wagon is a Comin’ The Unopened Message The Zeigarnik Effect

21 T HE A DDICTION C URE Zen Speech— Is it Kind? Is it Helpful? Is it Necessary? Sabbath—A Day of Recovery for the Brain Start after 11am Watch your Bio-Clock Lose the Tool—No Texting Keep Your People Skills

22 M ORE B IGGER W HYS EMR—Electronic Medical Records Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs— Applied to Aging in Place by MIT Age Lab Need to Learn Volunteering Contribution University Without Walls Erickson’s 9 th Stage of Life-- GeroTranscendence

23 W HAT ’ S N EXT ? F ROM C OMPUTER TO C OMPUTING On Line Hubs Dr. Marion Red Hat Society Learning Based Hubs OSHER Health Based Hubs “PC’s will be eliminated in the next decade.” Eric Schmidt of



26 G ET W IRED O VERCOMING T ECH P HOBIA AND T ECH F ATIGUE Presented by: Adriane Berg CEO Generation Bold (908)236-8148

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