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The Baltic Sea Maarja Toomemäe Oliver Nurk Jarek Elmi.

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1 The Baltic Sea Maarja Toomemäe Oliver Nurk Jarek Elmi

2  The largest waterbody of low-salinity water  Bounded by the Scandinavian Peninsula, the mainland of Europe, and the Danish islands  About 1,600 km long, an average of 193 km wide, and an average of 55 m deep  The surface area is about 377,000 km² and the volume is about 20,000 km³  8,000 km of coastline Introduction


4  The water flows from Atlantic ocean to the Baltic Sea through the Danish straits; however, the flow is complex  The outflow from the Baltic Sea is about 1000 km³ per year  The inflow from Kattegat is about 500 km³ per year Water regime

5  Much lower than that of ocean water (which averages 35‰)  The open surface waters of the central basin have salinity of 6 to 8 ‰  Below 40 to 70 m, the salinity is between 10 and 15 ‰ in the open Baltic Sea Salinity

6  Near the Danish straits the salinity is close to that of the Kattegat, but still not fully oceanic  Salinity decreases steadily towards North and East  At the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia the water is no longer salty and many fresh water species live in the sea. Salinity

7 The salinity of the surface water

8  One of the most polluted sea  Every litre of water has 10 grams of oil based chemicals  400 tons of waste from oil is dumped into the ocean every year  A lot of pollution from chemical weapons that were created for WWII  The most common toxicants are DDT, PCB, mercury and heavy metals Pollution

9  Massive algae blooms  Huge danger for sea creatures and birds (herrings without eyes)  Loss of biodeversity  The Helsinki Commission (or HELCOM), works to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea from all sources of pollution through intergovernmental co-operation between the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea Consequenses




13 Thank you for your attention!

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