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Lesson 6 Vocabulary Mrs. Frazee.

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1 Lesson 6 Vocabulary Mrs. Frazee

2 Nepotism

3 I was qualified for the job, but Uncle Mike refused to hire me because he did not want me to be accused of nepotism.

4 Nepotism Noun Favoritism shown to family or friends by those in power, especially in business or hiring practices

5 Begrudge

6 Craig, the younger brother, secretly begrudged Brian’s fortune.

7 Begrudge Verb To resent another’s success; to envy Synonyms: resent
Antonyms: forgive

8 Mandarin

9 Mandarins and bureaucrats discussed the state of the economy during the summit.

10 Mandarin Noun An influential person; a member of an elite group

11 Glutinous

12 The bread dough was in a glutinous mass that stuck to anything it touched.

13 Glutinous Adjective Gluey; sticky

14 Enmity

15 Angry stares revealed the mutual enmity between Camden and Jacob.

16 Enmity Noun Deep-seated hostility, often mutual
Synonyms: hatred, antagonism Antonyms: friendship

17 Declaim

18 At the debate, each politician declaimed against the policies of the others.

19 Declaim Verb To speak in a dramatic, impassioned, or blustering manner
Synonyms: trumpet Antonyms: whisper

20 Gaff

21 The fisherman used a gaff to drag the heavy swordfish onto the boat.

22 Gaff Noun A pole with a large hook on one end

23 Quaff

24 The old captain quaffed his ale and then ordered another stein.

25 Quaff Verb To drink in large quantities, to gulp
Synonyms: guzzle, swig Antonyms: sip

26 Bibliophile

27 The bibliophile was thrilled to get a job at the library.

28 Bibliophile Noun A lover of books

29 Intricate

30 Our teacher took us through the intricate solution to the equation step by step.

31 Intricate Adjective Complicated; difficult to understand
Synonyms: complex, convoluted Antonyms: simple, uncomplicated, uninvolved

32 Enriched

33 Morose

34 It is not fair to call him a morose person just because he was depressed when you met him.

35 Morose Adjective Having a gloomy or sullen manner; not friendly or sociable Synonyms: morbid, gloomy, troubled, mournful Antonyms: cheerful, happy, optimistic

36 Paramount

37 Voters should insist that candidates for high office address the paramount issues facing our society.

38 Paramount Adjective Chief in importance, above all others
Synonyms: supreme, foremost, primary, dominant Antonyms: secondary, minor

39 Superfluous

40 Neat and well-organized people know how to eliminate all superfluous clutter.

41 Superfluous Adjective
Exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess, Synonyms: surplus, extra, unnecessary Antonyms: necessary, essential, vital, indispensable

42 Tenacious

43 Athletes must be tenacious in the pursuit of excellence if they hope to become Olympic champions.

44 Tenacious Adjective Holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent
Synonyms: obstinate, stubborn, dogged Antonyms: yielding, weak, gentle, lax, slack

45 Imbue

46 Her hard-working mother imbued Jane with a solid work ethic.

47 Imbue Verb To inspire or influence; to saturate
Synonyms: instill, pervade

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