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DSLR Astrophotography

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1 DSLR Astrophotography
Blythe Guvenen Kitt Peak Visitor Center


3 DSLR Astrophotography
1-5 minute exposures Noisier than dedicated astrophotography CCDs Easier to use! Equipment Cable release Mirror lockup Poor H-alpha sensitivity Modified DLSRs are available

4 Equipment: “Inexpensive” Set Up
Wide-field shots DSLR camera Any DSLR with a “bulb” setting 8mm to 300mm lens Sturdy tripod “Piggyback” to tracked telescope

5 Equipment: Moderate Set Up
Modified DSLR Hutech modified camera Canon 60da GEM – German Equatorial Mounts Losmandy GM-8; Orion Atlas EQ-G Widefield refractor, Stellarvue, TeleVue, etc. Meade SN-8 etc.

6 Equipment: $$$ Mount: AP 1200GTO Field computer, MaximDL
Observatory w/power Takahashi Epsilon-200

7 Mount Manufacturers Losmandy G11 Celestron CGE, CGEM Pro
w/ Gemini GOTO Celestron CGE, CGEM Pro Mountain instruments AP Software Bisque Paramount ME & MX Takahashi

8 Accurate Tracking: Autoguide
Autoguiding? Ensures round stars Fishcamp Starlight Express “Lodestar” SBIG ST-4 & STV Discontinued SBIG SG-4

9 Telescope Wide-field Short focal length Refractor or Newtonian

10 Refractor Examples TeleVue: 102is Stellarvue Astro-Physics-$$$ TEC-140
APM Takahashi FSQ-106 Meade

11 Reflector Schmidt-Cassegrain: Newtonian RC
Long focal length, slow optical system, moving mirror – difficult to stabilize focus Compact optical tube assemblies Newtonian Fixed mirrors, fast optical system, short exposures Longer optical tube assemblies RC Flatter near the edge of the field of view No corrector plate

12 Focuser Precision…but expensive: Feathertouch, Moonlight, Optec TCF-S, FLI, and “FocusMax” Less expensive: Hartmann mask Stiletto focuser, knife edge

13 DSLR Examples:







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