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Hellenistic Ideas and Discoveries By: Talia

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1 Hellenistic Ideas and Discoveries By: Talia

2 The Greek empire was one of the many powerful empires that have occurred throughout the history of the planet. This empire was established between the eighth and sixth century BC. This long lasting empire has been broken down into the many different eras. The last of which was known as the Hellenistic age which was an important time in the history of the Greek empire. Hellenistic era

3 Defining the term Hellenistic
Hellenistic is a term that is derived from the word Hallazein, which translates to "of the Greek” This is in reference to the fact that the Greek Empire had grown to reach, but not include, India in the era before the Hellenistic age. A large portion of the population of the empire actually spoke Greek. Defining the term Hellenistic

4 Defining the Hellenistic Era
The Hellenistic age is defined immediately after the death of Alexander the Great around 365 BC. It lasts until the Roman army's conquest of the Greek empire around 30 BC. The era in the Greek Empire that existed directly after the classical period. The classical period was a time of great change and advancements within Greek society. Defining the Hellenistic Era

5 Science was a popular topic of discussion during the Hellenistic age.
The mathematicians and scientists of this era already knew that the earth was some sort of sphere with the credit going to Eratosthenes in 240 BC. Many advances also occurred in geometry. Architecture that stood for centuries was built during the Hellenistic age and popular philosophical schools emerged from this era as well. in terms of philosophical thought this period was considered substandard compared to previous ideas. Important Events

6 Conclusion of the Hellenistic Era
This was a time of general peace in the Mediterranean but the Roman army slowly began to defeat major cities in the Greek Empire. Marc Antony and Cleopatra were defeated in 31BC at the battle of Actium and this is what is considered the end of the Hellenistic Period. After this battle the entire Greek Empire was under the control of the Roman Empire which was gaining size and population steadily at this point. With the end of the Greek Empire, the Hellenistic age too ended. Conclusion of the Hellenistic Era

7 Conclusion of the Hellenistic Era
The Greek empire was one of the largest empires in the world and had an enormous amount of influence. The Hellenistic age was one of the many eras of the Greek Empire. This age, along with many of the eras throughout the Greek Empire, were very important in shaping the subsequent Roman empire and the political systems, culture, and academia of many different societies since then. Without the Greek Empire and the cultures that have been influenced by it, the world would be a very different place than it is today. Conclusion of the Hellenistic Era

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