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Warm-up A.P. Stats 3.4 Diagnostic Notes/ Stats – Candy Activity

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1 Warm-up A.P. Stats 3.4 Diagnostic Notes/ Stats – Candy Activity
This scatterplot shows the data for a regression analysis of the percentage of women who have completed four years of college versus the percentage of women living in poverty for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Describe the scatterplot.

2 A.P. Statistics Answers to Linear Regression Worksheet

3 A.P. Statistics Linear Regression Wksheet answers continued…

4 Answers to Linear Worksheet continued..

5 Linear Regression Worksheet

6 Last page of Linear Regression Worksheet

7 Statistics H.W. 3.3 #37 and 38 37 a. Life span will be longer for larger animals because it takes them longer to reach adulthood, that does not mean they have larger brains. Think alligators. b. Inflation is really to blame for increasing the prices of cheeseburgers and tuition. c. Websites have increased steadily since the creation of the internet and stock prices raise naturally due to inflation. Not related to eachother. 38. a. Calorie content and fat content is 0.95 Calorie content and saturated fat content is 0.95 fat content and saturated fat content is 0.95 sodium content and calorie content is -0.5 sodium content and fat content is – 0.5 sodium conent and saturated fat content is – 0.5 b. Negative correlation indicates as one value goes up the other goes down. There might be a lurking variable affecting the relationship. c. Some cheese that had more fat, had less sodium, but that didn’t necessarily mean that all low-fat cheese had more sodium. Some manufacturers added more sodium to their lowfat cheeses to add flavor.

8 Student of the day! Block 4

9 Student of the day! Block 5

10 Student of the day! Block 6

11 Statistics Directions for Activity
Everyone is writing on their own sheet and graph paper. Everyone is working with their table mates (3-4 people). Read carefully what you are actually graphing on paper. Notice the rubric at the end. The 10 pts for bringing the candy will be added after your score is calculated out of 100 (Score/25) + 10 = 100. You can get a score of 110 if your activity is perfect and you brought candy. Every answer for #1 – 10 should be in a complete sentence, unless you want to lose points.

12 Statistics Help for Linear Regression Worksheet
Find your answers for #1 and #2. You need your graph for #2 to answer #3 to describe the graph. We will solve #10, 11 and 12 together. Copy this graph for #11.

13 Statistics - Table for # 11 to help with residual plot

14 A.P. Stats 3.4 Diagnostics – Looking at Influential Points
**** Put the points on the scatterplot first!! Using the original data, enter into L1 and L2. Remove the beaver point (outlier in y) Remove the hippo point (outlier in x) How did removing the beaver affect the data? How did removing the hippo affect the data? y-hat = r = y-hat = r = y-hat = r =

15 Directions for Vocabulary/Formula Quiz
Complete the quiz quietly. Finish the front side of the 3.4 notes, we will discuss the results next block, along with finishing the other side of 3.4 notes. H.W. is to finish the front of 3.4 notes AND to read and define terms for 3.4 and 3.5 Once everyone in class is done with their quiz, discuss at your tables how you will bring in 100 pennies to next class for an activity for 3.5.

16 A. P. Statistics Vocab/Formula Quiz
Use the word bank at the top. Not all terms will be used AND none of the terms will be used more than once When you finish flip over your quiz and start reading and defining terms for 3.4 and 3.5

17 Homework Assignments A.P. Statistics: Read and define terms in 3.4 and 3.5 At your tables discuss how you will bring 100 pennies worth of change. Statistics: Finish the Linear Regression Worksheet

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