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Saheed Sulaman Guyana Civil Aviation Authority

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1 Saheed Sulaman Guyana Civil Aviation Authority
MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS ENGINEERING CONFERENCE February 5, Multi-stakeholder Approach to Air Transport Development – Guyana’s Experience Saheed Sulaman Guyana Civil Aviation Authority

2 Outline of Presentation
Introduction Overview of the Civil Aviation System Air Transport Development in Guyana Building the Guyana Hub Conclusion

3 Introduction Area: 214,969 Population: 747,884 (2012)
Real GDP 2013: $360 Billion (2013) GDP Per Capita: US$2, (2013) Industries: Agriculture, Bauxite, Sugar, Rice, Timber and Gold Mining.

4 Introduction “Guyana may be the best kept secret of South America”
(National Geographic 2014)

5 Definition: Stakeholders
Individuals or organizations who are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected as a result of the project execution or successful project completion. (PMBOK, PMI 1996)

6 Know Your Stakeholders?

7 1. Air Transport Service Providers
Civil Aviation System A. Maintenance Organisations F. Air Navigation Services 1. Air Transport Service Providers B. Aviation Services G. Training C. Airports H. Airport Services D. Cargo Airlines I. Passenger Airlines E. Business Aviation J. General Aviation 2. Regulators and Industry Developers A. Passengers 3. End Users A. Government B. Shippers B. GCAA C. Suppliers of Goods

8 Multiple Stakeholders
Air Navigation Services Airport Operations Commerce, Trade & Tourism Cargo Operators Air Transport Providers Airports Ground Handling, Catering, Aviation Security Ancillary Services, Fuel, Cleaning, Security, Equipment Others Retail, Food & Beverages, Hotel, etc Passenger Airlines Civil Aviation System Regulatory Authority Commercial Services, Financing, Insurance, Consulting etc. Charter Operators Aviation Services Education/Training Institutions GCAA

9 11 Air Operator Certificate Holders
Regulated Entities 413 Licensed Personnel 11 Air Operator Certificate Holders 70 Aircraft on Register 11 Foreign Operators 7 Approved Organisations 120 Aerodromes

10 Two Main Groups Domestic Aviation International Aviation
Within border flights connecting coastland and hinterland Cross-border flights, transporting cargo, mail and passengers

11 Why stakeholders matter?

12 “Successful collaboration and cooperation between ANSPs, airspace users, airports, regulators, manufacturing industry, and regional and global organizations are paramount for the sound development of air transport.” (IATA 2013)

13 Stakeholders Buy-in More stakeholders buy-in means greater level of compliance especially when regulations and regulatory agencies are involved.

14 Source: IATA Economics Briefing No 4: VALUE CHAIN PROFITABILITY by Mark Smyth & Brian Pearce, IATA, June 06

15 Case Study of Redjet & Ezjet
Number of flights conducted by Airlines ( )

16 More stakeholders cooperation is always needed when all parties are striving to move in the same direction. Lesson Learnt

17 The Development of Air Transport
In 1993 Government initiated a National Development Strategy (NDS). The NDS identified the challenges in the air transport sector and proposed strategies to mitigate the challenges and grow the sector.

18 Air Transport Challenges
Substandard physical facilities at Ogle Aerodrome No Air Services Agreements exist between Guyana and most countries in the world. Limited International air connections Public Service Bureaucracy Limited runway length at Cheddi Jagan International Airport Lack of coordination among stakeholders Major International Conventions on Civil Aviation have not been ratified. No effective and equipped Search and Rescue System Substandard quality of airfields Weak Legislation

19 Strategies implemented
Revised and update Legislation and Regulations Establish and renegotiate ASAs Autonomous Civil Aviation Authority Encourage & Promote Private Airlines Autonomous Airports Authority Increase frequency of international flights Invest to improve the physical facilities at Airports Establish and strengthen Search and Rescue System


21 Air transport accounts for approx. 0.4% of Guyana’s Real GDP (2013)….
….and provides an estimated 3,000 Direct jobs

22 Domestic Aviation Pax CAGR = 15.6% Cargo CAGR = 14.2%

23 International Aviation
Pax CAGR = 1.3% Cargo CAGR = -3.1%

24 Stakeholders Participation

25 Ogle Airport: Every Day
130 take-off and land 445 Passengers 50,300 kgs

26 Source:
Building a Hub Making the Cheddi Jagan International Airport a Hub for African, Latin, South and North American traffic. Source:

27 Road Map to Hub Development
Hub Study by IKEW UK LTD Airport Investment & Infrastructural Development Strengthening Institutional & Regulatory Capacity ICAO ICAN

28 Negotiation of Air Services Agreements
# Asia Africa Caribbean North America Europe Middle East 1 China Kenya Curacao Canada United Kingdom Qatar 2 Singapore Ghana Norway 3 Nigeria Netherlands 4 Iceland

29 Concluding Remarks “Building sustainable cities - and a sustainable future - will need open dialogue among all branches of national, regional and local government. And it will need the engagement of all stakeholders - including the private sector and civil society, and especially the poor and marginalized.” Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General.

30 Concluding Remarks Insanity is trying to achieve real development without stakeholders engagement.

31 Thank You

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