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四级图表题. Useful words and expressions Necessary words Vertical axis 竖轴 represent annual sales Horizontal axis 横轴 show market share Curve 曲线 Solid line.

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1 四级图表题

2 Useful words and expressions


4 Necessary words Vertical axis 竖轴 represent annual sales Horizontal axis 横轴 show market share Curve 曲线 Solid line 实线 Dotted line 虚线 Broken line 断线

5 The shades area 阴影区 The unshaded section 非阴影区 The dotted column 点状区 The coloured segment 彩色区 The red bar 红色彩条 Charts ( multiple variable data, or data that is better understood when divided into categories )

6 Graphs are different from charts as they are built by plotting the values of a function along an axis that represents some or all the possible values taken by a variable.








14 Use your mother tongue

15 Now you try

16 Verbs Rise to Increase to Go up to Grow to Climb to Boom Peak at

17 Fall to Decline to Decrease to Dip to Drop to Go down to Reduce to A slump

18 Level out No change Remain stable at Remain steady at Stay at Stay constant at Maintain the same level

19 Nouns A rise An increase Growth A climb A boom Peak at Reach a peak at

20 A fall of +3000 pounds A decline of A decrease of A dip of A drop of A reduction of

21 A leveling out No change

22 Adjectives Dramatic—a dramatic increase Sharp—a sharp slump Huge—huge increase Steep—a steep line Substantial Considerable Significant

23 Moderate Slight Small minimal Volatile 不稳定的

24 Adverbs Dramatically gradually Sharply steadily Hugely swiftly Steeply suddenly Substantially Considerably Significantly Moderately slightly


26 How to describe a graphs 1. What kind of graph/chart is it? 2. Describe trend. 3. Describe special phenomenon. The graph shows that the oil production in 2012 is increasing, despite some drops in Feb.

27 How to describe a pie chart 1. what sort of chart it is? 2. Describe the sections with the graph starting with the biggest and work your way down. 3. Give a short conclusion saying what the chart is about.

28 How to describe two pie chart 1. explain that they are two pie charts and say what they are describing. 2. Compare sections in the two charts, and work your way down. 3. Conclusion with the summary of similarities and differences.



31 先说是什么图,讲了什么事 This bar chart shows the proportion between degree and unemployment. Rate--% proportionate 成比率的 This bar chart showcases/demonstrates the relationship/relation between degree and unemployment. In current bar chart….

32 再讲图表趋势是什么 According to the chart, the higher one’s degree is, the less likely for he or she to lose a job. As the chart shows, the higher…. Just like what the chart demonstrates…

33 The current bar chart tells us that the higher one’s degree is, the easier to get a job.

34 说完趋势可以稍微描述表内意 向 For example, the unemployment rate for Doctoral degree holder, Master’s holder, Bachlor’s holder, some college no degree holder, high school diploma holder, and less than high school diploma holder are 1.9, 4.0, 5.4, 9.2, 10.3, 14.9 repectively. 你真正写时未必需要这样写下来,节选 几个

35 如果你考试题图表中有个例怎 么描述


37 However, those who hold professional degree, which although lower than a doctorate, have lowest unemployment rate. But the professional degree holders’ unemployment rate is even higher than doctorate holders.


39 主要描述 pipeline Although the goods transported by pipeline generally keeps an increasing trend, it levels out at 22 million tons after 1996.

40 大家试着找出一个特殊点来描 述一下

41 描述完图表试着分析一下造成 这种结局的成因 One of the contributing factors is that.. Another explanation of the situation could be This is due to the reason that These statistics could be related to.. The reason may be because

42 所有的这些原因都是出自你的推测 因此你用词必须讲究 用: could might one of maybe be related to have something to do with 为了凑字最好列举两到三个 contributing factors

43 如何总结构成原因 1. 联系社会热点:学历膨胀啊等 2. 思考内在原因:比如说为什么学历低 容易失业,名为什么学历高不容易,高 学历的人从事的是什么工作,什么性质 的工作

44 One of the contributing factors could be that universities recruit more degree students than before, which makes the job hunting more competitive. Thus, those with higher level degrees are easily to attain better or securer positions.

45 Another potential reason would be that higher degree holders might have more research experiences, or they know better how to think and study. All these skills could help them fit into their jobs and achieve better results.

46 如果字数不够的话可以再谈谈 解决建议 Just like what the statistics/data reveals/shows, the degree seems significant in keeping people maintain jobs. 为什么我说 seems 为什么我不说 the statistics proves ?

47 解决方式一:让研究数据被公 众知晓,以便提高认识 Therefore, it is the educators’ and policy makers’ responsibility to let people raise awareness of /be aware of /know the statistics of ‘education pays’, particularly the importance of degree in employment.

48 Otherwise, useful data/research results like current bar chart might not be helpful in informing commoners/ helping common people raise their awareness.

49 解决方式之二:研究数据必须 要被行业执行者利用,以便使 理论联系实践 Furthermore, educators and other practitioners in this field, therefore, could encourage people go on pursue higher education or degrees.

50 解决方式之三(自己根据题目 和图表思考):保护弱势群体 / 增加就业岗位 / 试着翻译一下

51 However , the lower degree holders’ employment should be protected. For example, offering them more positions, offering them more chances of life-long education/further education or part-time learning.

52 结尾 最方便的方式是将解决措施作为结尾,在 段首加上, Generally speaking 。

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