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Fullerton College DSS Orientation 2015

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1 Fullerton College DSS Orientation 2015
Disability Support Services Room 842

2 Welcome! We are excited that you chose Fullerton College (FC) and we are looking forward to getting to know you and assisting you with your academic and vocational goals! We at Disability Support Services (DSS) pride ourselves in helping students feel comfortable on campus and in our office. Come see how friendly and helpful we are!

3 AGENDA: Transition from High School to College
Strategies for College Success What is a DSS Accommodation? What is NOT a DSS Accommodation DSS Accommodations Steps to Become a DSS Student Final Thought

4 Transition from High School to College
Wow! What a difference!!! Transition from High School to College It’s Your Education- You might initially be overwhelmed with all of the decisions that must be made in college, but it is exciting! You will be in charge of your schedule, classes, and extra-curricular activities. You can ask for assistance with all of these choices by seeing an academic counselor in the Counseling Division or by making an appointment with your DSS Counselor. It’s Your Time to be More Independent- It will be up to you to manage your own time, balance your responsibilities, set your priorities, and ask for any help that you need. It’s Your Turn to Take Charge- You will quickly learn that you will be more successful in college if you advocate for yourself. Examples of this include utilizing DSS services, meeting with your instructors during their office hours, and scheduling regular appointments in support services areas such as the Tutoring Center, the Writing Center, and counseling. Your self-advocacy skills in combination with campus support services will ultimately lead to the achievement of your educational goals.

5 Question Which of the following are places on campus where you can obtain assistance in planning your academic schedule and choosing classes toward your educational and vocational goals? Financial Aid Office and Health Center Academic Counseling and DSS Offices The Foundation Office and the Student Affairs Office The answer is b). The Academic Counseling Department (in the 2000 Building) and the DSS office are great places to obtain assistance with the planning of your academic schedule and choosing classes toward your educational and vocational goals. Other offices like Financial Aid and the Health Center are very important offices that you should utilize for other purposes.

6 QUESTION Which one of the following is an example of advocating for yourself on campus? Socializing on the Quad Participating in a PE class Discussing your academic progress with your instructor The answer is c). Self-advocacy includes visiting your instructor during office hours and asking questions, clarifying concerns, and monitoring your class progress. Even though socializing is an important part of the overall college experience it is not the correct answer to this question. Taking a P.E. class is always a good thing if it is part of your educational plan.

7 Strategies for College Success
Fullerton College is a credit institution. This means that all courses lead to an Associate’s Degree, a Certificate, and/or a Transfer option. DSS students receive academic assistance and accommodations, but it is important to understand that all students are held to the same academic and behavioral standards. Therefore, to be successful in college, you must not only learn to use your DSS services responsibly and regularly, but you must also: Develop personal strategies for self-management. Develop strong academic skills. Become aware of campus resources and get the assistance that you need.

Establishing goals early on can help you stay motivated in college. It is much easier to feel excited and passionate about college when YOU determine your goals and the path YOU need to take to achieve them. Develop solid time management skills and know your limits. We have found that college students with disabilities need 3 to 4 hours of study time for every 1 hour of lecture in class. So set yourself up for success by creating a reasonable schedule that allows for plenty of study time. Realizing that you are now responsible for your own success and progress is paramount to college success. It is critical that you keep track of and actively participate in your education. This will include tracking your progress (grades, GPA), knowing and meeting your deadlines for assignments, and communicating with your instructors. Personal Strategies for Self Management:

Academic skills including note-taking, reading comprehension, and test-taking are critical for college success. The DSS Adaptive Computer Lab provides workshops/trainings in these academic and other skill areas. All DSS students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the lab class for valuable academic support! Additionally, the Fullerton College Tutoring and Writing Centers provide help with academic classes/skills at no cost. STRATEGIES FOR COLLEGE SUCCESS Academic Skills:

Become familiar with all campus resources so you know what is available to you. Request and use your DSS services. Schedule and meet with a counselor at Academic Counseling and/or DSS at least once a semester. Take advantage of the FC Health Center which includes a variety of medical and mental health services. *Remember – Anytime you have questions or need assistance DSS is available to help! STRATEGIES FOR COLLEGE SUCCESS Campus Resources and Getting the Assistance that You Need:

11 QUESTION Most FC classes are 3 units which means there are 3 hours of lecture per week. How many hours of study time should you schedule per week in order to be successful? 1 – 2 hours 9 – 12 hours The answer is c). College students with disabilities typically need 3 – 4 hours of study time per week for each 1 hour of lecture in class. So a 3 unit class with 3 hours of lecture will require 9 – 12 hours of study time. As you can imagine, study strategies are very important.

12 QUESTION All DSS students are strongly encouraged to enroll in what academic support class? Adaptive Computer Lab Tutoring Center Water Aerobics The answer is a). The DSS Adaptive Computer Lab is where students can obtain help in their current classes, they can work at their own pace at improving weaker academic skills, and they can learn and use state of the art technologies which assist in a variety of ways. An example of this is the LiveScribe Pen that audio records the lecture while the student takes notes. Then the notes can be downloaded to a computer from the pen and printed.

13 What is a DSS Accommodation?
An accommodation is a service that helps students compensate for the limitations that are caused by a disability. An accommodation helps a student with a disability to participate in the classroom process, to perform the essential tasks of the class, and to create an equal opportunity for academic success. Every accommodation has a policy and procedure which means you have a responsibility to use each accommodation wisely.

14 What is NOT a DSS Accommodation?
Excused absences for disability–related needs: All absences must be handled directly with your instructor. Note-taking accommodations do not replace class attendance. Basic changes to curriculum: Extra time to complete assignments is not an accommodation. Being assigned less homework than your classmates is not an accommodation Class test accommodations: Extra study time to prepare for your test is not an accommodation. Use of notes and textbooks during exams is not an accommodation and is determined by the instructor.

15 QUESTION An accommodation is:
A service that helps students compensate for the limitations that are caused by a disability. An individually prescribed support service aimed at helping students with disabilities participate in the classroom process and to perform the essential tasks of the class A service aimed at creating an equal opportunity for academic success. All of the above. The answer is d). DSS accommodations help students compensate for the limitations of their disability. An example of this is being able to take tests at the DSS office for extended time and in a distraction-reduced setting if the student has slow processing ability or is easily distracted as a result of a verified disability. Test accommodations and all accommodations must be discussed with and approved by a DSS counselor.

16 QUESTION True or False: A DSS accommodation means that I can turn assignments in late and that I can use notes on tests. FALSE. DSS accommodations do not allow for late assignments or using notes on tests. These arrangements are determined by the instructor of the class.

17 QUESTION True or False: If I have note-taking assistance as an accommodation, I can skip class and still get notes from my note-taker. FALSE. Note-taking accommodations are ONLY provided when you attend class. If you need to miss class for an acceptable reason, arrange for notes or missed work with your instructor.

18 DSS Accommodations at Fullerton College
Priority Registration - DSS students may be eligible to register for classes on the first day of registration. Some of the reasons for this accommodation include: Test accommodations: If extra test time is an approved accommodation, you must schedule gaps between classes so that you can use your extra test time either before or after the scheduled class time. Scheduling concerns: Priority registration will allow you to secure class times and locations that match your individual disability-related needs. Test Taking Accommodations – As a DSS student you may be eligible for class test accommodations. Class test accommodations are prescribed based on individual need. Accommodations may include: Extended test time Distraction reduced setting Alternate Media and related support. (similar to other accommodations, class test accommodations require you to make arrangements ahead of time. This process will be described in detail at your initial appointment with a DSS counselor)

19 DSS Accommodations at Fullerton College (continued)
Note-Taking Assistance- As a DSS student you may be eligible for note-taking assistance. Note-taking options may include: Audio Recording Lectures Peer note-taking with special NCR paper provided by DSS The training and use of a LiveScribe Pen or other technologies Access to print material/alternate media– Alternate media/reading accommodations are prescribed based on individual need. The accommodations allow you to access your reading materials in an audio or electronic format. Braille, etext and audio books are examples or access to print options. It is important to understand that these formats take a great deal of time to produce; therefore, it is critical to make alternate media requests immediately following registration.

20 DSS accommodations at Fullerton College (con’t.)
Registration Assistance – DSS counselors are available for specialized disability-related counseling appointments. During these appointments a DSS counselor will assist you in the planning of a balanced course-load with your specific set of disability-related needs in mind. Adaptive Computer Lab – DSS students are eligible to enroll in our specialized support lab. The lab assists students with study skills and offers a variety of opportunities related to assistive technology and overall academic success.

21 DSS Accommodations at Fullerton College (con’t.)
Assistive Technology – DSS can offer a variety of disability related technology options including: Dragon Naturally Speaking Kurzweil FM System CCTV/magnifier/Zoom text Jaws Self-advocacy Assistance One of the goals of the DSS Office is to prepare students for their next stage in life. One of the important steps in this process is to be a strong self-advocate. As a Fullerton College DSS student the greatest opportunity for learning that you will experience is the development of self-advocacy skills. DSS is here to act as a liaison for you with all of your academic accommodations, and we hope that with our support you will become successful in fulfilling your needs and understanding your rights as a student with a disability.

22 QUESTION DSS students may be eligible for priority registration as an accommodation because: It allows a student to research instructors that meet his/her learning styles. Other support services including class test accommodations may require special planning when scheduling classes They can then secure class times and locations that are more convenient for their busy life style Both a) and b) All of the above The answer is d). Students need to use their priority registration accommodation responsibly. Examples of this include scheduling gaps in between classes if you are authorized to take tests with extended time and scheduling class locations strategically if you have mobility difficulties. Priority Registration also gives you the opportunity to research instructors and make wise decisions about instructor choices.

23 QUESTION Accommodations offered through the DSS office include:
Options to skip homework/class if needed A full-time personal advocate for all of your school needs An opportunity to get help whenever you need it without any planning ahead Note-Taking Assistance The answer is d). Accommodations do not alter any of the course requirements. DSS students are held to the same standards as their peers. DSS does not provide you with an advocate but does help you become a strong self-advocate.

24 What’s Next? By now you should have brought your disability-related documents to DSS, completed your FC Online Orientation, taken your placement tests and you have almost completed the DSS orientation. Once these four things are done, you will receive a call from DSS to schedule your initial appointment. Feel free to refer to the “Steps To Become An FC DSS Student” At this appointment, your authorized accommodations and services will be discussed and explained. Academic counseling will also take place as the DSS Counselor will assist you with the planning of your class schedule. This counseling is based upon your placement test results and your Student Educational Plan (SEPP). Summer and Fall registration dates will be shared along with information on how to register through MyGateway. Typically, Summer registration begins in early-May and Fall registration begins in mid-July. Class schedules are usually available online at FC’s home page three weeks before registration. For those students and parents who would like to learn more about the transition into Fullerton College and its DSS program, you will be given details on our optional Transition Workshop. Please call the DSS Office at , us at or visit us online at if you have any questions!

25 Completing the Orientation
To receive credit for completing this orientation, please click on the following link, answer the questions as directed AND SUBMIT your answers. Once you submit your quiz answers, you will receive a call from DSS to schedule your appointment with a counselor. This may take 1 day (if you completed this by April 30) or 3-5 days (if you delayed and completed this in May – July). Click here to start the quiz Congratulations for making it this far. You are almost there!

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