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Binary Paideia In the AIHE’s Liberty Fellowships For US DoE Teaching American History Grants.

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1 Binary Paideia In the AIHE’s Liberty Fellowships For US DoE Teaching American History Grants

2 Connections Between the Constitution & Ancient Republics, & English Precedents

3 POLITEIA The Regime POLITEUMA The Ruling Order Polis  The State PAIDEIA What Makes a State What It Is

4 POLITEIA The Type of Regime –Despotism –Direct Democracy –Republicanism –Monarchy –Fascist Authoritarian –Communist Totalitarian

5 POLITEUMA The Ruling Order –Those who can dispense Offices and Honors

6 PAIDEIA That what makes a city or society what it is Offices and Honors are given in accordance to the Paideia What a Society bows to

7 VIRTUE For the Ancient Greeks:LOGOS Reasoned Speech The Highest Moral Excellence The Highest Virtue Public LifePublic Life FraternityFraternity –Private Life most like animals.

8 Ancient Greeks PoliteiaRegime: The Assembly PoliteumaRuling order:Citizens PaideiaWhat makes a city what it is:Iliad & Odyssey Logos VirtueThe highest moral excellence: Participation in the Polis- Logos Contrasts:SpartansAthenians GreeksPersians

9 GOOD MEN Are Needed for Good Government

10 Private Life Becomes important during the Christian Era

11 Founders Brought up on: GreeksGreeks –Plato –Aristotle RomansRomans –Plutarch 46-120 AD –Livy 59 BC – 17AD –Cicero 106 – 43 BC

12 Founders Brought up on: MachiavelliMachiavelli BaconBacon HobbesHobbes MontesquieuMontesquieu SidneySidney HarringtonHarrington LockeLocke HumeHume

13 Greek Problem Haves vs. Have-nots –Have-nots can vote –They continuously vote for war –Constant faction quarrels

14 ROME The Roman Republic was based on a military culture. PoliteiaRegimeComitia Centuriata PoliteumaRuling order Patrician, Nobility Paideia What makes Romulus a state& Remus VirtueThe highest Heroic Martial moral excellenceValor Pride, Honor ContrastsThe RepublicThe Empire

15 Major Change Christianity Universal Religion for Universal Empire –Equality of All All can get to HeavenAll can get to Heaven All can be become HOLYAll can be become HOLY Highest moral excellence – HOLINESSHighest moral excellence – HOLINESS –Otherworld Matters Most Private Life is Paramount

16 GREEK LOGOS Remains

17 New Culture melds Jerusalem Athens Athens Rome Rome

18 Christianity There were major changes from ancient Rome PoliteiaRegimeThe Church\ The Empire PoliteumaRuling orderBishops -- have authority. German nobles have political power. PaideiaWhat makes a cityNew Testament, Church Tradition, Feudal Order VirtueThe highest moral Holiness excellenceFidelity Contrasts*Decentralized Latin Kingdoms & The Centralized Byzantine Empire *Christianity & Islam

19 EKKLESIA The Assembly

20 Ecclesiastics The Church is a Debating Society Politics is Necessary  Celibacy


22 Separation of Church &State Western Civilization

23 Pope vs. Emperor Bishop vs. King

24 Byzantine EmpireEastern Christianity Caesaropapism

25 Next Break: MAJOR CHANGES 1476Swiss Pikesmen 1500-1520Machiavelli 1517Luther


27 MACHIAVELLI Father of Modern Liberal Democracy

28 GOOD INSTITUTIONS Not Good Men as the Means to Good Government

29 BALANCE CONFLICT TENSION Grandi & Popolo united to destroy their neighbors

30 VIRTUE In the Institutions

31 CONTRAST Ancient RepublicsAncient Republics Medieval RepublicsMedieval Republics Modern RepublicsModern Republics

32 Further Development Francis Bacon Thomas Hobbes James Harrington John Locke

33 Continues the Move away from Christianity God gave man the EARTH God gave man REASON Natural Providence is a Reflection of Divine Providence

34 Every Man has Property in His own Person Major Paradigm Shift –The Labor or Work of my hands are mine ---- My Property –Common land becomes “my land.” –“I work it. It’s mine!”

35 GENESIS 1:28 CHRISTIANS & JEWS Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth... BACON & LOCKE... and subdue it.

36 American History SocietyTime PeriodSociety Royalists/CavaliersEnglish Civil WarPuritans/Roundheads MonarchyPoliteia/RegimeParliament AristocracyPoliteuma/Ruling ClassGentry/ Middle class Anglican Church Hierarchy Paideia/What makes a society what it is Bible Calvin's Institutes LoyaltyVirtue/ The highest moral excellence Piety SocietyTime PeriodSociety British EmpireAmerican RevolutionPatriots King in ParliamentPoliteia/RegimeAssemblies/Congress Aristocracy/GentryPoliteuma/Ruling ClassWhite male landowners Glorious RevolutionPaideia/What makes a society what it is Republicanism, Charters, John Locke's Two Treatises Loyalty Virtue/ The highest moral excellence Liberty

37 US 1860 South State Gov’t w/i Federal Gov’t Planters Constitution, Hierarchy Slave Culture Honor North National Republic Male Citizens Declaration, Free Market Industrialization Industry PAIDIEAPAIDIEA

38 1940 NAZI GERMANY Totalitarian Dictatorship Nazi Party German Purity Mein Kampf Racial Superiority Loyalty, Service to the Volk UNITED STATES Federal Republic Citizens Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights Liberty, Industry, Duty, Patriotism PAIDIEAPAIDIEA

39 BINARY PAIDEIA Monarchy Whigs British North Industrial Free Market Democratic Republic Tories Colonists South Agrarian Socialist Totalitarian STORIES

40 For More Information See Your free CD-ROM Or, “Binary Paideia” “Changing Paideia Throughout History”

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