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Dynamic Parking Management at Sydney Airport Craig Norton General Manager Parking & Ground Transport 12 September 2013.

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1 Dynamic Parking Management at Sydney Airport Craig Norton General Manager Parking & Ground Transport 12 September 2013

2 Welcome to Sydney Airport 2 Sydney Airport is Australia’s busiest airport welcoming 37 million passengers on 39 airlines and 95 destinations Internationally 42% of all passengers arriving in Australia come to Sydney Airport 6th largest A380 airport in the world 48% of all airfreight 63,110 flights in 2012 Domestically 25% of all domestic passengers pass through Sydney Airport The 5th and 12th busiest routes in the world 229,739 domestic and regional flights in 2012

3 3 Sydney Airport Overview So what else is unique about Sydney Airport ?.....

4 When you land in Sydney you are IN Sydney 4

5 Even the beaches are close! 5

6 Now that’s a beach! – 7km away 6

7 Parking Implications 7 Proximity to the CBD means that there are many transport alternatives other than driving and parking at the airport Off airport car parks Taxis, limousines, shuttle buses or coaches Public rail and public buses Free pick up and drop off facilities at the airport A modal market share of 10% *Excluding free parking

8 A static approach doesn’t work in a highly dynamic environment 8 Historically Sydney Airport parking  Had been priced on a one size fits all approach  Had fixed pricing, regardless of time of day, demand and usage patterns  Had not adjusted its pricing or products to reflect the changing passenger mix  Was not fully cognisant of the highly competitive nature of the parking business  Was not communicating effectively with it’s existing potential customers

9 On the ground… 9

10 Dynamic Business Management 10 A dynamic environment calls for dynamic approaches … flexibility is paramount Segment focussed customer research Better Customer Experience Effective Marketing Communication Improved Value

11 Segment Focussed Customer Research 11 Cost Primary consideration across different passenger groups (less so for business traveller) Is considered as a proportion of the total trip cost Convenience Traded off against cost, time and comfort (eg trains often not considered by those on the northern beaches) Customer Experience A previous negative experience will often mean that a transport option will be excluded from future consideration A positive experience will mean it will continue to be used without serious consideration of alternatives until a negative experience disrupts this Awareness of Options Lack of awareness and understanding of transport options will exclude them from being considered (eg knowledge of our various product and pricing options) Frequent Business Visitor Corporate Lounge Traveller Young Value- Seeking Explorer Vacationing Families Experienced Local VFR

12 Better Customer Experience 12 Flexible online booking system Chose Advam Attendant as an off-the- shelf online booking system to replace legacy software Capable of credit card or barcode scan at entry Access Equipment Replacement Rigorous tender process with detailed specifications resulted in choice of Designa equipment Designa were the systems integrator

13 Better Customer Experience 13 Parking Guidance System Indect - Simple, effective ultra-sonic system Centralised Control Establishment of ‘contact centre’ control room with new processes and customer centric approach Valet System American valet system by STS integrated with online booking system and equipment

14 Improved Value 14

15 Effective Marketing Communication 15 Make it Exciting Remote Long Term Car Park (zzzz…) If you are not passionate why would your customers be? Tell ‘em about it Unless your customers know … Choose your mediums effectively – Traffic Report Don’t lose sight of your objectives Focus on growth of customer base and repeat usage – our base has grown over 400% since launch in October 2011 Go for revenue management first and get your customers into the habit Yield manage your peaks and use your ‘troughs’ to generate the marketing message – $69 four day weekend

16 Effective Marketing Communication 16 Don’t forget to ask “Would you like fries with that?” Give customers the choice to upgrade -15% of our ‘Weekenders’ upgrade to valet -5% from Blu Emu to at-terminal parking Study your customers behaviour, listen to what they say Social media is both immediate and trackable – SEM gives us over 13x ROI and FB driving high shares & likes and engagement

17 The Proof of the Pudding Strong connection between marketing campaigns and increasing booking volumes 19,772

18 Thank you for your attention

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