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The War in Afghanistan: Counterinsurgency Operations in Kunar and Nuristan.

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1 The War in Afghanistan: Counterinsurgency Operations in Kunar and Nuristan

2 Situation September 11 th terrorist attack OEF launched October 7, 2001 as a response Find Osama Bin Laden and all high-ranking Al Qaeda officials, destroy Al Qaeda organization & the Taliban regime in Afghanistan who provides safe-haven for al- Qaeda. OEF successful but since 2006 al-Qaeda and the Taliban have surged in northeast through insurgent/guerilla warfare Coalition forces are struggling to implement COIN strategy in the isolated populations and mountainous regions of northeastern provinces McChrystal calls for 40,000 troops. Waiting on Obama…

3 Thesis Examine the current war-fighting strategies implemented by US forces in the Northeastern provinces of Kunar and Nuristan. Study the military history of Afghanistan (Soviet & British invasions) to conclude a greater modern counterinsurgency strategy in Kunar and Nuristan

4 Population Multiple ethnic groups: Pashtun, Tajiks, Hazaras, and Uzbeks Language: Dari, Pashtu, Turkic Religion: Islam Est. Census of 2005: 29,928,987 - 84% Sunni Muslim - 15% Shiites Muslim

5 Geography Geographic location: links Central and South Asia with the Middle East Terrain: steppes, desert, and mountain land Capital City: Kabul 34 administrative provinces


7 British Invasion Britain invades in 1838 to keep the Russians from controlling the country. Unable to win the hearts and minds of the population Unwilling to make long-term, large-scale, military commitments Left Afghan’s bitter and hostile towards foreign influence and modernization

8 The Soviet Invasion

9 Soviet Union invades Afghanistan December 1979 Afghan government becomes pro-soviet and communist. Radical Islamic fundamentals counter by forming an insurgent force called the Mujahideen Soviet strategy: depopulate remote villages in the countryside US finances and arms the Mujahideen’s fighting force Soivet Regime begins leaving Afghanistan in 1985 The Taliban is born! US must be weary of the historic strength of Afghan insurgent groups.


11 US Invasion of Afghanistan

12 September 11 th attacks Osama bin Laden identified Bush: issues ultimatum but Afghan government refuses to cooperate US initial attacks (ariel bombing and US Special Forces) are a success!


14 Battle of Tora Bora serves as major turning point Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda officals retreat across Kunar border into Pakistan


16 Kunar and Nuristan


18 Overview History of violence and unconquerable thus far Extremely treacherous terrain: rocky and hilly Share a River Valley system 401, 000 Afghan locals live in the valleys Korengal Valley considered deadliest place on earth! River Valley people are strict conservatives and rural US Forces must earn the trust and support of the locals

19 Enemy Syndicate Al-Qaeda is ring leader for multiple “syndicate” insurgent groups Enemy insurgent force estimated between 7, 000 and 11,000 fighters Must focus efforts on destroying al- Qaeda “Taliban” has become a generic description for all insurgent forces


21 Counterinsurgency Strategy Major flaws in the current strategy “clear, hold, build” We must… A. PROVIDE FOR THE POPULATION B. Limit the flow of insurgents in the region C. Reduce civilian casualties/destruction of property D. Expand Afghan Security Force in the region SOLUTION: Increase the number of US Troops in the region.


23 Korengal Valley Extremely hostile locals – deadliest region in Afghanistan Taliban smuggle timber out of Korengal to fund the insurgency Korengalis don’t support US presence or Afghan government We must… A. Concentrate on insurgent forces and take the Korengalis out of the fight B. Eliminate large amounts of indirect fire in the Valley C. Decrease US casualties in the region SOLUTION: Remove US troops from the Korengal Valley and shift the focus of the fight to the origins of the trade routes

24 Conclusion - Population is Paramount- Protect the people of Kunar and Nuristan Stronger military presence in the region Train the population Remove troops in extremely hostile (untouchable) regions SOLUTION: Win the hearts and minds of the people in order to defeat the insurgency in Kunar and Nuristan

25 QUESTIONS? By: Shane Stinemetz

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