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Santa Clara Day School Principal’s Leadership Academy David C. Nez Principal.

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1 Santa Clara Day School Principal’s Leadership Academy David C. Nez Principal

2 Goal 1: Tewa Language & Culture Program

3 Santa Clara Day School will provide opportunities for students and faculty to learn the Tewa Language and Culture. The program will use community and tribal members to provide the language and cultural teachings. All members of the school family - students, staff, parents and volunteers – will demonstrate an understanding of the tribal history, traditions and values and will demonstrate respect for the language and culture.

4 Goal Fully Met  All students receive daily instruction in the Tewa Language. This has been occurring since August and will continue to improve.  SCDS staff received professional development on the language and culture of the Santa Clara Pueblo. The training was provided by community and tribal members.

5  SCDS professional development included the history, culture, storytelling and discussions of the impact of recent/current events. Professional Development will be ongoing.  SCDS students and staff had the opportunity for additional activities beyond their daily instruction including a cultural day with activities provided by the Puye Cliffs staff.  SCDS staff members demonstrate an understanding of the history and culture which is evident in their interactions with students, each other, parents and community members.  Student performances – Buffalo Dance and Social Dances

6 Positive Impacts  Students gained and demonstrated pride in their culture and customs which was evident in their interactions with each other, community members and their Tewa teachers.  Project received praise and support from Grandparents, parents and community members.  Increased pride in language and culture  Cemented knowledge and pride as a unique people with a long proud history with strong cultural customs and values.  Provided the opportunity for SCDS to reach out to the community and tribal members.

7 Obstacles  Very minimal  Lack of substitutes for Tewa Language program

8 Lessons Learned  As a non-tribal member, I was able to learn some basic Tewa Language.  Opportunity to learn the customs, cultures and history of the Santa Clara people.  Gain understanding of the Tribal Government and the reasons that certain events that occur impact the operations of the school.  Opportunity to work with Tewa Language staff and other community/Tribal members.

9 Goal 2: Common Core Standards

10 The goal of Common Core Standards implementation is ongoing. The goal of implementation has been met as the teachers are implementing and planning for the CCSS. Professional development occurred throughout the year and was provided on a monthly basis by CORE consultant Nancy Volpe. In addition, the staff attended the CCSS training that was sponsored by the NMNELO. Several staff members were able to attend an additional training provided by The Leadership and Learning Center. This information was shared with the remaining staff members. Staff members received support from the reading and math coaches regarding their ongoing implementation of the CCSS. Currently the staff is able to demonstrate an understanding of the CCSS. Professional Development will be ongoing.

11 Goal Fully Met  Ongoing Professional Development  Professional Development will continue if the funding is available  Evident based on the level of understanding demonstrated by the instructional staff  Level of understanding has increased steadily throughout the school year  CCSS are being used in planning and delivery  Instructional staff has been engaged in the practice of understanding how their current textbooks meet the needs of the CCSS and what will be necessary for them to do in order to increase the rigor.

12  Child friendly objectives based on the CCS are posted in every classrooms  Child friendly objectives are present in weekly lesson plans  Students are able to voice the objectives that are being worked on  Common Core language is used in the classrooms by both staff and students  CCSS language is used in the classrooms, in staff discussions, in professional development sessions and in staff meetings.

13 Positive Impacts  Teachers are more confident and are prepared for full implementation of the Common Core Standards  Students are receiving instruction based on the CCSS  Improved instructional delivery and more focused instruction has resulted in improved student achievement as demonstrated by program assessments and the NWEA

14 Obstacles  Instructional staffs’ fear of the implementation of CCSS – addressed through coaching, principal support and ongoing professional development  Professional Development Funding

15 Lessons Learned  Deeper understanding of the CCSS which has allowed me to be more confident in a supportive and coaching role  Working closely with CORE consultant helped increase knowledge of CCSS  More focused observations/walkthroughs  Deeper knowledge of individual teacher’s understanding and confidence level  Narrowed focus of observations/feedback

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