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2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Literature search Problem statement
Effectiveness of Blended Learning(topic reflection) Methods of inquiry Findings Recommendations Conclusion

3 INTRODUCTION Firstly it is of paramount importance to note that the process of learning can only be best achieved to its ends if there is a conducive environment which accommodates the learner , the instructor and more importantly should go hand in hand with the technological advancements of that particular time. This paper will basically highlight on the necessity of blended learning ,which is, combining both traditional and modern learning approaches to achieve effective learning in academic institutions necessitated by the technological advancements of the 21st century.

4 LITERATURE SEARCH According to Node (2001), “Blended learning (Integrative Learning or Hybrid Learning) is the mixing of different learning environments. It combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with modern computer mediated activities. This strategy has been noted to create a more integrated approach for learners and lecturers.” The idea is to use technological based material in support of the role of face-to-face classroom learning.

5 PROBLEM STATEMENT The main problem is that, academic institutions lack a simultaneous balance of modern and traditional learning approaches which deters effective learning.

Blended learning offers learners the opportunity to be both together and apart i.e. strives to harmonize the traditional learning approaches and the modern learning approaches. Blended learning increases the options for greater quality and quantity of human interaction in a learning environment.

7 METHOD OF INQUIRY To pursue this research I have used the quantitative analysis approach in which I have employed a small scale survey in which I prepared questionnaires for both learners and lecturers at Walter Sisulu University in the department of computer Science. 50 people (2 lecturers and 48 students)have participated in this study.

8 METHOD OF ENQUIRY(2) The questionnaire was based on WiSeUp/blackboard included questions like : 1. Does the Traditional face to face class room learning offer better learning experience than blackboard? 2. Does the tool of blackboard provides a platform for better and quality education? 3. Combining tradition face to face classroom learning with modern learning approaches provides students with the best learning environment?

9 FINDINGS Basically this research shows that participants appreciates the institutions effort of providing quality learning for the students but improvements are needed on the facilities of e-learning. I have noted from the research that 90% of the participants believe that traditional face to face learning methods are more common than modern methods. This shows that there is a lack in balance in the two learning methods.

10 RECOMMENDATIONS The institution should develop and upgrade its internet service structures, by introducing wireless network at the institution that online learning will be accessible to all learners and instructors at any time. I also recommend that learners and instructors undergo training sessions educating them on how to use e-learning in their daily learning activities and notify them on the benefits of blended learning.

11 RECOMMENDATIONS(2) Academic institutions should make sure that there are enough internet labs in all faculties which are properly maintained and secured. Opened for 24hrs for unlimited access to online classes. To ensure a balance in both methods exercises like assignments and quizzes should be submitted online. Classroom learning should be complemented by online activities for learning to be effective. Instructors should familiarize learners to the online environment.

12 CONCLUSION In conclusion, it has been noted from the paper that the major problem that is in academic institutions is that traditional face to face classroom learning is more popular than modern learning methodologies. I conducted a survey in which participants noted that blended learning was important but however institutions facilities are limited which at the end leaves no option but familiarize traditional learning in their daily learning. Participants also noted that blended learning was time saving and efficient thus I plotted possible solutions to this problem. However implementation is in progress at WSU. The CLTD has given the platform for a conducive blended learning environment by making e-learning available.


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