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What’s New With RescueNet Dispatch Presented by: Tara DeLone Product Manager.

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1 What’s New With RescueNet Dispatch Presented by: Tara DeLone Product Manager

2 #ZOLLSummit

3 Roadmap June 2011Dec 2011Jan 2013TBD NEMSIS 3.0 NEMSIS 4.6 RNDB 4.5 Archiving ProQA – Paramount Address Alerts Messaging 4.5 RNDB 4.4 SP4 ProQA – Terminal Services UDX Fixes 4.4SP4 RNDB 4.4 SP3 64-Bit Workstation Compatibility Navigator Fixes 4.4SP3 RNDB 4.4 SP2 Disable/ Enable Natures Crew Vehicles Units Cancel Reasons 4.4SP2 May 2012

4 Archiving

5  Use Cases Archive Older Trips Trips to be archived will be specified based on a user specified end date, and the start date will always be the “Billing/Dispatch Go Live” date. Additional settings for archiving may include: –Do not archive Trips with a balance (negative and positive) –Do not archive trips in collection (checkbox on tab 3) –Do not archive trips marked as “Never Archive”. New checkbox on trip. Review Archived Trips

6 Archiving  Use Cases (continued) Restore Archived Trips Trips in both the current and archive databases are returned. Current trips can be selected and edited as usual. Trips found in the archive database will be viewable in Call Taking in a read-only mode where the edit buttons are disabled. Attachments and images for archived trips will also be accessible through Call Taking. Reporting of Archived Trips Print Forms for Archived Trips

7 Find Trip

8 Find Trip Results

9 Call Taking

10 Archive Manager RescueNet Administration > Advanced >Run Process >Archive

11 Archive Trips

12 Restore Trips

13 Other 4.5 Features  Switch Between Map Datasets  ProQA Certification – Paramount  Messaging  Address Alerts  Full Data Display in Columns Open Work Vehicle Information Trips in Vehicle Information

14 Other 4.5 Features  Latest Version of DispatchPro  Sound Server  Disable “Unassigned” Function  Inactivate Crew  Inactivate Call Types and Priorities

15 Beyond 4.5….  NEMSIS National EMS Information System Language of EMS Local EMS agencies send date to State who then sends to National system Traditionally tied to ePCR systems

16 Beyond 4.5….  NEMSIS 3.0 To be implemented within next year Realization that CAD systems can supply important patient information NEMSIS compliant CAD systems could supply information to state without ePCR system NEMSIS compliant CAD systems would talk to each other and other compliant systems Standard data interchange Intermediate step to HL7 – language of Healthcare

17 Beyond 4.5….  What this means for RNDB New NEMSIS fields Modification to existing fields CAD certification process to test NEMSIS files To Do’s: Pay attention and be aware Join state committees to get involved Look for NEMSIS compliant software

18 Future Features  Over 700 Dispatch Features  Quarterly Review to Prioritize 25-50 Features High – Medium – Low Post on Forum Page – Email to volunteers


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