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Pan India Corporate Offices: Sain Overseas Group, CS 6, II Floor, Ajnara Complex, GK II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad-201010 Web: | E-Mail:

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1 Pan India Corporate Offices: Sain Overseas Group, CS 6, II Floor, Ajnara Complex, GK II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad-201010 Web: | E-Mail:

2 Time is very slow for those who wait, very fast for those who are scared, very long for those who lament, very short for those who celebrate. But for those who love, time is eternity. Philosophy The philosophy and mission of Sain Overseas Group lies in enabling the world’s largest and most talented service provider professionals in E-Governance, Publications, IT, HR & Real Estate Industries. Our service reflects a philosophy and set of values that distinguish us from other service provider. Emphasizing various intangible assets such as people oriented attitude, reliable service, care, integrity, agility, flexibility, responsibility, quality and dedicated teamwork, Sain Overseas Group business plan has been to offer the best services in his Domain. We hold on to our values and policies and strive hard to locate and provide the most brilliant rehabilitation professionals to the Construction industry. Being sincere and quick to respond, we pride ourselves in rendering highly professional and personalized service, tailored to suit each Professional. Apart from improving the lives of the people through compassionate and innovative we follow complete honesty and integrity in our service by protecting the privacy and confidentiality through us. We always give primary consideration to the needs and interests of our clients and thrive on serving them well with care and respect. Motto: Values:  Caring  Flexilibility  Personal Relationship  Quality  Honesty/Integrity

3 Respect Cannot be demanded, it must be earned only by giving it away Vision: Our vision includes delivering responsive and creative services through intimate personal relationships for both Local & National clients and providing them an open platform for honest communications. Since its inception, Sain Overseas Group is known for its most appreciated service excellence and "can-do" attitudes. We applaud and celebrate both individual success and team success. At Sain Overseas Group, we find you jobs with the most competitive wages and excellent working conditions; we also assist you in acquiring progressive career advancement in your profession. Domain : ITES | Transcription | HR | Real Estate | Publications | Pharma| E-Governance | Import – Export Sain Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd. is this day incorporated under the companies Act. 1956 (No. 1 of 1956) and that company is private Limited with Corporate Identity Number: "U74999DL2009PTC191783". Service Tax No. : "AANCS3511NST003", Pan No.: AANCS3511N. Current Account : Sain Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd., Ac. No: 01011131000776, OBC, New Delhi.

4 The Organisation was founded by Mr Satish Kumar in 2003 when he envisioned the opportunity to grow in the IT Outsourcing sector and later successfully ventured into the Real Estate, Publications, E-Governance with the support of Mr. Raman Prakash Gupta (Director & CEO). Sain Overseas Group initiated in 2003 is a growing organization serving clients for more than 7 years across various verticals. Since inception has acquired note worthy clients and partnered their growth to expand vertically as well horizontally. Sain Overseas Group has expanded its business proposition, has gained experience, in-depth understanding of outsourcing market and also developed expertise of different verticals in the Domestic and International market

5 Group of Companies Sain Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd. Sain Overseas Pharma Resizone Developers Pvt. Ltd. Sain Overseas Realties

6 Sain Overseas Group has developed capability in all sectors of the BPO space. Inbound Outbound Feet on Street Transaction Processing

7 Service Expertise Quality Commitment Expertise & Efficiency - Flexibility in staffing levels & skill sets Linking strategy with people and operations Performance Management - Metric Driven, Focus on capability enhancement Scalability – Capability to accommodate fluctuations in volumes with minimum impact Compliance - Focus on driving compliance guidelines Transaction Monitoring – Structured with focus on  Compliance / Process Control  Process & Individual Improvement  Call calibration to drive consistency  Value add to client by capturing the pulse of the customer 100% recording of all calls for compliance and risk mitigation

8  Customised CRM Integration  Dynamic call routing, workflow management & lead management.  Multi-tenant technology solution within the same system  FTC (Federal Telecom Regulatory) Compliant  Isolated network on VLAN’s for network security.  Dialer technology compatible with 32 voice switches & major RDBMS ( Example: Oracle, SQL & My SQL)  Ability to run multiple Operating Systems in the same environment( Example: Linux, Sun Solaris, Microsoft, Unix)  Dialler technology in Predictive - Preview & Precision Technology Edge Our Expertise, Commitment & Edge

9 Telecom Infrastructure Regulatory Environment (NDNC) Dialer Technology Scalability with Minimum Impact Data & Information Security CRM Solutions Service Delivery Quality Medical Transcription Legal Transcription Technical Support Web Development SEO IT Infrastructure & Development Our Pillar of Strength Moving up the value chain Establishing ourselves in the core BPO market we are now looking at catering to the niche market by banking on the competitive edge we have created with our overall delivery model

10 Level 2 - Support Predictive support and flexible structure Value added analysis Data mining for predictive support Cross trained / up skilled Customer focussed - VoC Level 1 - Efficiency Consistent level of service quality and on-time delivery Consistent on-time delivery Target accuracy & quality Target quality the first time Customer Centric approach Core Support Delight Level 3 - Care Pro-active support targeted at delighting the customer Simple & one touch process Cost & service balance Pro-active support to customers Customer centric approach Iterative benchmarking /expectation analysis

11 Operations Support Core Operations  The current Core Operations organisation structure has 5 levels  Typical span of control for Sr. Operations manager / Operations manager is 2 - 4 Asst Managers.  Team managers 15 - 20 FTEs for a Team Manager.  The operations support teams consists of the, Quality and Training  The Operations support teams are structured based on scope of work and requirement.  Quality & Training are the operations support functions.  Typical span of control for Quality manager is 2 – 4 quality leaders.  Quality leaders is 32 FTEs

12 4 critical stages of The Performance management Process Define ObjectivesCascade Objectives & Targets Create Plans / KPIs based on organisation/Project objectives Review & Reward System MarJuneDec Sepl The objectives for the year clearly defines what is to be achieved and incorporates analysis of previous years performance. Plans to meet the set objectives are defined and documented by owners to measure and track progress. Agreed targets for the teams are translated to well defined KPIs for all levels. The objectives set for the year are communicated to employees at all levels, targets for the team cascaded to the team in terms of unambiguous KPIs and signed off across all levels. On-going and timely reviews are conducted to ensure deviations to the plan are identified and mentored back to target

13  World Class Service - Speed of Service, Quality, Accuracy  Quality & Compliance – Fatal Errors below 2%, Call Quality above 85%  Drive Efficiencies - Productivity, utilisation, cost The Key Performance indicators for an individual / process / Function is translated from the organisations overall vision Objective measures and targets are put in place to track performance against the service, quality we provide to the customers and the efficiencies we are able to bring to the organisation. A quarter of an hour is worth a thousand pieces of Gold.

14 Varies Across areas Total Handled Time/Total Calls Handled The time taken to service each call. This includes the Talk, Hold and Wrap components Average Handled Time 50% (Total AHT + Outbound + project + other work activities)/Login Time Amount of time utilized by agents CSR Utilization 75% Transactions where customer request auctioned on the first call/ No of calls resolved within the first contact First Contact Resolution EFFICIENCY 98% Non - Fatal errors – Total no of errors *weightage/total no of calls audited*weightage Processing and Soft Skill based errors are termed as Non Fatal Errors Non Fatal Error 98% Total no. of defective calls/total no. of calls audited Errors occurring due any misleading / incorrect information given or compliance issues are termed as Fatal Errors Fatal Error Accuracy QUALITY 5% Calls abandoned>5secs / Calls offered % of calls that are abandoned before they are serviced Abandoned Rate % 80% in 20 secs (Calls Answered Within Service Level)/(Calls Offered excluding Errors Overflows) 80% of the calls should be answered within 20 seconds Service Level SERVICE (ON TIME) TargetFormulaDescriptionMetric Name N.A Total Cost incurred/Total no of Transactions Cost incurred for processing each transaction Cost Per Transaction Average Handled Time Agent Utilization One and Done Rate Quality Accuracy Abandoned Rate % Grade of Service Cost Per Transaction

15 UIDAI - AADHAAR BiharKarnatakaSikkimAssam JharkhandMPUPTamilnadu West BengalGujaratMaharashtraPunjab Andhra PradeshUKRajasthanHaryana NPR – Dg & Bm PDS GPS - Survey FI RSBY Inbound – Int.& Domestic Outbound – Int. & Domestic MNC - Vendorship Transcriptions Handicrafts Database – Indian & Int. Real Estate SMS & E-Mail Gateway Import-Export Our Business Presence

16  PEOPLE – Recruitment Process  Recruiting & Hiring  Acquire staff, which has a high probability of successfully performing their KRA’s.  Develop “profiles” of their attributes, including the minimum skill and knowledge, of individuals to be hired for each KRA.  Selection Process:-  Group Discussion / Impromptu Round  Typing Test  HR Interview  Final Operations Interview ( with Operation Manager at Effort BPO)  Final Interview with Clients for Shortlist of (TMR’s) & (TL’s)  Offer Letter  PEOPLE – Performance Mgmt  Staff performance management  Review & Evaluating individual performances at a junior level on a monthly basis.  Performance linked to performance pay incentive Compensation and recognition  Performance is measured & reviewed on a quarterly basis.  Financial incentives for the individual and team performance. Human Resource (HR)

17 Basic Training Training and Development for Personal Growth Training and Development Mandated by Business Strategies Behavioural /Skills Team Building Skills Training On the Job Refresher Training Coaching Capability Building On promotion New role OJT Capability Framework (Regulatory) Training & Induction: Takes care of Learning’s related to compliance to ensure that all employees are aware of the applicable requirements. Product / Process training:Focuses on providing product knowledge and process related training which ensures the staff have adequate knowledge to respond to customer queries. Multi skilling Cross Skilling Training and Development opportunities are provided to all employees to help employees acquire and maintain the skills and knowledge required by them to perform their defined roles

18  Evaluations are held on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.  Evaluations – 12 calls / Agent / Month  There are calibrations held with the client on a weekly basis or as per client requirement. Training Training at EFFORT is need-based, multi-skilled, performance driven and continuous. The in-house training curriculum includes:  Induction  Pre-process training  Voice and accent Training  Process Training  One-on-One Mentoring  Leadership Development Programs

19 Data Security  Access to information to be controlled.  To establish access rights and formally authorize these rights in respect of each employee.  The desired Information Security controls by restricting access to specific information through password controls methodology.  Database access to be limited to key people within the technology team, who maintain the same.  Password wherever possible it be kept in parts with two persons  Database Server to be kept in the server room / data center environment  Software developer access the development servers which are physically separate from the production servers.  Server login reports on daily basis. Network Security  Single record details to be available on the screen as per defined business logics  Agent can not save information from CRM screen to local Hard disk  Print Screen function on the agent desktop is disabled  Agent can not change the information displayed on the screen as per defined business logics Internet Security  Firewall Nortel Contivity 1700  Stateful firewall  Anti spoofing  Natting  VPN box  Antivirus  Trend Micro “Neat Suite”  Office Scan – for Desktops  Scan Mail – for MS Exchange  Interscan Virus wall – for SMTP  Server Protect – For Win 2000 Server  Web Protect – for http/FTP  Control Manager – for centralized management

20 Physical Security  Data Center Single entry isolated from Operations area Restricted access to server and network racks within the datacenter Electronic logging and tracking using the Access system  Visitors are escorted by security or authorized employees  No other person other than authorized personnel are allowed on operation floor  Disabled shared network  CCTV Logical Security Following security measures are expected in a LAN environment:  Identification and authentication - Security service that helps ensure that only authorized individuals access the LAN.  Access control - Security service that helps ensure that LAN resources are being utilized in an authorized manner.  Data and message integrity - Security service that helps ensure that unauthorized parties do not modify LAN data, software and messages.  Logging and Monitoring - Security service by which uses of LAN resources can be traced throughout the LAN.  Very strong Group policies to be implemented on the agent desktops  All external devices like FDD/CD/DVD/USB ports etc to be removed/disabled  Agent can not save any thing on their local desktops  Agent does not have any access to Local Hard drive of their desktops  Agent does not have any “Right Click” & “RUN” permission  No internet access on the floor.  No mobile phones allowed on the floor.

21 E-Governance BetiyaBhagalpurMuzaffarpurGopalgunj GayaBuxarMadhubaniEast Champaran BadhNarkatiyaganjDarbhangaWest Champaran AurangabadChappraSitamarhiNalanda ShehorRaxaulPatnaRanchi Sain Overseas Group is currently working in West Bengal for BPL. Our E-Governance Present in Bihar, Jharkhand & NCR Our 1 st Preference cities are given below for Bihar

22 About Publications: “Sain Overseas Group” is an independent national publisher of Science, Technology and Novels. The company was founded by a group of publishing professionals who are dedicated to publish the best in various topical areas for the scholarly and professional communities worldwide. We have two domain : At “Sain Overseas Group”, we believe in delivering quality content at reasonable prices with competitive royalties and aggressive marketing. We believe in leveraging on the latest publishing technology to deliver quality products and services for the benefit of our customers and partners. With decades of publishing experience, we understand and anticipate the needs of authors, librarians and book distribution partners, and we continuously challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of products and services. What sets us apart from our competitors are::  We are independently owned and managed by publishers and academics, not financial investors. We take a long-term view in our decisions rather than focusing on short-term financial gains.  We believe in continuous and dedicated marketing for as long as the content is relevant and we are in continuous consultation with the research and professional communities to influence our direction.  We take pride in our efficiency and professionalism in the ever changing needs of our authors, societies, booksellers, librarians and end-users. The two most powerful warriors are “Patience and Time”

23 A quarter of an hour is worth a thousand pieces of Gold. Sain Overseas Group understands the importance of brand image in aggressive competitive market. Taking care of the Clients brand our team provides brand enhancement services and present the Clients Brand with respect in market. Sain Overseas Group understands good Human Capital participates in company's growth, and it is a peculiar need of every company to have long lasting relations with their human capital resource. Thus we provide relevant resource that may participate to company's success and growth for a long time. It is Sain Overseas Group conceptual understanding that your robust approach towards attaining principle success needs worth full direction of valued Human Capital Operatives, thus we gladly offer our premium services in the concern regard to meet your special needs in Permanent, Temporary, Payroll Staffing Needs. List of few Big Clients Tech Mahindra, L & T, Samsung Power, Reliance Infrastructure, Maple Press, HDFC Standard life Insurance, Birla Sun Life Insurance, Amrapali Group, Vodafone Essar Group (UP West), Elsevier, Paramount, Easy bills, Shyam Tele link, Vriti Infocom, Weblink India, Matrix, Casby Group, EXL, Pizza Hut, Dominos etc

24 Real Estate NoidaGurgaonDehradun (Resizone Self) Ranchi (Resizone Self) Supertech GroupDLF GroupCommercialResidential Amrapali GroupImperia GroupResidentialPlotting Ajnara GroupRidhi – Sidhi GroupPlotting Resizone Self PlottingRamprashtha Group Feusion GroupUnitech Group Sain Overseas Group is working in Noida, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Ranich & Muzaffarpur for Residential & Commercial Projects with Following Clients

25 Board of Director’s Satish Kumar (Managing Director & Founder) B.Tech. – Elex & Comm Engg., PGDEM, MBA- International Business 10 Years of Management Skills in IT, 4 Years of Management Skills in Publications 5 Years of Management Skills in Real Estate 6Years of Management Skills in E-Governance 10 Years of Management Skills in Event Management Raman Gupta (Director & CEO) B.E. – Civil Engineering., M.Tech, PHD 12 Years of Management Skills in Thermal Power 8 Years of Management Skills in Real Estate 6Years of Management Skills in E-Governance Akhilesh Kumar (Director) B.E. – Civil Engineering, M.Tech 10 Years of Management Skills in Real Estate Infrastructure Development 7 Years of Management Skills in ITES

26 Why make Sain Overseas Group your Brand Ambassador?  Highest Quality of service, ethics and client care  Seamless integration of online and offline channels  Domain knowledge to enable complex interactions  Innovative and service driven organizational culture  Robust process that captures new information and institutionalizes it within the enterprise  Reports on activity, success and expanded customer knowledge to our clients  Security and the ability to securely execute transactions  Measurable performance “ We aim for perfection and tolerate nothing less than excellence”

27 We never follow the clock; hours were made for man, not man for hours. Sain Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd. NCR Office: Corporate Offices: CS 6, II Floor, Ajnara Complex, Gyan Khand II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad – 201010 Ph: +91- 9 555 414 999 Bihar Office: Kamalnath Nagar, Bettiah, West Champaran, Bihar- 845438 Ph: 0893600 4195 | 06254 244301 Dehradun Office: Mayur Vihar, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun Web: | E-mail: E-Mail: | If a drop of water falls in a lake, there is no identity. But if it falls on a leaf of lotus, it shines like a pearl. We need to choose the best place where we can shine.

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