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REEL & DEAL MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS You give birth to a thought and hope... WE MAKE it a reality.

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3 You give birth to a thought and hope... WE MAKE it a reality.

4 r&d media communications B’coz We... R esearch & D evelop R uminate & D iscover R elate & D iscourse R ecognise & D erive R ealise & D eliver

5 r&d media communications R&Dmc – A Creative Communication Network provides you with 360º services in the space of top-of-line as well as below-the-line communications. With globalisation the word “Brand Promotioning” has become familiar resulting in the birth of “me-too” advertising agencies. But in the long run their commitment and result do not hang together. So what makes R&Dmc different? Its our hands-on experience, greater consumer insight and creative excellence which help us to hit the nail on the head. Our marketing philosophy adds differential value to your brand. We believe in mutual growth, maturity and long term relationship. After all, you give birth to a thought and hope… we make it a reality.

6 r&d media communications Places to dip... Following are the areas where you can engage us to ensure your sales through marketing. Brand Strategy and Planning Market Research Market Analysis Strategy Development Budgeting Strategy Execution Advertising and Designing Concept Layout / Script / Storyboard Artworks / Production Supervision Event Management Theme Creation Budgeting Sponsor Pursuasion Publicity Media Support Web Development Content Development Designing Programming Deployment Multimedia CD Presentation Content Development Designing Programming

7 r&d media communications Our satisfied clients From cradle we are now crawling – yet we have achieved a number of clients who are deeply satisfied with our services. They are: AZIZ AUTO SUPPLY SWAN ENTERTAINMENT AUGUSTIAN PASSAGE AHIMSAA CHANNEL DIPRO PRODUCTIONS MILAN MELA SAMITY SARASWATI AUTOMOBILE PARAMOUNT NEWSTRACK ARROWZ BEVERAGES ANJAN BANERJEE PRODUCTIONS NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOFTWARE JUNCTION to name a few.

8 r&d media communications Our charges... Our charges for non-commissioned expenditure are of three types: Production Charges Fees Reimbursement of Expenses Out of pocket expenses on behalf of client will be billed on actual. Guidelines for estimation Created by R&DmcDesign charge Produced by R&DmcProduction charge Executed by R&DmcConsultancy fees Supervised by R&DmcSupervision fees Consultancy fees are to be paid in advance within the seventh day of every month till the contract lasts. The charges and fees are subject to alteration without prior notice.

9 r&d media communications Feel free to give us a tinkle! 098305-83227 094341-99619 033-32664083 R & D 16/1/1C Central Road, Flat No. 1, Jadavpur, Kolkata 700032. realising dreams

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