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150 + Languages Certified Translators 1-866-890-5867 Targeted Language Solutions! Open 24 Hours.

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1 150 + Languages Certified Translators 1-866-890-5867 Targeted Language Solutions! Open 24 Hours

2 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Company History  Technovate was formed in 2004  From the start our focus has been on Customer Service, High Quality Work and On-Time Delivery  We have a sterling track record of strong online presence and systems setup  We began to offer a broad range of cross-related services that help companies increase sales  Our results oriented service is designed to ensure customer satisfaction

3 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Growing Success  We have grown to occupy multiple offices in North America  We’ve expanded from 5 full-time employees to 26+ full-time employees  We host and manage our own computer servers  We have a team of programmers that manage and constantly improve all of our systems  We work with a growing base of over 3000 translators in a wide range of specialties, helping our clients communicate better  An in-house graphic and marketing team add to our client’s marketing efforts

4 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Testimonials  We had a massive translation project with multiple needs. Lengthy presentations, commercials, ads, scripts and even live calls that needed expert live translation, fast and professionally completed on a tight deadline. Technovate Translations was a ten on a scale from one to ten in delivering all our needs, on time and well executed. - Chet Holmes, Chet Holmes International  We are very pleased with the speed and efficiency of translations from Technovate and would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking a professional and accessible translation service. - Mrinalini Menon, Canadian Consortium on Human Security  I would refer Technovate Translations to anyone in need of translation services. Their response time to our price quote was very fast and the work that we wanted done was completed just as quickly. - Thera Westbrook, Tamwood International

5 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Technovate Divisions  Translation and interpretation are only part of what we can offer  Technovate Translations is part of an alliance of multi-disciplinary companies  We use each of our companies’ specializations to provide our clients with full-service options for their most important projects

6 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Technovate Translations  Unequalled translation and interpretation services in over 150 languages  Over 3000 translators in our detailed database to ensure each job is handled by the perfect person  Our projects are completed and delivered faster than our competitors, making us the #1 choice for emergency or rush translation services  Our translators have widely varied professional backgrounds, meaning we can translate complex material in a multitude of industries  Inter-disciplinary specialization enables our translators to focus on a specific need, and we deliver flawless translation for software, legal, medical, and financial, in addition to non-specific material  We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving our clients access to overnight and weekend service “There are nearly 7,000 languages in use today and only 195 countries.”

7 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  We have a team of dedicated Internet marketing specialists – we create multi-language, multi-website networks that attract large quantities of relevant traffic  We guarantee that your website will get first page search results on Google and Yahoo  We can work with your existing site copy, or write brand new copy for you  We work with a system that creates multiple micro-sites (or express-sites) to bring in business for you from multiple avenues/properties  We select the best keywords to attract the right traffic for increased conversion  We optimize more than text for your site, we make sure every picture, every link and every piece of crawlable information on your site is optimized “There are over 30 billion web pages competing for search engine rankings.”

8 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Writing & Editing Services  We provide focused research solutions for virtually any subject and/or discipline  Source Document Optimization means our editors will improve your source document, minimizing issues with word-choice and ultimately yielding a cleaner translation  Our skilled, Masters and PhD researchers and writers have access to some of the best research libraries in the world and deliver results quickly  We are among the most trusted writing and editing services on the Internet  You get the data and documents you need, without spending the time or effort to produce them “Editing and optimizing your source document will reduce word choice issues during the translation process.”

9 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Mobility Marketing/Alternative Advertising  We have served both Toronto and Vancouver for several years, providing an inexpensive, highly effective method of advertising to small and mid-sized event focused businesses  Our flexible postering packages allow clients to provide their own poster designs, or make use of our in-house design and marketing team  Street posters are the perfect way to advertise local events, services, and entertainment products  We have broken our service regions into concise demographic neighbourhoods, and can target any demographic efficiently and effectively  Our marketing methods are proven to increase attendance at events, awareness of brands and generate interest in products  Our Mobile Marketing teams effectively promote your new products in targeted areas “Postering is still the most cost effective form of advertising – the biggest bang for your buck.”

10 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Translation Philosophy  We don’t just translate documents, we culturally transform information while staying true to our clients’ original words  We put your intent before making an exact, literal translation – meaning your message comes across clear in every language  Our three customer service hallmarks are Quality, Speed and Price – the best, the fastest, and the lowest – we will beat the lowest price you can find by 5% and deliver your translation at the highest quality

11 About Us 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Technovate Translation’s Competitive Advantage  We have a wide array of specialties which allow us to integrate our services into your organization’s workflow seamlessly  We are open 24 hours to handle your pressing needs  We provide emergency turnaround for translation projects – nobody else does it faster at our level of quality  We have multiple offices in different cities to serve local clients more efficiently  Personalized service is our priority  Our automated quality control ensures that our projects flow seamlessly through each part of our process

12 Services 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Translation – Why you want to choose us!  We take a great deal of pride in our ability to provide high quality translation services  We are equipped to conduct our translation services in hard-copy or electronically, depending on the preferences or needs of our clients  Our translators are obsessed with accuracy  We can translate virtually any document, from something as simple as a birth certificate to something as complex as medical procedures

13 Services 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Multi-language Translation  We translate in over 150 languages, each with the same high level of quality  We offer affordable rates for translating one document into multiple languages  Our quality control system ensures that each translation will communicate the message you intend  We translate technical manuals, websites, marketing material and advertising, info notices, and more

14 Services 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Localisation  Often it isn’t enough to simply translate information into another language  Technovate Translations offers localisation services which make information culturally accessible to specific demographics in regions all over the world  We employ experts who can pinpoint the best information to share with targeted communities, and the best methods to use to share that information  Offer your localised audience material that is relevant to them, through information localisation

15 Services 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Interpretation  Technovate Translations will match you with the ideal interpreter for your needs  Our interpreters are fluent in all major world languages  We offer specialized interpretation for medical, legal and other complex situations  Having an interpreter you can trust is paramount, and at Technovate Translations, we ensure all our interpreters are fully licensed and measure up to our strict quality benchmarks

16 Services 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Specialized Subject Areas  There is virtually no document we can’t translate, no matter what its complexity  With over 3,000 translators in our roster, we have made sure that each of our more than 150 languages has a representative from every major, complex professional background  We provide translations for medical, financial, engineering, scientific, and legal documents, as well as others  Whatever your business, we have a translator who knows it

17 Services 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Infrastructure Integration  We make it easy for your organization’s intranet to connect with us  You will benefit from graduated discount pricing, and you will avoid our usual emergency fees  You will experience a faster, simpler ordering process  When your organization chooses Technovate Translations, you’ll receive group savings on every order you make

18 Services 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Specialties  Website translation  White paper translation  Promotional material translation  Desktop publishing and multi-lingual design specialists  Complex translations (medical, legal, financial, etc.)  Emergency and overnight translation

19 Policies 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Translation Policies  Technovate Translations provides every client with high quality, accurate translations, faster and at a lower price than other translation agencies  Our translators have a minimum of 3 years’ professional experience, and must pass stringent testing in order to be on our team  Technovate Translations uses human translators only – never machine translation tools – to ensure we always proved translations that are true to the source language  We take client satisfaction very seriously, and work to be flexible to each client’s specific needs

20 Policies 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Quality Guarantee We guarantee:  On time delivery  Accuracy of translation  The lowest price for the highest quality and quickest turnaround time

21 Policies 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Payment Policies  Technovate Translations accepts cheques, major credit cards, PayPal as well as wire transfers for our international clients  Payment is due 30 days after the translation project is completed, or when stipulated in individual translation contracts  For larger translation projects, a 50% deposit may be required

22 Languages & Translators 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Languages  We translate in over 150 languages  Our main languages include all common world languages  We translate all major European and Asian languages, as well as several African and South East Asian languages  We also have translators on hand who are well versed in some of the world’s more obscure languages

23 Languages & Translators 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 Our Translators  We work with over 3,000 translators  Many of our translators have an area of expertise outside linguistics which allows us to provide knowledgeable translation of complex documents related to several fields  Our diverse team makes us able to translate virtually any document in any form in any of our over 150 languages

24 Languages & Translators 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 The Client is King  Our most important priority at Technovate Translations is Customer Satisfaction  We serve Fortune 500 companies, and our client list is growing all the time  Our personalized service structure is designed to interact closely with your existing workflow and systems – we integrate our services and solutions seamlessly into your organization  When you choose to work with Technovate Translations, no matter the size or type of project, you will experience the sincerity of a company that is proud of its work

25 Technovate Translations 24 hrs. 1-866-890-5867 It’s a Simple Decision 1.Our intelligent automated systems make us extremely easy to work with 2.We have a 5% price beat guarantee – making our price the lowest, every time 3.Our Translation Specialists provide exceptional customer service to all our clients Call 1-866-890-5867 Now! Make Technovate Translations your translation service provider of choice!

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