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Nicholas Notaro,Patrick Robbins, Jordyn Reese, Caroline Marr Caleb Riley.

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1 Nicholas Notaro,Patrick Robbins, Jordyn Reese, Caroline Marr Caleb Riley

2 In 2010 the Barred Owl Branch study was not conducted.

3 Water Quality effects the animals that live in Barred Owl Branch.

4  How has the Stewardship of Harford Glen impacted its environment?

5  To what extent has the water quality of Barred Owl Branch changed compared to prior data collection?

6  Water quality will slightly improve because of establishment of new vegetation  Habitat will have improved from last data collection

7  The Barred Owl Branch study started in 2007 and continued through 2009  2007 Northern White Pines were clear cut  Stream was slowly increasing health from 2007 to 2009

8  Vernier Lab-quest  Kick seine  Tally Sheets  Ice cube trays  GPS  Chemical Kit

9  Phosphates  Temperature  pH

10 GPS Points pH Level

11 pH determines how acidic or base a substance is  2008: 6.5  2009: 7.31  2011: 7.19 Over the three year period the results have stayed in the neutral range

12 GPS Points Temperature In Celsius

13 Temperature affects the dissolved oxygen the stream can hold  2008: 25.00°C  2009: 16.45°C  2011: 21.71°C Runoff and canopy cover can affect temperature readings

14 GPS Points Phosphate Levels

15 Phosphate is a nutrient that encourages plant growth  2008: 3 ppm  2009: 1 ppm  2011: 1 ppm Phosphate has stayed in the healthy range, but it still has room to improve

16 Habitat Assessment The Habitat Assessment tests the: Water Color Bank Erosion Stream bank Vegetation Stream Cover Water Odor Stream Bottom Flow Level Habitat Variety

17 Habitat Assessment is a test that measures the health of the habitat. 2008: 27.1 2009: 25.5 2011: 25 The Habitat Assessment Scores for the past three years have been decreasing slowly.


19 Species Quantity of Macros

20 GPS Points Quantity of Macros

21 GPS Points Index Score


23 Year Quantity of Macros

24 Year Biotic Index Score

25  Quality of the water has increased since 2007  Habitat score of Barred Owl Branch is slowly decreasing  Biotic Index has improved over the four years of collection

26  Water quality improved due to newly established vegetation filtering runoff  More runoff in watershed caused by more impervious surfaces  Biotic Index will continue to steadily improve

27  Continue monitoring Barred Owl Branch  Observe whether buffer zone is in place

28  Ms. Murray  Mr. Cromwell  Juliane Caughron  Mr. Pritchard  Mr. Burley  The rest of the staff at Harford Glen

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