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Longevity. What will you associate with longevity? (animals, plants, things…,etc.) crane.

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1 Longevity

2 What will you associate with longevity? (animals, plants, things…,etc.) crane

3 The Spanish Live Long and Healthy Lives Do you want to live forever? If your life span were perpetual, what would you do? And give some advantages and disadvantages. What the world would be if everyone had eternal life time?

4 Vocabulary Life expectancy =expectation of life 預期壽命 平均壽命 mortality rate 死亡率 European Commu nity 歐洲共同體  European Union 歐盟 demography 人口統計學 Spaniard (n.) 西班牙人 = The Spanish Mediterranean [ˌmɛdətəˈrenɪən] (n.) 地中海 (adj.) 內陸的

5 hygiene (n.) 衞生 personal hygiene 個人衛生  Sanitation (n.) Conditions relating to public health public sanitation 公共衛生 aged (adj.) ~ 歲、年邁的 aging (adj.) 變老的、老化的

6 Fact- Spain According to data released by the Statistics Office of the European Community, life expectancy in Spain was the second highest in the world in 1998. Life expectancy at birth is one of the best indicators of a population’s mortality rate. The relationship between life expectancy and mortality rate was a negative correlation

7 What does the number imply? years Life expectancy 1900 35 1950 62 1985 Women: almost 80 Men: more than 73 1998 Women: 81.1 Men: 78.2 2009 Women: 84.2 Men: 77.7 future Women: 85 Men: 80

8 The bottleneck of life expectancy The slow growth rate in life expectancy in the 1980’s resulted from a high mortality rate because of road accidents, drug abuse, and AIDS. The gain in life expectancy at birth in Spain from 1981 to 1990 was 1.3 years only. observe traffic regulations no say no to drugs abstain and be faithful

9 Recovery of the gain in life expectancy From 1991 on, life expectancy rose. In particular, there has been a sharp decrease in road accidents and drug abuse and notable reduction in the number of new cases of AID S. The gain in life expectancy was 1 year between 1991 and 1994.

10 The Forecast of life Expectancy According to experts in demography, the trend for the next 50 years points at an even longer life for Spaniards: 80 years for men and 85 years for women.  The expectation will come true soon in the near future.

11 The reason for longevity in Spain Genetic factors, diet and lifestyle Mediterranean dishes Traditional Mediterranean dishes rely heavily on antioxidant-rich ingredients, and traditional Mediterranean living takes place out-doors in the sunshine. mental hygiene → mental hygiene

12 What is Mediterranean dishes? Mediterranean dishes are a cooking style found in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. They incorporate all of the aspects of healthy eating but focuses on the wonderful flavors.

13 Always fresh In season Be prepared with fresh herbs Relaxed eating style (eat slowly and engage in lively conversation with their dining companions.) Features

14 Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Enjoy generous amounts of monounsaturated fats, MUFA. Eat small portions of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts – also high in MUFA Drink red wine, in moderation – one to two glasses daily – and refresh yourself with at least 6 glasses of water per day 8 Principles of the Mediterranean Diet:

15 Choose lean proteins such as chicken, ham, and turkey and limit red meat to a few times a month Eat fish on a weekly basis Eat small amounts of dairy, including cheese and yogurt, daily Engage in regular exercise, such as walking on a daily basis

16 What is mental hygiene? Mental Health A term used to describe either a level of cognitive or emotional well-being or an absence of a mental disorder.

17 How to keep mental hygiene? Take Breaks Harmony and Balance Mental Vomit Manage information overload

18 Summary The life expectancy in Spain is steadily growing and Spaniard’s health lifestyle, Mediterranean dishes and mental hygiene contribute to the Spanish long life.

19 Longevity: The Ultimate Gender Gap What will you associate with gender gap? Share your opinion.

20 Vocabulary outpace (v) to go, rise, improve faster than somebody/something 超過;比 … 快 outlive (v.) to live longer than somebody 比 … 活得長 outnumber (v.) to be greater in number than somebody/something 比 … 多 centenarian (n.) 百歲人瑞 widow (n.) 寡婦 widower (n.) 鰥夫 disparity (n.) A great difference 差異、懸殊

21 interrupted by warm applause for a long time My Fair Lady─ 1964 American musical film Actress: Audrey Hepburn show-stopping (adj.) 特別受人歡迎的

22 Fact- America Over the past half a century life expectancy in the US has risen slowly but steadily year after year.

23 The main reasons for life expectancy rising dramatic advances in medical diagnosis and treatment changing American lifestyle new emphasis on healthier diets regular exercise declining dependence on tobacco

24 One thing has never changed: the gender gap in life expectancy People of both sexes are living longer, but the gains in women’s life expectancies have outpaced those of men. Gender gap

25 Gender Gap in Life Expectancy YearsWomenMen 193061.658.1 199779.273.6 3.5 5.6 The gender gap is now 60 percent greater than it was 70 years ago.

26 The age is older, the gap is larger. The female centenarians and elders outnumber their male counterparts remarkably. AgeWomenMen 6510070 8510038 100 ↑ 10011

27 In America, half of all women older than 65 are widows, and widows outnumber widowers three to one.  Whether widows or widowers, they all lose their true love, spiritual companionship. I think they yearn for company and attention. Hence, we serving as children should fulfill our filial piety.

28 Gender gap regardless of region and time Every country reports that women liver longer than men. The longevity gap is present both in industrial societies and developing countries. The data recorded in Europe more than 200 years ago showed that women outlived men by nearly three years, which meets the present situation.

29  How does the gender gap occur? Is there a basic biological difference the aging processes in males and in females?  What problems will the gender gap cause? Are there any methods to solve the problem? Question and discussion

30 How does the gender gap occur? Mental factors: the way to release pressure Social factors: social expectations (occupation) Physiological factors: In human body, there are some genes involved in DNA repair and regulating metabolism, related to X chromosome.

31 Women have one more X chromosome than men so women have advantages. Estrogen can improve the body's immune system. → resist pathogen more easily Estrogen is also conducive to cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism. → reduce atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease

32 Summary With the development of medicine and science, the average life span is rising gradually all over the world. However, a problem people ignored before emerges and it is gender gap of longevity. Maybe the aging processes is biologically different between women and men but the problem is noteworthy.


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