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Teen Pregnancy in Woodbury County Stephanie Bell Ph.D. Briar Cliff University.

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1 Teen Pregnancy in Woodbury County Stephanie Bell Ph.D. Briar Cliff University

2 Data Teen birth rates per 1000 { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "Data Teen birth rates per 1000

3 Possible Reasons Graduation Rates Income Level Sexual Education Juvenile Arrests Other?

4 Graduation Rates In some communities “It is the social norm to become sexually active at an early age and not to make school a priority” (Warren, 2012, p.1) Sioux City (87.1%) compared to the state of Iowa (89.7%) is not particularly concerning From 2009-2013 graduation rates in Sioux City have steadily increased (Urban 8 report).

5 Income Level Woodbury county below the average income of Iowa Cost plays a factor in obtaining contraceptives (especially long term ones) (Brown, 2010; Eaton, 2011). “Poverty is both a cause and consequence of early and unplanned pregnancy” (Brown, 2010, p. 12).

6 Sexual Education Common Contraceptive (i.e. pill, condoms) Limited knowledge (Brown, 2010; Eaton, 2011) Minority girls less likely to be on hormonal birth control (Schumacher, 2014) Less Common Methods (i.e. implants) Many teens have never heard of (Brown, 2010) If they are aware, have concerns about the effectiveness and side effects Sioux City Schools Sexual Education Bishop Heelan Abstinence Only A problem? (Stanger-Hall & Hall, 2011)

7 Juvenile Arrests Woodbury has the highest rate of Juvenile Arrests when compared to the Urban 8 Higher arrest rates correlated with higher teen pregnancy rates (more free time) Lipman (2012) looked at the effects of Boys and Girls Club in an Urban area.

8 Juvenile Arrests per 1000 jv's 200920102011 State of Iowa27.425.324.3 Polk42.641.020.3 Johnson26.122.022.3 Linn27.024.924.7 Scott50.343.826.7 Blackhawk39.836.628.8 Dubuque27.526.833.2 Pottawatamie20.519.440.0 Woodbury56.155.249.0 avg. of 836.233.730.6 Source: Urban 8

9 Other possibilities ????? Teen birth rates per 1000 10,000

10 References Brown, S. (2010). Preventing teen unplanned pregnancy. Policy and Practice, 11-14. Eaton, D. et al. (2011). Youth risk behavior surveillance-United States-2011. Surveillance Summaries, 61 (4), 1-168. Lipman, H. (2012). Boys and girls clubs demonstrate their worth in cash. The Record. Schumacher, A. (2014) Exploring the influence of body image on safer sex negotiation and risky sexual behaviors in adolescent females. University of Iowa College of Public Health. the%20Influence%20of%20Body%20Image%20on%20Safer%20Sex% 20Negotiation%20and%20Risky%20Sexual%20Behaviors%20in%20A dolescent%20Females.pdf the%20Influence%20of%20Body%20Image%20on%20Safer%20Sex% 20Negotiation%20and%20Risky%20Sexual%20Behaviors%20in%20A dolescent%20Females.pdf Stanger-Hall, K. & Hall, D. (2011). Abstinence-only education and teen pregnancy rates: why we need comprehensive sex education in the U.S. PLOS One, 6 (10), 1-9. Warren, B. (2012). Shelby County teems lead state in dropout rate, pregnancy, poverty. The Commercial Appeal.

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