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1.  Three types: ◦ Financial Loans, Other - Provide AT, Other – Savings NOTE: Totals exceed 56 as some states report multiple State Financing programs.

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2  Three types: ◦ Financial Loans, Other - Provide AT, Other – Savings NOTE: Totals exceed 56 as some states report multiple State Financing programs. 2 States reportingFY08FY09FY10 Financial Loan Data343132 Other Direct Provision Data (Telework)20 18 Other Acquisition Savings Data666 Comparability81011 Flexibility797

3 3 FY08FY09FY10 States Reporting New Loans282625 Loans Made950850832 Loan Rejection Rate34%38%37% Devices Acquired982861852 Dollars Loaned$9,821,379$8,733,346$7,899,327 Mean Loan Amount$10,338$10,275$9,494 Mean Approved Income$39,183$42,260$41,696 Mean Interest Rate4.99%3.99%3.76% Loans in Default1838882 Net Dollar Loss on Defaults$1,119,454$625,000$424,084

4 Slight decline in number of states reporting Accounts for change in loans made, dollars loaned Few moved to comparability (most AFP reporting only) Section 4 programs somewhat unstable Mean Loan Amount slightly declining Mean Applicant Income relatively stable Running about 190% of poverty (family of 4) Mean Interest Rate consistent with prime decline Default – questionable data 4

5 5 FY08FY09FY10 Revolving Loans21%27%29% Revolving Loan Dollars8%12%18% Partnership Loans79%73%71% Partnership Loan Dollars92%88%82% Vehicle Modification Loans45%46%38% Vehicle Modification Dollars Loaned79%74%76% Vehicle Modification Average Loan$17,527$16,337$18,534 Hearing AT Device Loans30% 36% Hearing AT Device Dollars Loaned10%11%14% Hearing AT Device Average Loan$2,573$3,766$3,678

6 Shift to More Revolving Loans Far fewer guarantee and guarantee + buy down If 100% guarantee, revolving offers more control Vehicle Modification & Transportation Consistently majority of loans and dollars loaned Largest amount of loan per device Similar for AFP but even more of majority Hearing AT (hearing aids) Consistently second largest AT loans & dollars Same for AFP 6

7 tty 7 FY08FY09FY10 States Reporting Data282018 Individuals Served188320862023 Devices Acquired255128352720 Dollar Value of AT Acquired$2,468,273$2,783,805$2,704,664 Value per Device$968$981$994 Hearing AT Devices49% 45% Environmental Adaptations Value45%47%51% States eliminated Telework and individual funding assistance Telecommunications EDP accounts for hearing device numbers Home Modification Programs – environmental adapt value amounts Other data relatively stable

8 tty 8 FY08FY09FY10 States Reporting Data666 Individuals Served9939331011 Devices Acquired484752734212 Cost Savings for AT Acquired$305,265$270,943$275,256 Savings per Device$63$51$65 Speech AT Devices35%29%35% Learning/Cognition/Develop AT31%34%31% Vision AT Savings63%54%52% Very stable programs - cooperative buy, lease/rental, fabrication Majority Devices – Speech AT and Learning AT Majority Savings – Vision (average of $1,448 per device)

9 tty 9 FY08FY09FY10 States Reporting Reuse Data56 Reporting Exchange4336 Reporting Refurbish/Reassign4044 Reporting Open Loan283133 Device Recipients24,80527,00427,610 Exchange118012711293 Refurbish/Reassign20,02022,50022,501 Open Loan360532333816 Devices Acquired31,06934,70235,844 Exchange131214501331 Refurbish/Reassign23,73826,93628,389 Open Loan601963166124

10 tty 10 FY08FY09FY10 Total Savings$17,333,283$17,229,179$17,978,046 Exchange$3,365,398$3,559,476$2,826,996 Refurbish/Reassign$11,959,901$12,236,872$13,355,432 Open Loan$2,414,725$1,432,831$1,795,618 AT Devices Provided Exchange-Mobility36%43%28% Refurbish- Mobility60%55%53% Open Loan-Mobility61%76%65% AT Device Savings Exchange-Vehicle Mod48%53%55% Refurbish-Mobility71%73%77% Open Loan-Mobility54%62%57%

11 Decline in states reporting Exchange - Increase in states reporting Refurbish & Open Loan Refurbish majority (close to 80%) of recipients, devices, savings Overall increase in recipients - plateau with FY2010 Overall increase in devices acquired – same plateau F luctuation with exchange & open-ended loans Overall savings variable Due to open-ended loan and exchange fluctuation Refurbish/Reassign steady increase 11

12 Exchange Majority Devices - Mobility, Daily Living Savings – Vehicle Modifications Refurbish/Reassignment Majority Devices - Mobility, Daily Living Savings - Mobility, Daily Living Open-Ended Loan Majority Devices - Mobility Savings - Mobility 12

13 tty 13 FY08FY09FY10 States Reporting Device Loans54 52 Number of Device Loans38,41137,83337,436 Number of Devices Loaned47,41951,41550,462 Loan Purpose Decision Making57%66%70% Loaner during repair/funding4%5%6% Accommodation33%24%21% Other (Training)6%5%3% Top Borrower Types Individuals with Disabilities48%38%35% Representatives of Education20%22%23% Family Members13%17%16% Rep of Health, Rehabilitation12%16%

14 tty 14 FY08FY09FY10FY10 -NY Vision6%7% Hearing4%6% Speech Communication21%20% 22%26% Learning/Cognition 22%24% 18% Mobility/Seating8%9%10% Daily Living9%8%9% Environmental Adapts7% 5% Vehicle Mods0% Computers13%11%12%14% Recreation/Leisure8% 5% Other2%0%

15 Two additional states opted for flexibility in 2010. Overall number of device loans is level. Number of devices loaned is relatively stable. Decision-making is primary loan purpose. Accommodation purpose is becoming more clear. “Other” purpose for training of self or others. Borrower Types relatively stable. Individuals with Disabilities largest group, followed by Education, Health/Rehabilitation, and Family Members. AT Type Stable – Speech, Learning, Computers. 15

16 tty 16 FY08FY09FY10 States Reporting Device Loans55 54 Number of Device Demos31,94732,86837,213 Number of Demo Participants40,37146,42049,937 Referrals16,25222,91927,380 Vendors43%41%49% Funding Source25%34%24% Service Provider21%22%24% Repair Service3%2%1% Top Participant Types Individuals with Disabilities46%42%44% Family Members21%23%25% Representatives of Education14%12%13% Rep of Health, Rehabilitation8%10%8%

17 tty 17 FY08FY09FY10 Vision12%13%11% Hearing20%18%14% Speech Communication13%14% 15% Learning/Cognition 12%10% 11% Mobility/Seating10%8%9% Daily Living11%13% Environmental Adapts4%2%3% Vehicle Modifications1% 0% Computers14%17%21% Recreation/Leisure2%3% Other1%0%

18 One additional state opted for flexibility in 2010. Overall number of demos is steadily increasing. Number of demo participants is also increasing. Referrals are increasing (and/or reporting is better). Consistent majority of referrals to vendors. Demo Participant Type relatively stable. Individuals with Disabilities largest group, followed by Family Members, Education, and Health/Rehabilitation. All AT Types well represented. 18

19 tty 19 SFA: smallest scope, fewest states - large ticket AT devices Reuse: large scope, all states – focused AT types Loan/Demo: largest scope, almost all states - all AT types FY08FY09FY10 Individuals Served State Financing382638693866 Reuse24,80527,00427,610 Device Loan38,41137,83337,436 Device Demo40,37146,42049,937 Devices Acquired or Accessed State Financing838089727784 Reuse31,06934,70235,844 Device Loan47,41951,41550,462 Device Demo31,94732,86837,213

20 20 Overall satisfaction very high all three years. Overall response rate steadily increasing. Only about 3% less than “satisfied” all three years and less than 1% truly dissatisfied. FY08FY09FY10 Total State Level Activities Highly Satisfied70.70%79.88%78.30% Satisfied26.05%17.88%18.56% Satisfied Somewhat 2.43%1.88% 2.66% Not at all Satisfied.82%.35%.49% Response Rate67.28%70.39%79.06%

21 tty 21 FY08FY09FY10 Training Participants62,34470,17488,388 Representatives of Education33% 29% Individuals with Disabilities22% 27% Family Members 7%8% 11% Rep of Health, Rehab11% Rep of Community Living12%10%9% I&A Recipients252,647218,955277,433 Individuals with Disabilities37%35%44% Family Members20% 16% Representatives of Education11%13%12% Rep of Community Living10%13%11% Rep of Health, Rehabilitation9%11%9%

22 tty 22 FY08FY09FY10 Total Funding$16,108,194$13,551,023$12,703,843 State Financing34%28%31% Reuse11%13%9% Device Loan 18%20% 26% Device Demo12%13%10% Training11% 8% TA6%5%9% PA, I&A7%10%8% Fund Type Federal14%12%8% Public Agency58%50%53% State Appropriation22%29%31% Private6%9%8%

23 Diane Cordry Golden, Ph.D. Project Consultant National Information System for Assistive Technology 816.616.7668 NISAT is a project of the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) NISAT is a project of the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) 23

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