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Jim Williamson NAZA Senior Director 0.

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1 Jim Williamson NAZA Senior Director 0

2 What is NAZA 1

3 Understanding the Need Coordinated afterschool recommended by a mayor-appointed task force in 2008. Why middle school:  Youth crime and victimization increases during afterschool hours.  Only 10% of our 15,000 FARL middle-school students in structuring afterschool programming.  Early warning metrics of high school dropout fall steadily during middle school in Nashville. 2

4 Laying the Foundation Planning year:  Developed system framework and Leadership Council  Convened community to develop quality standards  Partnered with School District to share data  Survey the National Landscape 3

5 National Look 4

6 5 Key elements of afterschool systems BEFORE… Waste of public/ private resources Uneven program quality Fewer children participate Public skepticism Children lose AFTER… Smarter use of resources with data Program quality improves More children participate Public support Children gain 1. LEADERSHIP: A coordinating group sets priorities, involves afterschool programs, and collects data. Four Keys to Ongoing Coordination 2. DATA: A complete afterschool picture – service gaps, children’s participation, program quality – emerges. 3. QUALITY: Coordinators set standards, then use assessment and training to lift program quality. 4. PARTICIPATION: With carrots and sticks, coordinators nudge programs to meet attendance goals.

7 Strong Leadership 6 A bully-pulpit to build public interest and commitment. The “savvy” and clout to bring key stakeholders across the sectors to the table. Attention at the state and national level.

8 A Commitment to Quality 7 Financial commitment to both programs and coordination 90 Professional Development Workshops 96 Agencies 8000 training hours

9 8

10 What’s the Data Saying AIR Report April 2014 Guiding questions  Dosage  Program Quality  Relationship between participating in higher programs and education-related outcomes Findings: Correlative vs. Causal  Fewer Discipline issues during the school day  Higher attendance rates  Higher Math & Science scores 9

11 10

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