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Education Strategic Academy Leveraging knowledge to Attain ROI Updated: January 2005.

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1 Education Strategic Academy Leveraging knowledge to Attain ROI Updated: January 2005

2 Education Preface The Strategic Balance team has the experience and a proven methodology to expedite positive bottom line results with PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne and World Training. Your company views your employees as its most valuable assets. Appropriately so. Your best, and generally largest, investment is in the people that comprise your organization. An implementation requires the full support of your team. It insists on one of the things all people resist… change. Abundantly more important than technology, the training of your team is paramount to enjoying rapid ROI and realizing the business process improvements objectified by the system implementation in the first place.

3 Education Strategic Academy™ 1.Approach 2.Timing 3.Customization 4.Environment 5.Benefits

4 Education Training Solution Overview Custom Training vs. ‘Over-the Shoulder’ training –Putting you on the team vs. ‘need to know’ –Pay me now or pay me later –One to many vs. One to one –Structured, logical, and professionally delivered On-target On-site Hands-on

5 Education On-target –Understand a clients business –Business professional, certified instructors –Process orientation to training –Combine PeopleSoft classes –Custom classes are scheduled according to the client’s project plan

6 Education On-Site –More of the client’s users trained in a cost effective and fast way. –Instructors are experienced in managing on-site class interruptions –On-site instruction means decreased travel expenditures for class attendees.

7 Education Hands-on –Training is mostly hands-on exercises, with limited lecture time. –Custom classes don’t include other client’s interests, which can dilute the curriculum. –Class materials become the client’s property

8 Education Approach Class Format –Strategic Academy utilizes the PeopleSoft Expedition materials for all client training –Same materials as is used for consultant training –Integrated project team training GL, AP, and AR team members learn the product suite together Team Synergy Facilitates better prototype design and integration Positions team effectively for the upcoming workbench milestone

9 Education Approach Delivery –Expedition class is boiled down to more closely address the client’s business priorities –Two field experienced consultants customize and deliver the materials One Strategic Academy Instructor One Guest Instructor –1 : 3 Instructor / Student Ratio Target –An “Implementation Opportunities” list is maintained through the class for turnover to the implementation team

10 Education Approach Training Environment –Uses client PC’s Standalone PC’s ok No CNC work required at training step PC’s may be utilized ultimately in client ‘war room’ environment –Current E1/World Standalone loaded with supplied database saved with ‘Snapshot’ tool –Client conference room or classroom

11 Education Timing 3 Suites of training can be completed in 6-8 weeks Classes are 4 days (or less) per week 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Class Durations (for budget purposes) –Common Foundation (Architecture / Address Book) (3 days) –Financial Suite (7 days) –Distribution Suite (7 days) –Manufacturing Suite (8 days) –Report Writer (3 days) –Financial Report Writer (3 days) Final class duration’s are customized/determined after Training Survey is completed

12 Education Customization Training Survey –1/2 day –Agenda is used as a driver Sections can be skipped or highlighted for greater attention Field consultants bring relevant experience / real world examples Training vs. consulting

13 Education Tools Client PC’s Standalone PC’s ok No CNC work required at training step PC’s may be utilized ultimately in client ‘war room’ environment PC specifications Win/NT 96 Mb Ram 2Gb free hard disk Current E1 Standalone loaded with PSFT supplied database saved with ‘Snapshot’ tool PC Projector SBC can provide subject to availability

14 Education Environment Classroom –Comfortable workstations and chairs –Clean comfortable room Adequate cooling for equipment and students –Whiteboard and markers –Flipchart and markers –Copies of materials as needed –Misc. office supplies for students (Post-its, highlighters, pads, etc)

15 Education Benefits Approach –Integrated team instruction –Hands-on focused –Case-studies and exercises germane to real business scenarios

16 Education Benefits Inclusiveness –Only limitations are practical limitations Number of PC’s Room size Instructor / Student Ratio Expeditious / At the RIGHT time –In most cases on-site training can be completed faster than vendor classes can be scheduled and attended by project team members –Scheduling two 4-day weeks of on-site training is simpler than coordinating project team attendance at multiple vendor classes in a training center –Segments correspond to key implementation milestones

17 Education Benefits Value –Customized Spend training time and money only on relevant company priorities –Cost savings 30+% less total training dollars than vendor classroom training Effectiveness –More appropriate timing closer to prototype and project steps –1 : 3 Instructor / student ratio –Field experienced instructors –Integrated turnover to implementation team

18 Education How do we get started? Contact us today! –E-mail –630 215 7781 or 847 691 2523 –820 Douglas Avenue Suite 1001 Elgin, IL 60120

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