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Honiara City Council Local Governance, Leadership Management & Service Deliveries Hello! My Colleagues and Friends I bring Greetings from my Executive.

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1 Honiara City Council Local Governance, Leadership Management & Service Deliveries Hello! My Colleagues and Friends I bring Greetings from my Executive Council members in Honiara who have pledged and joined me in wishing for the success of this Forum.

2 Honiara City Council Experiences All Politicians ( Either in National Parliament or in Local Governments)  We are elected into office by our constituencies or wards to be representatives  In James Svara’s definition of the ‘representation role’, we are the ‘delegates’ and ‘trustees’ of constituents whom we represent  We have been entrusted with the trust and confidence by them to act and speak on their behalves  On that count, we are accountable to the people and the government structure we are working and responsible for

3  Representation is at the very core of local governance, democracy, and elected leadership.  It is also the most problematic, difficult, and challenging aspect of your role as an elected official When Elected into Office. First N Foremost  Induction and orientation programs of our legal mandate and statutory functions of the offices we have been assigned to perform is of paramount importance

4 Honiara City Council Local Government Experience “ The Foundations of our Leadership”  The City Act, or local governments acts, their Legislations, Ordinances, standing orders and working Policies of the governments we serve are important factor for us to understand  These are the legal bases of our leadership roles  Bases of decision makings, with political directives  Bases for way forwards for the council N its service deliveries  Bases to bring Changes and Improvement  Bases to create and improve relationships ( external & internal)  Bases of strengthening and improving Service Deliveries into the communities  Bases of Compliance and Quality Control  Forward Developments  Good Governance  Donor / Partner relationships  Work Force Management & Staff Relationships ( Cordial relationships) is of paramount important for the work force to execute effective service for the government of the day.

5 Honiara City Council I would like to focus on One point as an Example Creating and Managing Relationships with Internal & External Partners is of value and Importance; Most local governments depend on:  Grants from Central Government  Internal Revenue generating income For executing and delivery of services to the communities (inadequate at times) Local Government with Clear and Good Policies on: Good Governances, Strategic Planning, and Work Plan Strategies. Partners are willing to fill in gaps in development strategies and delivery of services to the communities Example with HCC, World Bank, NZAID, UN Women, JICA, UN Habitat, Mono Pumps,

6 Local Government –Relationships Being the Mayor of the City Good Strong Relationship with Government ( National N Line Ministries) Good Cordial Relationships with Diplomatic Missions Strong Relationship with Business Houses Good Cordial relationship with colleagues councilors Good Strong relations with Management and Work Force


8 Decision Makings Decision Making is the Hardest in any political endeavor Know the legislations and policy frameworks of your government Seek Appropriate Legal Advise / Opinion when necessary Seek inputs from community including marginalized and minority groups Undertake policy analysis and appropriate research Stay Focus and determined at your political ambition for Changes, improvements and developments Do not work in isolation - be a team player

9 Honiara City Council These are some Hindrances and risks to Local Government Little or no interest and lack of good and adequate performances by elected political leadership into office Politicians with hidden agenda and interests in office Money driven personal into the political powerhouse Ignorance of local governments legislations Constant ‘Motion of No-Confidences’ Making Decisions outside our legal mandate or legislative frameworks Individuals who want to be smarter than others Death in Office Non-cooperation by some members Inadequate collected revenue (for service delivery) Poor and bad Policies Non-support by work force to political leadership Poor Political directives

10 Leadership in Melanesia Context Bottom Up Leadership approach Leadership is based on traditional values in our Society Presently, leadership is extension from our traditions – based on the ‘wontok’ system But, leadership is about providing good accountability and transparency Leadership is entrusted with power and responsibilities A responsibility for development, performances delivery of services Leaders are obliged to admit his/her incompetent Leadership must display maturity and confident in dealing with issues

11 Leadership Challenges In Melanesia context, Leadership is always challenged especially in Solomon Islands, it is like a disease Namely but a few  Leadership, Managements skills, especially when you have to deal with a diverse Community, and cultural diversity and a political differences and Gender issues.  High Expectations  Leadership output are monitored  Incompetence and autocratic behaviours are issues  Are excuses For Motions of No Confidence against political leaderships

12 Managing Challenges Be Prepared to meet the Challenges Be Confident to make changes Bring changes for improvements where necessary Changes to bring innovative solutions A must to demonstrate leadership capacity Give clear directives and monitor change improvements Continue to maintain and demonstrate cordial relationships Political Leadership must maintain respect of Management and its independence Happy Local Government in the Pacific

13 PNG Local Government CLGF Tagio Tumas lo Hospitality lo here lo Port Moresby Ladies and Gentlemen TAGIO TUMAS Happy Local Government in the Pacific

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