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3 After 4 th grade reading is no longer taught as a subject. Students who are behind in 4 th grade continue to fall behind. Most middle and high schools do not offer reading remediation. ALL CTE COURSES!!!!Impacts all subjects that require students to read, comprehend, and write and this includes ALL CTE COURSES!!!!

4 Very Poor Literacy Educational Cost (Special Needs) Educational Cost (Behavior, Exclusion, Truancy) Cost of Unemployment and Low Wages Cost of Adult Literacy Classes Health Care Cost Cost of Crime


6 Why Must CTE Classes Incorporate Literacy??? High-quality CTE programs expose students to rigorous and relevant information-rich content that motivates them to develop their literacy skills. 80% of test questions on the ACT, Career/Workplace Readiness tests, and Industry Certification tests are content specific to the question. Content knowledge is VITAL, but the ability to read, comprehend, and analyze content is CRITICAL for success!! Increased Literacy Comprehension in CTE = Employability


8 “ According to government surveys conducted by dozens of agencies, the average household rate of savings in industrialized nations is declining steadily. The most recent recession and short job supply accelerated the decline in this popular metric of financial health.” Create Text Dependent Questions

9 1)What are two reasons for the decline in savings? 2)In what part of the world is this occurring according to the statement? SAMPLE-TEXT QUESTIONS

10 Focus on the using the Whole Brain

11 Don’t Rely on Singular Learning Styles The brain is a dynamic pattern seeker. Present your reading content with supports like visuals and storytelling Elicit feedback from them as to what helped them learn the most.

12 Include Oral Communication Tasks Include oral communication tasks throughout the curriculum. Reading success is greater when there is dialogue between visual and auditory areas. Encourage your students to orally explain how they solved a simple math problem or to answer, “What makes you think that?" The deeper their connections to the written text will be.

13 Incorporating Handwriting Helps the Brain Connect The physical act of writing—whether on paper or electronic tablets—also enforces and integrates motor pathways in the brain, activating sensorimotor information to help us translate sounds into letters and words into ideas.


15 Resources Career Tech Vision 2012, Atlanta, GeorgiaCareer Tech Vision 2012, Atlanta, Georgia Sandra Poirier, EdD, Professor MTSUSandra Poirier, EdD, Professor MTSU Elowin Harper, MS, Adjunct MTSU Elowin Harper, MS, Adjunct MTSU

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