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EIDR Combined Monthly Agenda Registry Operations Update –Monthly Stats Technology Update –2.0.2 Release Schedule –UV Update –Tiger Teams Business and.

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2 EIDR Combined Monthly Agenda Registry Operations Update –Monthly Stats Technology Update –2.0.2 Release Schedule –UV Update –Tiger Teams Business and Marketing Update –New Member Announcements –Marketing and Outreach Calendar Upcoming Industry Events Selected Implementation Thumbnails


4 EIDR Operations: Content database details Category2014-Mar.2013201220112010 Total records 589,454581,798 279,900221,146183,915 Original/title-level content: Movies 78,397 75,800 51,49645,77443,573 Shorts 3,073 3,039 1,4061,2241,121 One-Time-Only TV 30,318 29,709 26,11222,19917,952 Series 13,602 13,409 9,6138,7197,541 Seasons 18,480 18,082 12,1979,4867,837 Episodes 316,320 313,328 158,371130,284105,891 Edits 122,174 121,513 18,2931,8550 Manifestations 7,031 6,866 2,0461,6210

5 EIDR Operations: Alternate ID’s CategoryToday Any Alternate ID325,370 Sony164,946 Warner73,685 ISAN72,477 Baseline60,515 IMDb48,108 IVA30,826 Flixster29,774

6 Getting to Scale - 2014 Bulk Registrations – current and upcoming –BFI – Catalog registration test set complete –ESPN – Developing sports best practices, catalog to follow –Fox – Episodic interface released, catalog pending –Red Bee – Awaiting submission of first catalog set –Rentrak – Catalog registration under review –Rovi – Monthly “continuous seeding” –T3Media – Will register catalog when sports practices are available –West10 – Data mapping and alignment for catalog registration


8 2.0.2 Release Schedule Features –Registry hardening & performance improvements –Limit Structural/Referent Type combinations –Require Series to specify at least one SeriesInfo item –Enhanced DOI Mapping –Limit on future release years –Prevent empty/0 Alt IDs –Allow Superparty to specify an EIDR ID during registration –Read-only access for Get Mod Base Release Schedule –Compatibility testing starts March 31 –Production release April 12

9 UltraViolet Update CFF Metadata Registration Stabilized with EIDR 2.0 Release –Manifestations now closely match CFF metadata Setting up Members for APID Self-Service –Members are using the EIDR CFF Tool to create their own EIDR Manifestations to use as UV APIDs –Some will run the tool directly, others will integrate the functionality into an automated process Future Tool Releases –As DECE issues new schemas, we’ll need to update the tool –The pace of schema updates is slowing down, so this will be rare There is one update presently pending – when the new schema is released, we’ll issue a fix for the tool

10 Tiger Teams Adaptive Streaming: Done –Recommended practices for EIDR registration and file naming –Optional follow-on for low-level technical CDN issues Sports Programming: In Progress –Working with ESPN, T3Media, and Red Bee to develop best practices –Will escalate to TWG or full Tiger Team for specific issues and recommendation review Video Services: In Progress –Video Services search function will be available in the next Web UI release Next Up: –Digital Cinema –Packaged Media (both digital and physical) –Value-Added Extras


12 New Member Announcements Viacom Inc. – Paramount, Viacom Media Networks – Glenn Goldstein, David Kline, Abe Wong Univision – Mai-Wah Cheung, SVP, Enterprise Technology Services

13 Marketing and Outreach Calendar 3/25Metadata Madness Panel 4/3PBS TechCon Panel 4/6-9NAB –2 nd Screen Event (4/6, 12:00 – 6:00) –Briefings – broadcast focus – THANKS DELUXE (4/7, 1:00–2:00; 4/8, 3:00–4:00) –Co-sponsoring MESA reception (4/8, 6:30-8:30) 4/29-5/1NCTA –CableNET Exhibit, Briefings May(?)European Visit


15 British Film Institute (BFI) Match and register BFI catalog with EIDR – Status 1300 sample records matched (1063) and registered (239) In all cases, BFI ID in EIDR as Alternate ID, EIDR ID in BFI record Using desktop XML tools – Next steps: Continue working through UK filmography by collection (Hitchcock, Bond, Kubrick, Hammer Horror, etc) Use as impetus to improve BFI metadata as needed Eventually, include link back to EIDR from BFI searches Use EIDR ID as part of existing BFI processes – EIDR ID for new BFI-funded films – EIDR ID for films digitized through Film Heritage Unlocked program – Status Projects approved, in planning stages Use EIDR in National TV Archive – In planning stages

16 Canal+ Purpose – Bring forth EIDR ID in StudioCanal avails management system for own productions and acquisition of US titles Studio support in adding EIDR ID use for International distribution would be great – Bring EIDR ID in broadcast operations & title management Partners – Canal+ has announced deal with Technicolor Status – Manual test: complete – Technical validation with StudioCanal: complete – Internal canal+ discussions with broadcast operations: on-going

17 ESPN Purpose – Develop policies and procedures for ESPN to register its works for EIDR Content IDs. – Register ESPN’s back catalog of works. – Develop best practices and guidelines that EIDR will publish for all sports entertainment programming. Partners – T3 Media and Red Bee Media Status – Use Case Identification: In Process – Data Model Alignment: Pending – SDK Integration: Pending – Catalog Registration: Pending

18 Orchestra Networks Purpose – To add direct EIDR support into the Orchestra Networks MDM solution for the media and entertainment industry (search, match, create, and modify). Partners – Paramount will be the pilot customer Status – Data Model Alignment: Complete – SDK Integration: In Process

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