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A friendly place to grow and play, all year long. Oro-Medonte Sports Dome.

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1 A friendly place to grow and play, all year long. Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

2 Project Summary *To construct a Sports Dome for the user groups of Oro-Medonte and surrounding area through a private venture or partnership option with the Township of Oro. *Both Oro-Medonte and Orillia are in desperate need of a facility of this nature for its residents and local user groups to rent on an annual basis. *This facility would need a minimum space equivalent to that of a triple gym space for indoor sports. The proposed Dome would be 306’x170’x52’ with artificial turf field under an air supported structure complete with heating and electrical systems that can support a variety of sports all year long. *Additional facilities for washrooms and a meeting room will be connected to the dome and provide a welcoming reception area for registrations and spectators.

3 Challenges *Locating a suitable piece of property large enough to house the structure and its requirements within Orillia City limits has directed us to the bountiful land in Oro- Medonte. *The Farley Group recommends 3+ Acres for a dome of the proposed size. A detailed review of the dome requirements, supporting facilities, parking, clearances for snow and maintenance and the required parking resulted in a preliminary layout which includes the dome as well as parking spaces resulted in a need for closer to 3 – 5 acres. *Gym space is diminishing annually, now with the closure of Park Street’s triple gym more user groups will be fighting for indoor space this season than ever before. Having a Dome would allow the user groups to stay on turf fields and free up space for the hard surface sports like basketball. *The Guthrie Site totals 100 acres and with the Master Plan expansion and sports facilities slated to be constructed the Sports Dome was a welcomed fit. Oro-Medonte Sports Dome


5 Oro-Medonte Sports Dome DRAFT OF PROPOSED SITE PLAN:

6 Target Market & Product The Sunshine Sports Dome will cater to multiple indoor sports for those of all ages. Potential activities include but are not limited to; *primary play *soccer *ultimate frisbee *rugby *flag football *dodge ball *lacrosse *lawn bowling *day camps *t-ball *cricket *football *golf skills & practice *tournaments *birthday parties *trade shows *OPP training *fitness classes * yoga *Sports domes have been erected throughout the province including; Alexandria, Barrie, Aurora, Bradford, Peterborough, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, London, Belleville, Niagara Falls, and Hamilton. Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

7 Supporting Market Trends *Soccer as indicated in a recent study where as much as 70% of Ontarians are involved in this sport through family, coaching, volunteering, etc. *Lacrosse is growing annually across Canada and currently the Orillia league has the second highest intake of players in Ontario. *Grass roots clubs in Warminster and at Burls Creek are steadily growing and once players reach the age cap they need the opportunity to continue to play in a competitive league or rec league. *Winter season – increasing yearly to encompass almost seven months of the year, we need indoor accessible space to continue to be active and encourage recreation and sports development. Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

8 Personnel *Co-Founders are Kelly Shelswell and Melissa McKee. *Silent investors have been approached and will be brought on board as needed should the project require additional financing to get off the ground. *On site staff will consist of a receptionist/booking agent as well as a maintenance staff to ensure the dome and the facility systems are performing properly. *The benefit of a partnership with Oro-Medonte would allow for shared services and staff to maintain and patrol the facility. Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

9 Rentals and Schedule *The Dome would be open from 12:00pm to 9:00pm Monday to Friday and 10:00am – 10:00pm on Saturday and Sunday and/or can be booked for private use on an hourly basis. *Rental rates will be based on peak times and non-peak times, based on the initial projections even at a third the capacity of the dome the revenue would cover the operating costs. *With the user groups already contacted within the area the initial projections would have the dome rented out and all monthly expenses covered. Bookings will be made through the online website or on site staff member. See attached schedule and projections. Oro-Medonte Sports Dome



12 Vision and Future Goals *Single dome of approximately 306’x170’x52’, and offer a variety of sports and activities for Orillia and surrounding area residents. *Rental rates would be based on prime-time, and non-prime time rates similar to those found in the existing dome structures in Ontario and can be adjusted annually as required. *The goal of the Oro-Medonte Sports Dome is offer a friendly place to grow and play. Future expansion could include a second dome, large support facilities, new fabric cover, etc., which would be approximately 10-20 years from initial dome erection. Thank you & See you on the field Melissa McKee & Kelly Shelswell For the Love of the Game, Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

13 Example Structure: Guelph Community Sports Dome Clubhouse Fenced Perimeter Vehicle Entry Electrical / Mechanical Services Grade Beam Interior Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

14 Example Structure: Guelph Community Sports Dome Air Lock Entry Interior Grommet Strip Promotional Banners Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

15 Example Structure: Country Day School - SoccerDome Interior Interior Air Lock Entry Vehicle Air Lock Mechanicals and Sensor System Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

16 Example Structure: Whitby SoccerDome Whitby Soccer Dome Vechile Air Lock Entry Interior Entry Area Interior Lights Fields Interior Air Lock Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

17 Example Domes – The Farley Group Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

18 Example Domes – The Farley Group Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

19 Example Domes – The Farley Group Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

20 Example Domes – The Farley Group Ontario Soccer Association Dome - Vaughn Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

21 Example Domes – The Farley Group North Shore Girls Soccer Dome – Vancouver,BC Oro-Medonte Sports Dome

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